Final Pre-Peek in The ORION Book, Vol. 2

By Wes Penre, June 29, 2023

The ORION Book, Volume 2 will be published either at the end of this week or in the beginning of the next. Therefore, I want to give a public pre-peek at the final Table of Contents.

Hope it looks interesting:


Foreword    i

1: Terrestrials and Extraterrestrials of the Matrix    1

The Different Astral- and Earthbound Beings    1

The Seed Lines of the Gods    6

2: The Beginnings    12

At the Dawn of Creation There was Pure Spirit    12

Sophia Manifests Within her own Creation    13

The Creation of Other Lifeforms    14

On the Concept of Soul Fire, Loan, and Payback    15

Warlike Star Races in the KHAA    18

Why is it Called the Orion “Empire?”    19

3: Tiamat—The First Construct    20

Sophia’s Choice    20

The Invader Force and Their Ferocious Captain    22

Marduk, the Sirian-Orion Villain    24

Why did the Sirians Invade the Solar System?    26

4: Earth—The Second Construct    31

The Fall into Matter    31 Populates Earth    34’s First Deal with Orion    36

Marduk Becomes’s “Son”    39

The Chaotic End of the Second Construct    40

Some Words About Noah’s Flood    42

5: The Matrix—The Third Construct    46

Lucifer’s Rebellion—When it Happened Exactly!    46

Lake Baikal and the Artificial Soul    47

The Trickster God    50

Inserting 3-UCs Into the Matrix    51

Lucifer Recruiting Allies Amongst the Rebels    52

More on Death and the Afterlife (the BLA)    53

The Orion Threat    55

The Castration of    56

Marduk Becomes The Prince of Darkness    58

The Reset    59

6: On Spirit, Universes, and Things in Between    61

The Pleroma vs. the Universes    61

Good and Evil    66

Feminine vs. Masculine Revisited    67

7: The Overlords’ Exit Promises    69

Contract Between Orion and the Overlords    69

More on’s “Ascension Program”    74

8: The Overlords’ Internal Affairs    77

The Abyss, Better Termed “The ABZU”    77

The Greys and the Dracos    78

Ayahuasca Experiences in the Machine Kingdom    81

Is the Earth Descending or Ascending?    81’s and Marduk’s Father-Son Issues Explained    83

