Video 209: Miniseries: The Third Construct Episode 1 — The Aftermath of the Deluge

We have decided to release the Miniseries episodes in separate videos instead of at the end of each regular video. As usual, when all the episodes of “The Third Construct” are released separately, we will tie them together into one long video. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Background music:

Audiomachine: “Wildfire” (extended version)
Atlantis: “Two Steps from Hell”

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  1. Wow, the grandness and magnificence of the human story is breathtaking and heart-expanding and the music is exquisite!! I know I might be in the minority here yet I feel Enki has proven himself as the most glorious, most beautiful, the brightest by allowing mankind to evolve – if they so choose – into the jewels, Conscious Creator Gods, we are destined to be… We have been given a gift, though one not likely seen or felt from the human perspective Does anyone else see? We have followed through on our word to finish out the Experiment, with all the pain, sorrow, compassion, love, hope and tenacity that befits a top level creator god in all its heart based glory.

    1. The problem is that is a trickster god. The “evolvement” in “his” construct does not lead to freedom but enslavement. He will use us, as “evolved” souls as shields/footsoldiers, and soul batteries in a planned war against Orion. That will terminate us…

      1. Enki is by far and away the best character.
        Queen Nin seems like she doesnt give a shit.
        Khan enlil is badass.
        Ninurta is a mommas boy.
        Marduk is mad.
        Isis cant make up her mind.
        … And Thoth likes to preach and teach.

        Poor Nam-lulus. I feel for them. Fucking orion family feud fuels this fire-storm.

  2. Well done. The music adds a layer making it poignant. I notice the queen image you used is white and blonde – after talking about the Orion Queen not knowing about or liking what En-Ki is doing…but she was black. (The creatrix in the cosmology of even modern day Korean Dahn system is a black woman arising from Baikal Lake)

    1. You’re absolutely correct. The Queen is black, and so are and En.lil/Ninurta. It’s very difficult to find black queens on the Internet, so I use fair-skinned queens, as well. I guess the viewer would have to imagine that these beings can actually shapeshift into anything they want (which they can), so sometimes they look like us humans, and sometimes they appear in their original form in the videos 🙂

  3. A lot o people are waiting/asking to be saved, not knowing that the savior will be the same as the one who has enslaved the humanity. It is really a pity. I blame all this mess to amnesia but, what if all of a sudden the vail was removed, do you think that those who are worshipping would change their minds?

    The experiment in Tiamaat was about to learn how to be compassionate , ❤️, etc. under harsh circumstances. This is not what we are getting on 🌎. We are bombarded with all what is negative. If leaving here was so simple like buying a ticket to travel, I would have done so already.

    Thank you Wes 🙂

    1. Hi Ntombi!

      Because the great majority of our population is ignorant about all this and completely stuck in their within-the-box thinking and beliefs/belief systems, they would not automatically wake up if the veil/Grid disappeared. They would be in confusion and panic, and because has fancied himself as God in this Construct, most of the “liberated” humans would probably go with him. He would surely manipulate them into doing so. How many on this planet have heard of the Queen of the Stars, and how many have heard about God in Heaven? The overwhelming majority have heard about the latter, so that’s whom they would follow, IMO.

  4. So Mister Penre please correct me : I do understand this (the short version of the Story):
    1.The First Creator = Queen of the Stars (Orion) : She creats the first experiment Tiaamat Planet(supported by KHAN ENLIL her partner/husband) : splits the “waters”(which is supposed to be outside the Firmament?) – Put in place the Firmament – Sonoluminescence – Light comes into Being in a substance by the passage of the sondwaves through it. The Created Universe is Electrical and full of plasma. The Spirit (high frequency) – Soul splits, comes into this matter. The first inhabited bodies were material less dense (more fluid – I do remeber myself like having this kind of body – I described it like being semitransparent, tall, slim).
    First Atlantis : a highly civilzed world (I remeber myself creating outside environments : we can say laughing loud :I was like a feng shui “girl”).
    Heaven.The Namluú.
    2.The War in Heaven takes place (I do remember …I have some very short memories) – destruction of Tiaamat .
    ENKI/LUCIFER the first son of the Queen is responsable for this (he + sirians + some rebels from Orion =the fallen angels ).
    3. The Second Construct comes in place : EARTH as we know it (formed with parts of Tiaamat and with a lower frequency in place) .
    Enki daddy and his follwers : The second Atlantis in place(Thoth come and teach the elite…). The outrageous genetic experiements behind the Orion Counsel came in place.
    Orion found out and vote : The Flood .
    The Firmament is open…and then the water comes in .Few surviviers.
    4.The Third Construct = an experiment within an experiment : thank you and Ariel for the video!
    Here we have : THE GRID PUT IN PLACE.
    Enki lowers down even more the frequency .He puts that “Cube/hipercube” …using technology …and the genetic engeneering of the bodies starts : Homo Sapiens (we in this moment).We become all “enki´s childern”.
    If my understanding is correct I kindly ask :
    (a) : The Grid is below the Firmament?
    (b) : The constelations that we see in the sky : are they below the Firmament?
    Orion constelation that we see in the sky : is it located in the free HKAA ?
    The Firmament is the barrier beteen the artificialearth construct and the KHAA?
    (c) : I understood that the Firmament is put in place by the Queen (first experiment Tiaamat). Is it the same Firmament now in place around the Third Construct?
    You mentioned me that once “death” we go out through the Grid(THANK YOU) and we should not worry about the Firmament as this one has a different frequency compared to the Grid.
    (d) : Do All created worlds in Universe(s) (material worlds) appear due the same principle: sonoluminesence?The quality of the sound wave matters,right?
    Thank You for ALL.

