Q&A Session #1, September 2022

By Wes Penre, September 2, 2022

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: https://seed171.bitchute.com/0QQEIkTlvwzt/biBkWIQ96HMQ.mp4

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Are sexual fantasies harmful to spirited beings?  Do such fantasies draw immediate attention to the archons and other negative energies?  You mentioned online dream interpretation websites in the last Q&A.  According to my research, they stated sexual fantasies are ways of releasing.  They also help one with developing self-love and self-care as well as one’s imagination.  Is this all true?

QUESTION 2: If we die simultaneously with someone we love, is it possible to talk to that person and help him out of the matrix?

QUESTION 3: Dear Wes, when we use radiesthesian pendulum and we ask a question, where do we get answer from? The akashic rec., our subconscious, or…?

QUESTION 4: I was wondering; how do you live? I can’t help but feel incredibly depressed and anxious now. I’m sure the aliens are laughing at me and I’m feeding them the emotions they want. But I can’t help it. It’s very disturbing knowing about this. How do you deal with it? I can’t live like this.

QUESTION 5: I have been pondering on the declaration to have our memories restored at the exit from Kenoma and entry into Orion. Imagining having several thousand years of memories returned to me at once could be devastating; especially since I would not have the skill of keeping my ‘thoughts’ in check. You have alluded to us needing to be careful, otherwise it could influence our state adversely and/or create misunderstanding with the star people. My memories of possible several lifetimes were extremely unsettling, even though I understood that they may not be mine or partially true. It is my intent to state ‘ I am going through that hole at highest aspect of myself and unite with my Soul Splinter now.”

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  1. Hi Wes great answer to question number four! I feel that if you’re truly waking up you will have these feelings, mine are more of anger about what the archons and their minions are doing to us, and since we’re in the apocalypse, the veil is falling so it’s all right in front of us now. However anger is an emotion and if rightly directed it it can be a true motivator and my motivation as a musician is to create songs with truth and also help trying to wake others up. With that you have no time to be depressed! There is still joy in this world but it has to be accompanied with Right Action! And to take yourself out prematurely because you’re depressed is a big No No. God bless us all!

  2. Hi Wes I got a special question I’ve been thinking about for a while, when one of the archon minions passes, say for example like David Rockefeller, do they get special treatment in the BLA? In other words does he keep working for the archons here or some other reincarnation? Thanks.

  3. I decree i name of my Higher Self,and my Free Will that is my Intention,to manifest the Decapitation of All Elite Factions on the Planet,Decapitation to Pure Breed Jews.Decapitation to Pure Breed Aryans.Decapitation to all Clubs,Mafias and Cults,that go agains the mutacion,humanity.I decree that is my intention to manifest Free Technologies Liberation,and a Circular World.All that have to Die Dies.Darkness Dies.I know,

  4. Wes, I think you’ve mentioned before about ringing in the ears and how it’s in a way still a part of being controlled, to paraphrase. I find it insightful. It can be reassuring sometimes and also offer a sign to be cautious and follow your intuition. Depending on which ear you have the ringing in and for how long. A short, quick ringing I heard is a warning. However, it could also mean people are talking about you, in the left ear. I’ve experimented with it with a former girlfriend, I called her the next day and asked her what exact time she was talking about me to her friend and it was the exact time I got the ringing.

    A long ringing is a good sign I heard, in both ears. Either way, most of these signals are said to be about continually staying as aware as we can be. A short ringing could mean to take a moment to realign and get balanced and not be distracted. It seems that the big message is to focus on the important things.

    I wonder if you know any more information on this, or maybe you think/feel it’s not that important. It’s been happening to me for years, I’ve found a way of deciphering it through feeling. A lot of times I feel it’s information coming in, that’s usually a buzzing sound I’ve heard. And it’s also support from my higher self.

    It’s kind of confusing sometimes. I often focus on the feeling of love when I receive anything. A well trained mind is your best friend. I’m glad I learned this here, since I’ve had to deal with OCD. I’m able to make any situation okay, because I’m able to detach. The Rigpa state it’s called.

    I also have another view on distractions, if it relates to comedy and laughter and joy I think that’s important. Sometimes we can get distracted with newsbites that are actually very irrelevant.

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