A Previous Race Between and Marduk    86

9: Nation Against Nation— vs. Marduk    87

Two Camps in Conflict    87 vs. Marduk Supporters Among Nations    89

Adolf Hitler and the ARY.AN Race    93

Maria Oršić and the Vril Society vs. the Thule Society    99

What Happened to the Vril Ladies After the War?    103

Technology Transfer Program and Military Betrayal    104

The Previous “Singularity” From Pleiadian Perspective    106

10: The True vs. Artificial 3-UC    109

A Deep-Dive into the 3-UC    109

A Deep-Dive into the Artificial 3-UC    112

Carl-Gustav Jung’s Archetypes    121

11. More on the Between Lives Area    124

Why we Don’t Need to Fear the Tunnel of Light    124

Choosing the Alternative Route    128

What About the Animals? Can They Leave, too?    130

Is it Possible to Become our True Self in the Matrix?    130

12: Different Kinds of Humans    134

Human Biorobots and the Astral Circuit Boards    134

List of Different Humans    136

13: Short on Narcissism and Human Creativity    143

Feeling Sorry for the Narcissist    147

14. The Harvesting of Souls    150

Warning! This Chapter is not for the Faint-Hearted!    150

What Does Harvesting Imply?    150

The Extraterrestrial “Gold Rush”    151

What is the Fifth Dimension People Talk About?    152

Humans Harvesting Humans    153

Conclusion    154

15. The Use of Cosmic Energy    157

Energy, the Building Block of Creation    157

Creating with Freewill    160

Freedom of Creation in a Freewill Universe    161

Entropy    162

Energy and Magick    162

Astrology and Destiny    163

16. The Misuse of Cosmic Energy    164

Where Does the Orion Universe Start and End?    164

Energy Theft    166

Traumatized Into Obedience    169

Our Effects on the KHAA Once We’re There    171

Consequences of Misusing Energies in 3-D    173

Repentance of the “Good Guy”    175

Afterthoughts on Use and Misuse of Energy    177

17. A few Notes on Evolution    180

Always Put Yourself First!    181

The Misunderstanding of Good and Evil    183

18. The Secret Space Program    186

Super Soldiers    186

Can Humans Enter the Solar System?    189

How to Transfer Objects to Mars    190

The Purpose of Super Soldiers    191

19. Sexuality and Procreation    194

How Common is Sexual Procreation in the Universe?    194

Star Beings and Matrix Sex    195

The Long Epochs of Sexuality Soon Over    197

20. The “Great aWOKEning”    200

The Toxic WOKE Culture    200

Long-Term Effects of Transgender Surgeries    202

The Most Important Reason for the WOKE Culture    204

21. The Singularity and Human 4.0    207

All Humans are Already Cyborgs    207

Metaverse and the Singularity—Why Now?    209

Patents and Genetic Tinkering of our DNA    210

Contradictory: Population Control vs. Increase    211

The Global Traumatization of the Human Soul Group    215

Merging with our Ancestors    216

The Nanoverse and Quantum Mechanics    217

The SWS—the Supercomputer in Indiana    219

Can you Spot a Deepfake From a Real Person?    223

Did the First Singularity Happen in Atlantis?    225

How can we take Advantage of the Overlords’ Agenda?    228

22. More on the Grid and Death    229

The Orion-Khan King Battle of 2008-2009    230

Retrieving our Memories after Exiting the Grid    231

On Exiting Through the Grid    234

Is the Grid the Only Way Out of the Matrix?    235

How the Grid Might Look Like Today    236

23. The Gnostics and the Jesus Story    239

The Jesus Myth    239

The Book of Revelation    243

Project Bluebeam    244

The Ways of the Mother Goddess in Atlantis    244

24. Attacking Orion    246

The Flow of Spirit Energy within the Matrix    246

Time for the Orion Attack    248

25. Redemption    252

From Immortality to Survival Mode    252

A New Slant on Redemption: What is it Really?    254

What if a Bad Person was Good in a Previous Life?    260

26. The Importance of Philosophy    262


  1. Wes, I am a keen reader of your research and love Orion Book One. Thank you for all you do. Looking at the contents of Book two, I notice you have a section about “The Book of Revelation”. I SINCERELY HOPE that you (truth-teller & researcher as you are) have taken the opportunity to expose the so-called “Book of Revelation” for what it really is…a total plagiarization of the “Sibylline Books” written by Herophile – c. 500BC (aka ‘The Sibyl of Tarquin’). Please look into this if it is something you have missed.

    1. The book is finished. Now, I just need a beta reader read through it, so I would say the release date will be either tomorrow, this weekend, or latest Monday or Tuesday next week.

  2. Oh wooow.. This is such an amazing content!! Omg I cant wait to read it! Sooo many interesting topics and surely so many new things to learn even after years of studying your material. Wow! I am soooo looking forward to reading part 2 ! Congratulations!

  3. Thank you so much, I just finished book 1 and I’m revisiting the wpp now. Really looking forward to book 2, it’s addressing so many questions that came up after reading book 1, especially regarding spirit and energy usage in the matrix, animals leaving the matrix and the ascension program.

  4. Wow, thanks again for another seemingly interesting book. All the chapters seem to be attractive but, at the same time, when I imagine that they all say something about our nature, the sufferings through manipulation, the curiosity is even high to read. Fantastic Wes…

  5. Thank you for all you do. (I found you a few years back, on a trail leading from Samson Orion and his book.) Onward knowledge and understanding!!

  6. I have the Orion Book and have read it coming up on the fifth time. Your second book looks to be irresistible. I’ve read all your WPPs twice and am convinced that your work is absolutely priceless. Thankyou so much for all that you’ve done for all of us. My thirty years research pointed me in the direction of your info and you connected all the remaining dots. The exit strategy is so matter of fact, obvious, that I’m embarrassed that I didn’t figure it out myself and if it hadn’t been brought to our attention, we probably would have been recycled. Again beloved friend, I can’t thank you enough.
    Gregery A. Mueller

    1. Enjoyed volume one very much, especially your attention to details about how to exit through the holes in the grid after physical demise. I hope you will cover these two things in volume 2: First, how was it possible for the Enki ghouls to crash this creation space without a definitive response from Sophia? – the possibility that Enki faked her out with a promise of playing fair seems lame. Second, how did we get here? Were we captured and made to do hard time? Did we volunteer knowing it would be the supreme challenge? Other? My own cogitations on this question make me consider the possibility that our infinite spirit selves have innumerable possibilities for entertainment, most of which having no need or requirement at all for an experience of physicality – we just chose this gig among the vast number of experiences that do not involve third density. Or is this meat grinder Truman Show a rite of passage that all high density beings must go through to earn their cosmic spurs? The video game analogy breaks down when you factor in the memory wipe – at least in the game, a player has the chance of improving his outcome. Even the guy in Groundhog Day knows he’s in a loop. Ultimately, it seems cruel that Sophia would not bother to level the playing field……..or maybe she’s not all that powerful – and, maybe like Truman, we emerge out of the slaughter house only to enter the next one, equally stocked with sleepwalking humans and perfidious ghouls directing a prison planet.

  7. Hi Wes, I can’t wait to get the next book! I bought three of the first one and gave two to my adult children but can’t seem to get them interested in reading it, ugh. Oh well, in good time when the Spirit moves them I guess. Love, Julia

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