What is a Woman? The Ugly Truth about Genderism

Posted by Wes Penre, September 5, 2022

DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/tNYsSEnF/what-is-a-woman.mp4

This video did not stay up long on the Internet, but I had luckily downloaded it and am now uploading it here.

Please watch this. I know it can be quite upsetting at times, but this is the next step on the Agenda that they are going to push to the extent that they will put people in prison if we don’t obey–seriously! This is very important to understand.

What Is a Woman

It’s the question you’re not allowed to ask. The documentary they don’t want you to see. Are gender roles just a ‘social construct’? Can a woman be ‘trapped in a man’s body’? Does being a woman mean anything at all? We used to think being a woman had something to do with biology, but the nation’s top experts keep assuring us that is definitely not the case. So Matt Walsh sat down with the experts and asked them directly. He discovers that no one—not doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, or politicians—can actually define the word ‘woman’.
Walsh uncovers the shocking and horrifying roots of radical gender ideology and learns exactly how activists and ideologues are trying to brainwash our kids. He also reveals a strategy to defeat the collective insanity that has taken over our society. Join Matt on his often comical, yet deeply disturbing, journey as he answers the question generations before us never knew they needed to ask: What is a woman?

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  1. I don’t know what a women is but I know I had a mum, an Aunt, a sister, a brother, a father, friends. They didn’t teach me how to love to hate etc, that seemed to be intrinsically established by a natural interaction with all humans. I was lucky enough to be raised by a wholesome loving family that showed me the way to beauty, fulfilment and honesty. I still see it everywhere without pretence. I can pretend and deny that, perhaps I was lied to from birth. If I clear away the physical but not deny it then I see within a universal omnipotent being who can cause immense harm as well as magnificent creation. Who or what I harm along the way is my choice. But then I would need to self identify to do so. Or I could treat such duality as imposters and free myself of me by accepting that such duality was part of my identity in this place we call earth and leave when I die and not look back…..for nothing.

  2. Thanks Wes for preserving this truth. Folks this is all based on the term solipsism, a new age term that was pushed meaning basically truth cannot be known, you make it up in your own mind. This is a truly satanic tenant and has been pushed on us from all levels at this point. Picture truth on a graph as a straight line then you have solipsism thinking as a sine wave going up and down through that. That is what they are pushing and that’s why it is so important that we get the truth out there! It’s good to see in Africa they don’t buy this bullshit! Truth IS. PERIOD.

  3. When we look at the whole thing what is happening, we can start to question everything. But at the end, does it really matter? There is a system which is there to make sure that there can never be any truth. We are subjected in this world (laboratory) to everything and, even if we could do so many researchers, those who are in the power will make sure that we come out with zero answers. Living in doubt and cracking our heads is the food those who are leading this world feed on. Of course that’s only my assumption. Some people might conclude where all this is heading but, is that so? Do we know exactly what those who are in control have plans for us? Is the abolishment of sex the road to singularity? Perhaps but, what will come next?

    Thanks Wes for this provocative video 😊

    1. I had this exact discussion with somebody yesterday and today! I unfortunately agree with you. The EL-ite will get what they want–they know humanity all too well. There will be some protests, but who cares? Soon, people will adjust to the New System. And yes, this has everything to do with the Singularity, when genders and sex will be 100% obsolete. First, they create chaos and confusion, and then they implement the next segment of their plans. I’m again sorry to say that maybe five years from now, we will look back at this documentary and the discussions around it and think it’s nothing compared to five years from now. This is just the beginning.

      I’m telling you all… get prepared to leave through the Grid. There is no other way out… actually, there can’t be any other way. You can’t vibrate yourself out of the mass consciousness grid and you can’t go inward and leave. That’s just mind candy. Someone tell me exactly how to do that. They wouldn’t be able to.

      1. I tend to agree with everything. The only other thing i can think of is the theory if a few percentage of man kind awakes to the truth the rest will somehow follow cause the grid may collapse. But that is also very much theory fighter (like so many other things). At the moment i set my mind for leaving the grid. I have nearly no hope after the last 3 years more people than now will see what is happening.

      2. I strongly disagree with your conclusions. Your conclusions are very hopeless for you, as an individual, and humanity as a whole. The quality of your reality is entirely dependent upon the quality of your thoughts.