    1. Excellent questions! First of all, you have a very good concept of all this. I get very happy when I see how people put this together :).

      a. It’s outside the Firmament. It “surrounds” the Firmament, if we want to picture it. Both the Grid and the Firmament are held in place with Orion technology.
      b. The constellations we can see in the sky are reflections (like with prisms) of the real constellations. Only certain frequencies of the KHAA is reflected back at us. So, the Orion constellation we see is a “laser reflection” of parts of the Orion Constellation. The rest is in what we call the Dark Universe (dark matter and energy). The Firmament fills a few purposes, where the most important are to 1) separating the waters, and 2) using the “glass” ceiling as a reflection, so certain “fixed stars” can be projected into our Earth construct.
      c. You’re right about the Tiamaat Firmament. used the same Orion technology to set up the Firmament on Earth (Genesis 1). The Firmament ceiling is nothing we need to worry about when we exit through the Grid; it’s more of a physical thing, while the Grid is mainly made up of the human collective consciousness.
      d. I can’t answer this with 100% certainty, but after having put the dots together, my conclusion is that star races who are evolving on planets (not all of them are) have firmaments and grids, as well. Some are born within stars. Because they are called “STAR races,” I would presume that a similar procedure is taking place there.

      1. Thank you and Ariel 🤗!You are a very Noble Souls.I have the same feeling with all Souls here who express themselves.
        Thank you All.I know that I missed some “s” and I need to remember the interrogative in English(😊)… Wish you All a beautiful and peaceful weekend near your beloved ones.Thank You!

      2. Mister Penre, Sir ! : I read and re read all your explanations, specially point (b).Basically we live in a holographic system which requires soul energy to function.If this plane is a holographic structure than who is doing this should be placed in a non – holographic level(I cannot define “level”😊If someone asks me to describe what that level is I can only say: probably, that level is what “all mystics say” : the level of “all possibilities”.
        I have no knowledge if with this level can be related with a geometrical structure…).
        I understand that between that level an “our world” exists a system – prism?(triangular and also rectangular – that cube …😊.So … everything in is filtered and has also refraction.
        You are so right that the chakras are split energy!!!.
        What about that tours structure?I cannot stand it😀😊.
        It is like all is repeating again and again!Everybody loves this “tours”.
        Regarding going out through the Grid (I will do my very very best/I promised myself/Thank You) – you mentioned once that the halls in the Grid are tours like structure so to speak.
        Is Orion situated in a non holographic level?
        Only material worlds – dense like ours are holographic systems?
        Just wondering …

      3. Mister Penre : also I was thinking on this : Queen of Orion has 2 “boys” and US ( the Original Humans).The birth was different?If “Original Humans” are “Queen’s children”…then…with what our birth differs from theirs(2 sons)?

        1. A simple way to look at it is that Prince En.lil and are the Queen’s physical children (they were born from unfertilized eggs), but they are not of the Queen’s direct soul essence. We are not her physical children; we have her soul essence.

          1. To hurt one´s soul is to hurt one´s essence even here on Earth…That means something…I know… You must have a great inner power to be alive again. Thank you !

        1. There is quite some evidence these days that the moon and the sun are actually within the Earth construct. There are even a few scientists that have stated this. Ancient texts also put the sun and the moon inside the Earth atmosphere.

    1. Yes, we see a projection of it in the night sky…like through holes in a paper ceiling, to use a fairly poor analogy. It’s a reflection. When astronomers use telescopes, they can see through the “glass ceiling” of the firmament, but are still only able to see the 4% universe because that’s how this Matrix is tuned.

  5. Thank you Wes ,this moving video has made my tears run.Remembering perhaps the life we once knew.Very moving for me LOL

  6. Very cool. You forgot the part where enki was not supposed to warn his creatures about the flood. So he talks to noah -through -or as a wall or some such thing.