        I’m not sure you understand “vibration” and “intention”. Is it not true that the soul who thinks/believes “I am a prisoner” or “I am trapped” feels like a captive? Isn’t that a vibration? The very thought of “I must exit” or “I must escape this prison” causes the soul to vibrate on that level. How does one leave when one believes, on a soul level, that they are captive? Don’t you need to get rid of the victim mentality in order to achieve freedom? If that is so, and our thoughts take us where we want to go, wouldn’t the desired vibration and mentality be “I am free”? That puts the soul into a resonance of freedom where all things are possible. “I am trapped” puts the soul into resonance with all things that will only confirm the belief of being captive or feeling trapped.

        Think of it like the algorithms that are used when you search or watch videos (or use TikTok or other entertainment platforms). The more you watch, the more the algorithm learns what you are interested in, so after a very short while the only information you find in your feed or in your recommended are those which align and correspond with your history and your attention. In other words, you will only get back what you put in. The Universe (thought-based feedback) could be seen the same way. You only get what you put out. If this is your only view of reality, it is distorted by what you have given the algorithm (or asked the Universe to give you…). It’s like a traumatized mind or emotionally damaged mind interacting with the Universe and thinking that what it gets back is the “truth”. What you get back will be heavily determined on your thoughts. If that is coming from an unhealthy mind-state, how can you say that is the truth for everyone? “Sick” mind > “sick” thoughts > “sick” reality experience. You have pointed this out, astutely, in your Singularity world view of how the people trying to create this type of reality are in an unhealthy mind state. However, this is also true for not just those humans but ALL humans who are participating in the creation of this reality. NO ONE here is free from the “trauma” of having gone through this experience and so how can an unhealthy mind set correct the problem of an unhealthy mind set? We cannot create a solution from the same level that the problem was created. The solution is to rise above. To create a healthier mindset. This will overcome an UNhealthy mindset. Your mind is only ONE perspective interacting within a field of consciousness and this is what you have determined is “the truth” of the state of humanity. Not so. There is MUCH more available to humanity as far as perspectives go. In fact, the available perspectives are infinite. There is so much more to learn. You have grasped that “healing” is important for the mind, but you seem to have not grasped WHY that healing is so important. Also, “healing” is not meant to be a perpetual state of being. We are not meant to be in a perpetual state of needing to “heal” or we are creating a reality in which we are “sick”. Constantly needing to “heal” is what makes you “sick”. Learn to believe that you are, indeed, at an appropriate stage of development for what you need to do at the moment, and then commit to moving forward in the process of “life”. Staying stuck is staying sick.

        When you limit yourself to the vibration and identity of “prisoner”, you become fixed within a matrix of thought – a PROGRAM – and the Universe gives you THAT reality as an experience. All one needs to do to change that reality is to be UN-willing to agree to take on that particular matrix of thought. Don’t become brainwashed into believing something just because someone else told you it is so. Don’t take on the thought matrix of another as your own. Develop the ability to think for yourself. When you do, you ARE FREE. Seriously. Remember – you ARE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Don’t let someone convince you that you are hopeless. And by all means, don’t let anyone convince you that humanity is hopeless! Think about what I wrote above…again, you will RESONATE with information that corresponds to the THOUGHTS you are having. This is what you have “asked” the Universe to give you. If information about being “hopeless” resonates, that says more about the state of your own thoughts than it does about the “truth” of humanity. FIX THAT state of mind and you are free.

        There are entities and thought-forms that WANT you to feel hopeless. They WANT you to believe that you are trapped. They WANT you to hate your life. They WANT you to get as many people to believe and feel that way as possible. They WANT you to feel and believe that you CANNOT rise above them with mere thought. THEY are trapped within the level of the Universal Mind (God) in which they were created. NOT you. You must seek to rise above their thought matrix that you are being controlled by THEM – that you are at the mercy of THEM. THEY cannot create a reality for themselves in which they are anything else, they can only convince YOU to agree with them. THEY are stuck. YOU are not. For a group of people who are aware that lower-vibe energy makes lower-vibe thoughtforms stronger, think about what you are doing. Wes touched on this, although not in these exact words, in his writings.