    Why even have these rules or orders? Enki seems to just ignore them. Freewill, whaddya-gonna-do?

    I was reading beelzebub’s Tales to his grandson revently. Some goofy old mystic wrote a series of books from enki’s perspective.

    Surprised i was to hear of a glass dome, artificially induced atmospheres, world-building tech, and lots of other tidbits ive heard mentioned in the wpp before. The author hides these ideas under a blanket of bullshit but their they are.

    Are you familiar with beelzebub’s Tales to his grandson?
    I enjoyed it.

  7. Dear community,
    A while back a asked a question on a q&a video about worrying about the things I may have done in a state of trance.
    I have recently figured out from one of my alters that I had my liver transplanted with a “robot” organ. I assume he/she meant a nanobot based organ. With this new information, how should I live the rest of my life out? I’m open to anyone’s idea. Also tell the Queen I always wanted to say Hi. To those that Exit the Grid, I hope your creations outside of this Matrix are blissfull and that you worked on yourself enough. Rememver to look out into different dimensions before creating a species. I always wanted to rest in Orion after I had Exited. Trust the universe. Things will go your way, set your intentions right, live as moral and ethical as you can.

    1. The / His holiness Dalai supports this.Being a “Buddhist” does not work either.Here where I found myself..they exchanged the cross for buddha.I ‘ve met buddha even in the restaurant bathroom😂😊☺️

  8. This is certainly a favorable representation of Lucifer/ but I can’t help but wonder why he tried so hard to save us and continue his experiment. If the Annunaki need us like batteries why kill us off? The reasonable thing would be to do what did and save a few pure ones and get rid of the abominations. We’re they going to start over again if everyone dies or leave the earth void of life?

    I read somewhere this current “experiment” is the 6th attempt at it as the previous 5 failed. Each time the experiment failed for one reason or another. The overlords use their loyal secret society members to rule the 3%. For every 100 people you need 3 to manage the 97. I thought Lucifer didn’t like mankind because of elevated status the creator gave us. Humans are capable are much more than we realize but are dumbed down by those ruling above us. only cares about those loyal to him I would think. The bloodline of Cain is”s bloodline right? Those who choose to leave the grid but remain on Earth to reincarnate are his chosen followers. Those who escape the grid and travel through the KHAA are free to do as they please with no repercussions?

    Just judging by what the tribe that followed are doing here on earth with the rape,torture and murder of innocent kids it makes me wonder if we’re being tricked again? Do you have to be initiated into one of their groups to escape?

    1. Just to summarize for everybody who reads this and think did us a favor: someone can do things that seem to be beneficial for others if it aligns with the person’s agenda, which might not at all be beneficial for those affected. If we look at the world today with the amnesia, death, soul recycling, suffering, lies, manipulation, trauma-based control, starvation, wars, narcissism, and a lot more that is present in our everyday life, can we honestly say that this has been beneficial for us? Is this how it was meant to be?

      Now to your questions: The Global Elite mainly consist of Noah’s bloodline (’s bloodline). Like someone-in-the-know once told me, and I paraphrase, “Be glad you are not one of the Elite. If anyone is really trapped, it’s them. They are the first ones to be sacrificed when the Overlords start to truly implement their Agenda.” The Elite will never be free from this Matrix. We, on the other hand, can. The Elite can’t go through the Grid–most of them are not even souled and spirited like we are. Their life force is artificial and was created within the Matrix and can only function within the Matrix. So, being initiated in their groups/secret societies is the sure way not to be able to escape.

      1. Thank you! Good info there Wes. So Our soul is what we have that makes the Fallen Angels- jealous of us so to speak? Clones have no soul but how many Elite are clones? Or are you referring to the Changelings where a alter is transferred into the body at birth. Do some Elite not have souls even if born naturally. . Sorry if that’s been explained somewhere before. In fact I know it has and I’ll search for it. And for those who join the club and sign their name in blood for music contract/Corporate sponsorships etc -in short join the Elite give up their right to escape the grid because they gave their soul away? (they probably didn’t know even know the grid existed prior to signing I’m guessing)

        One last comment about the bloodline and Noah. Since they believe they are God’s chosen ones and believe themselves to be better than the non Jews- goyim/gentiles- how can there ever be peace with them in control of most organizations and govt’s. They are behind all that is wrong in the world corrupting young minds from birth because parents allow their kids to be indoctrinated in their media programming i.e. Disney movies and Tv programs. Do you think we (humanity) should be doing something to break the chain of thought control and if so how? I think most people like the world the way it is for the most part unfortunately. They have embraced the material more than the spiritual. No balance.