        In the levels of “heaven” within the Universal matrix design, there is ALSO infinite potential (because WE and the Universe are the same). If you believe in the God of one religion or that paradigm, even if it’s an entire pantheon, there is a “heaven” for you to go to when your body dies to play out that experience, if that is your BELIEF. Those experiences have not ceased to be created. It is by no means “fixed” and set. It is continually being created. Remember, ALL is infinite in Its potential. Guess what else is there for an experience? “Orion”. “Orion” is a belief system ( a matrix of thought) that is being created by this group of people who have resonated with Wes’ hopelessness for himself and thus humanity as a whole (remember feedback) and have succeeded to create a “gathering” space for all the like-minded who also believe this is what they should do and where they should go when they die. Discard this belief (it is nothing more than that) and it will cease to exist as an experience for you. It is really that simple, but at the same time extremely difficult to the degree that you have allowed it to form and control your thoughts. Religious-type thought matrices/programs hold a VERY strong hold over our minds which is difficult to break through because of our own unwillingness to believe in ourselves (“What if I am wrong?”). Wes, and the people who are helping him to create his reality, will be as firmly attached to this as anyone in any religion type thought matrix. Make no mistake, this IS an attachment. It is an attachment to a belief structure (a program). Those who want you to believe this and create this are directing you and encouraging your thoughts toward this realm of experience where a feminine entity is “Queen” of the Universe and it is a VERY hostile matrix of creation. IF “patriarchy” is so terrible for the human soul, what makes you conclude that “matriarchy” is not as terrible? Afterall, it’s an “…ARCHy”, is it not? It is just the OTHER side of the division which was created in the Mind of God when the experience of “shadow” was allowed to create the illusion of separation from God. Think.

        Ever wonder why the Universe is thought-responsive and infinite in potential? Maybe the Universe is the MIND of God. Consider that we are all thoughtforms created within the Mind of God. There is a reason that scientists have discovered that the Universe lights up like a neural network, after all, as Wes has so beneficially pointed out. Consider that OUR minds are the same “stuff” that is the Universe, and we are operating avatars with those minds. Which is limiting us, the avatar or the mind? Are you limited in your thinking or your doing? Do you not possess the ability to think freely for yourself? Even if your body is limited, do you still retain the ability to think? WHAT you think is what matters. Explore that. Explore your need for escapism. Fix that. See what happens.

        As for this blog post and the topic of gender, I am surprised that Wes (who is an expert in metaphysical topics as a consultant) sees this as something hopeless or “bad”. Maybe that is the state of his mind? I’m guessing that is the case, because what I see is the awareness and awakening to knowledge that transcends the polarity and duality here, which at one level includes “gender”. Everything that we see represented in physical reality originates from a much, much, higher state of vibration. As it becomes manifest into our physical reality, it becomes denser and lower in vibration to the point that it can be seen as distorted when not perceived or looked at from a higher perspective. People who are casting off the labels or the identities of gender are experiencing an awakening to a state of being in which there are no gender distinctions. This concept exist BEYOND duality/polarity. It is being expressed in the simplest way, at the moment, by those who are being bombarded by this “knowing” that “I am not this body. I am not this gender” in the best way that they know how. It may seem crude, ungraceful, and disorganized as it comes through each individual receiving this “knowing” and figuring out how best to express it. That’s fine. I see this as VERY encouraging. The fear and the anger it is creating is to be expected. These people are trying to express something they “know” that goes beyond the body. That tells me that something at a much higher level is happening and we are seeing it “down here”. In a harsh world where masculine and feminine have had a hard line dividing them into two separate, operating, energetic forces (and physicality), to find that people are discovering that these two concepts exist WITHIN/WITHOUT each individual and are, in fact, not separate states of being, and are now feeling compelled to express this as a concept into this physical world is really evidence of that, to me.

        1. What happens when we get Knowledge about what we are actually sitting in, and why we are here and don’t just leave, is that by realizing that things are what they are (a trap or prison, or whatever term we want to use), we turn from victimhood to become causative. If we get stuck in victimhood, we still have a lot to learn. “The truth will set you free” is actually a good meme. Things are what they are. It doesn’t mean we must lower our vibrations. Ironically, the opposite happens. Now, we see a way out of here. It’s inspiring, and we start detach from the Matrix, one thing at the time, until we truly realize that this is not our home, and we’ll take nothing with us when we leave–nothing, except the part that is actually our true selves. It’s liberating, not depressing.