        Even though there are signs all around us that a very intelligent race existed on earth before us -believing ithat an alien race is behind it all is still too hard for many to accept. Or maybe they just haven’t been exposed to it on a deeper level. Only the diligent squirrel gets the acorn. I guess some just aren’t hungry enough at this time. I was 35 and somewhat closed minded in my belief system until an individual I came across in a round about way opened my eyes to so much more.

      2. That’s like saying hey I did you a favor by swatting that fly off your face with my fist. Wtf?

      3. I agree with this statement. The realized nightmare of a “hybrid/elite” existence – a high pressure day-to-day rush to polarize negatively (to be diplomatic), may be the reason some seek the Transhuman narrative. In an augmented forever body, one Nay heed the afterlife – remaining in elite (1 degree separation) comfort indefinitely. Although I doubt this ideal could be realized, it would not deter some from attempting to actualize …

    2. Current experiment…. Ha currents… Ya its all about saving the currents if soulfire electro whathaveyou

  9. Khan-enlil and symbolize duality. Good and evil. Yet, I cannot help but to sympathize with both. I personally believe the experiment should have been ended a long time ago, and I also see a reason for mercy. I suppose the same is true today. In any case, I think leaving this construct is the right action to take. There is no hope for this planet. It is a failed experiment.

  10. Hi Wes and Ariel.
    This is the first time that I write to you to comment and expose some considerations.
    I’m Brazilian and I really like the materials and videos that you make available, for which I thank you immensely. What intrigues me and confuses me, are these constant changes in Orion’s decision, allowing to deceive them again – and us – and continue to pursue his own designs, without this having any consequence besides holding us captive in a construction or experiment that, in the end, enslaves us, leaving us the option to return to KHAA when we die, if we manage to go through all the barriers that places to prevent our return to KHAA. I imagine that, if managed to implement this, the Queen and Kahn.Enlil should have predicted that something like this could happen, in view of’s always controversial behavior.
    Would all of this be part of Orion’s original plan for humans? Did Orion have no conscience of this from the beginning? Why let continue to act in this way, to the detriment of human evolution/ascension? Anyway, there are so many questions and, deep down, we are unable to answer any of them with certainty, because we are prevented from accessing the truth. At the end of the day, not knowing the truth prevents us from exercising our free will consciously.
    Thank you again for your excellent work.

    1. We have discussed this exact topic in a few of our videos and in the Wes Penre Papers (, but there are lot of things we don’t fully understand, and there are other things we, with our limited 3D perspective, can’t grasp. Those of us who are planning on going to Orion after this lifetime is over will be granted a one-on-one with the Queen (I have this from a reliable source), and then we can ask her any and all questions we might have.

      1. You guys, you’ve sirius-ly only been stuck in the matrix for like 6hrs Orion time. Its been one hell of a night but the queen has woke up now and will sort out the situation after khan enlil has made her breakfast.

        Try not to get upset or impatient.
        Please make a thread about what ppl would says to the queen now as opposed to then when perspective has changed.
        That would be both interesting and informative

  11. Sure wish I could be excited about all this, but I find myself just generally pissed about it all. Hope being pissed won’t prevent me from going through the grid because then I’d be REALLY pissed. I don’t trust any of these characters, if I get out of here I’ll hole up in some cave somewhere and take a nice long nap. Thanks for all the great info Wes.

  12. Where did you get the Grid picture, wow is it detailed. I have a canvas print of the “Mother of the World” by Nicholas Roerich Giclée in a gilded gold frame in my living room. I find it very strange and scary that this coronavirus is encompassing the whole world. It is a way to take away our waking up to go thru the grid? All of a sudden everything has changed. Everything is being disrupted!

    1. A few things that show the hidden hand behind Coronavirus. First off all, Corona is the outer ring around the sun (Lucifer reference). Second, the Oscar Awards are notoriously political. The Best Picture Award this year went to “Parasite”.

      A movie about a poor South Korean family living off a wealthy family by infiltrating all the jobs the family needs like housekeeper, tutor, and chaueffer while keeping their close family ties secret. Third, the Golden Globes has host Ricky Gervais tell off the Hollywood elite about being Pedophiles and insulting them saying “I don’t care” this is my last one..we’re all going to die soon etc. Inside joke?
      The usual Wall Street pump and dumps on pharma stocks and face mask companies.

      There’s nothing new under the sun.

  13. I just saw a comment on FB about how easy it has been for the Elites, Feds to instill fear about the Coronavirus and shut down everything at will. I hope this is not a prelude to where Singularity will really start to happen worldwide. Keep your eyes and ears wide open people!

  14. Wes, Is this when we are all at home and cannot congregate together and we have our I-Phones and the Nano Bots are activated right in your own living room thru them. Oh boy, this getting to be a scary scenario. Hope not, but nothing surprises me anymore. Anything and everything is possible in this construct.

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