          1. Well, you see…when it comes to “lowering vibrations”, to be at a base level of victimhood as a starting point IS a very low vibration thought form. Finding a solution to being a victim doesn’t dissolve the victimhood. The victimhood is still firmly attached to the need to “do something about it”. Afterall, you can’t find a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. So, the real solution is to discover that you aren’t actually a victim to begin with. That puts you on a trajectory of empowerment and causation that is more aligned with freedom rather than entrapment. To look for solutions for entrapment holds the thoughtform of entrapment firmly in place, in your mind. I hope that makes sense.

            The Universe is much more complex than “things are what they are”. As many souls as there are participating in creating this reality, that is AT LEAST as many different perspectives there are to gather information about the Universe. Do you feel that your perspective is the highest perspective that a human can hold within this reality? If so, then you are being very closed-minded about the potential of the human experience. If you agree that other humans may hold a different perspective about the experiences of life, then you might humble yourself and resist the need to speak for all of humanity.

            If you choose to continue to hold yourself in the position as a type of savior for all of humanity, then you have attached yourself to an archetype of “savior” and you are responsible for the influences that you have created in the lives of others. When it comes to identifying with archetypes, that is a VERY strong attachment to this life experience. So, merely choosing to “detach from the Matrix” won’t work in this case, because make no mistake, you are very firmly attached to it by placing yourself as a representative of humanity at this level. So, not only will you “go” to the level of belief that you have created for yourself, but you will also be leading a trail of human souls pied-piping behind you as you lead the way. For someone who wants nothing to do with this creation, you have nearly set yourself up as one of the archetypal “gods” responsible for it. Your declaration of “nobody will save us and we must save ourselves” won’t hold water in this case because you are literally telling people what to do with their souls after death. That is a savior.

            See what happens when we allow these characters to invade our thoughts and influence our minds? You have an “Orion” source for much of your information, or encouragement to pursue this project, correct? Isn’t it possible that this source is merely a human who has taken advantage of an unwell mind state you were having at the time (like a predator type of personality) at the very least, OR that he IS an archetypal avatar of a different plane/realm who is firmly fixed in his orientation in separation from its Source (God) and has convinced you that this is where you belong – with him? What if THIS avatar of your source is not the highest perspective? How can it be if it wants you to believe you are at the mercy and entrapment of other avatars who wish you nothing buy ill will? What kind of resonance or vibration is that being holding? Could that entity have a vested interest in getting you to believe him and thereby encouraging you to convince others to feel the same way? WHAT IF, to this being, he IS at the highest state of his potential and he THINKS that this is the highest realm because it is all he can perceive? In this case, he isn’t lying because to HIM, his position is the highest of high. It’s not for US, though. HE is fixed, we are not. It would benefit him to gather human souls at his level, though, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it convince others that they have achieved the highest state of being if they find others who believe the same (like-minded) existing in this realm? It would benefit HIM if others perceived him to be a type of “King of Kings”, wouldn’t it? If a soul was of this mindset then they would have reached the limit of their potential based on that mindset. Now, I ask you…who is still trapped and who is not?

            If the Universe is thought-responsive, what is that entity wanting you to think? Shouldn’t that be important? What thoughtforms has that individual encouraged you to produce or strengthen? That goes for humans as well as “non humans”. Shouldn’t that be our measure of discernment? Or at least, be considered? Just a thought.

            About your realizations, I would ask why you feel like you don’t belong here? Why you feel like this is not your home? Why do you feel that your life experience is a trap? There are others that do not share your view and so your experience is solely being created by your own thoughts about the situation. Is it possible that your life circumstances have created within you these feelings of discontentment and that is not actually the “truth” for the totality of humankind?

            That “liberating” feeling comes from escapism, which is generated in the mind. Yes, it must feel like a relief to think you no longer must face any hardships in “life”. To exist in a carefree, nebulous-like (dare I say “womb-like”) state of existence is to deny yourself the ability to mature into a totally capable self-actualizing individual soul and instead return back to the womb of “mother”. This is psychology, not cosmology. HOWEVER, when this is your state of mind, the Universe will give you back information and solutions for how to do this within your own mind and reality creation. Yes, you will go back to a womb-like existence, but you won’t stay there for long. You will be encouraged to “move” and contribute to the creation that you were designed to participate in. Each experience is valuable and unique in their own right, though, so your need to experience existence from a “still” position is understandable. Don’t we all just want to be still for a while? I can relate to that. You’ll have that, if that is what you want. Stillness is not conducive to creation, however, and to remain in stillness is to agree to not create, which will lead to a different type of existence. If that’s your choice…

            Just be sure that your agreement to a different existence other than the one you were created for is not being influenced only by this life’s experiences and how well you dealt with its challenges and how you moved through it. This is a water drop in an infinitely vast ocean of water of experiences to be had, and if you quit…you are making a choice from a very limited perspective. You may just find yourself firmly planted within a realm or creation that matches your mind state, which will, in turn, lower you in density even further. Yes, there is lower density than this. A rock, for example, is a lower density existence who is in “stillness”.

            1. Anonymous,
              this “article” of yours only tells me how poorly you understand Wes and his work.

  4. Yes I agree with you Wes but I still think while we’re on this plane of existence we need to try to wake people up like you are doing and like many others need to do. I really do believe Marduk took control in 2020 because Satanism is just out in the open right now. They have all the money behind it, by the way that Satanist who conducted those experiments on twins his last name was money in other words the one eye! Wow.

  5. Thanks Wes yes and it’s not about beating your head against the wall with people, I have a line in one of my songs that says those that don’t want to Know we got to let go. So move on to the open minded and those where you can plant seeds God bless you all!

  6. Thank you Wes for the years of investigating and sharing your research. English as a second language can be a challenge, depending on the teachers of the language and original, ‘mother tongue’. However all words set up a ‘filter’, psychological, emotional and intellectual one. the word ‘what’ is used to describe a relationship with an object, a ‘thing’… ‘Who’ refers in the same sense to a ‘being’…..
    would truly enjoy your discourse on the same subject, with the word ‘who’ instead of ‘what’.
    Kind Regards
    cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

  7. What’s woman a biological main definition is one who has a womb right, vagina,ovaries, harmones and who menstruates from her menarche to menopause from her teenage days till her Fortis or fifties in some even till sixties !
    Now the term we use impotent woman is when she can’t have a baby in her reproductive time that’s when still her menstrual cycle is still going on because when a woman can’t have a baby despite having menstrual cycle or a womb she is still called as a woman. It’s a biological definition ! For medical purposes, for sexual or reproductive purposes which are understood by even normal people !! Otherwise those who convert to a woman’s body surgically if they want to change the definition of a woman to call themselves a it’s fine !!! But reality will be reality no? Someone naturally woman someone surgically woman but as long as I know surgically converted women don’t have a womb and menses and they can’t conceive I don’t know if there is super or supra or ultra advanced technology for that to make it happen then there is no really reproductive difference between both of them because anyways surgically converted people can have sex but can’t have menses and hence can’t have a baby because no egg production in them !!!! Otherwise honestly there is no difference in men and women except for mainly reproductive and then sexual purposes !!!!! Because both of them have feelings I have seen aggressive violent females and calm males so feeling wise emotion wise I absolutely don’t see any major difference between both of them honestly !!!!!!
    I have seen my brother more loving softer towards his genetic child than my sisters towards their own genetic children (they are not evil moms though just comparison wise) !!!!!! But otherwise i have seen due to social conditioning tv shows etc etc also because they don’t get pregnant males more ignorant and less attached to their children and not so loving but those who are sensitive they live their children even more than the mother !!!!!!!
    There is difference between both of them only for sexual and reproductive purposes and harmonal play otherwise basically feelingwise sensitivity wise emotionally you can’t categorise any human being as a woman or a male… People usually label associate sensitivity to feminine quality but i dint see so now many women are insensitive enough more insensitive than men so I don’t associate sensitivity as a feminine quality !!!!! Emotion feeling sensitivity wise i don’t categorise gender but for sexual reproductive purpose yes they are different!!!!!!!

    1. Women are made of XX chromosomes. Men are made of XY chromosomes. Nothing can change that. One can paint stripes on a horse but it will never become a zebra.

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