Video 211: Q&A Session #48

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: I used to believe there was polarity in the astral. When I found your info, this seems to be not the case. Both sides of the polarity are controlled by Enki. Angels and demons are both under him. How can I trust spirit guides now? I feel a connection to entities; how do I know if they are evil or good? How can I know their intentions? 

QUESTION 2: Once we are through the hole in the Grid, where do we go from there; will we run into some strange looking being wondering how we got there? Will we enter somewhere where we might not be invited? Will all memories come back? Is it possible that someone there knows who we are and has been waiting? Or will we be in shock and in awe from seeing the Greater Universe?

QUESTION 3: Could this virus, because it affects the entire world, already be WW3; at least its beginning? If so, would the control of this virus have been initiated by those who are our reported Overlords and then ” delivered” by them (via energies/loosh) to those below them in power?

QUESTION 4: In one of your previous videos you mentioned that our Soul is split into many, many others incarnating on other time loops.(Presumably our Core Soul) My question is, did we willingly do that ourselves or did Enki have a hand in it? Did this occur before Tiamat was destroyed or after?

QUESTION 5: If it wasn’t for the malevolent entities managing the afterlife, could we reincarnate with our previous incarnation memories?

QUESTION 6: Where is our genuine soul [located]? It’s hooked up to this avatar, right? It’s driving the avatar. Does our Oversoul have a physical body? Where has our main soul been kept? Is our soul in [some] white room or lab-like place? Can we see or feel our main soul in dream state? 

QUESTION 7: Do you perceive the research discussing the destruction of Tiamaat and Maldek as perhaps referencing [to] the same destructive event in our solar system?

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  1. Thank you for answering the question on Maldek and Tiamaat. I feel as you. They are different names for one in the same destructive event.

    1. The first time I saw the name Maldek was in the RA Material, where they in detail describe the fate of Tiamaat, also saying this became the asteroid belt. So yes, I would say they are definitely one and the same.

      1. I just watched the video about Tiamaat and the battle that took place. Very interesting and illustrations were amazing. I was looking for an answer to debunk the flat earth movement some people are still making waves about. Did Enki Terra form the chunk of Tiamaat into a perfect sphere or like the Truman show -make a flat piece of terrain with ice caps on each end and place a dome overhead to make it look like a sphere from above.
        I feel stupid for even giving plausibility to flat earth theory because my head and gut say baloney. I figure there has to be mathematical proofs or science to prove it wrong. Also, the petrafication of Giants and Animals when Tiamaat exploded turning them to stone and the formations on earth that resemble them is new to me and very fascinating. I spent time last night looking at pictures of some formations on earth and can only say wow. More things hidden in plain sight.

        1. According to the ancient texts (and the Bible, too), a chunk of Tiamaat was taken to make a flat disc with a firmament to separate the waters. Here is the thing, though…A debate regarding flat or round Earth is fruitless, as I see it. Both parties can provide “evidence” of either or. The important thing is this: “The sun is only as far away as your perspective.” I read this from an insider, and it’s very true. It also applies to the flat Earth theory: “The Earth is as flat or as round as you perceive it.” We are making up our own reality, and there is only one perspective and that’s yours (or mine). The reason we feel trapped in the Matrix is because we let authorities (science and all the rest of it) tell us how things are and are not. This creates a collective mindset that makes THEIR “opinion” “true.”

          1. Thanks Wes, I’ll stick with the gut then. Lunar/solar eclipses and shadows cast by them make me think sphere or slightly elliptical then.
            My grandfather was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan project. I should have a clue but he never spent time with us grandkids. Moved out of state.

  2. 🌹💙 Regarding Question #2: I have two observations to make: (1) Our part in the exiting process, is that we ourselves must intend (envision) ourselves through a hole in the grid; however, I believe that once through the grid, we can be assisted beyond at that point—either by our Queen and Her retinue, or by others who truly have our best interest—we don’t have to go it alone once we’ve exited. In order to receive that assistance though (once through the grid), I do believe we should grant permission for that to be provided, even now—before exiting—so that our intention is reinforced in the meantime, and that our desire for help will be honored. (Exiting could be traumatic for some, especially with “lures,” so having assistance intended beforehand, especially with such an affirmation, could be advantageous, yes?) (2) Wes or Ariel: You mention that to go to our Queen we should “think ourself” to Orión; what if the Queen is no longer there, but in a different location, even temporarily (for whatever reason)? Wouldn’t it be best to intend (think ourself) to be where She “IS” at the time of our exit? Thank you for your consideration! Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

    1. Yes, I think we might be assisted after we’ve left. And if we take that out of the equation, you’re absolutely right about intending to go to the Queen. Orion will be there, but we want to go directly to the Queen (at least I do), so set an intention to go to the Queen is a very good option, IMO.

      Bright Blessings back!

  3. Hi wes.. can i ask the overlords to end my life instantly because i dont want to commit suicide.? What if im so tired living our current reality and choose to end it now.. can i ask for it?

    1. No, they don’t care whether you live or die. They are not interested in individuals–they only think collectively. For instance, if you see an ant house out in the woods, do you usually concentrate on one single ant? You probably see them as a collective of ants–you don’t prioritize one ant before another.

    2. I don’t blame you. I feel like a prisoner in this matrix too. I don’t feel like I have my freewill. I live in California where our “leaders” are telling everyone to stay indoors and have completely scared most people into panic buying at stores. Media is powerful to the untrained mind.. Luckily, I have a job that is considered “essential” so I don’t have to stay cooped up all day so that’s a good thing. Dentist have been ordered to close for two weeks, no movie theaters are open, Gyms all closed, no indoor eating at fast food/eateries. Take out only.

      I had a Las Vegas trip planned for March Madness this week. I went anyhow. Just checked out today from the Orleans. It was ghost town. I should have stayed home. Everything in the casino was shut down except a couple cafes to get take out. They are closed as of today until April 17th but could be longer. I feel so annoyed since I believe it’s all a hoax. No one I know has it and most cases are not life threatening. A big reveal seems like it’s about to take place perhaps on the Spring Equinox 3/21.

      Wes on a side note I did see the movie “Bloodshot” before the theaters closed. It was everything you said about Nanobots in the blood etc. very interesting the way they used an elite special forces soldier who died as an experiment to test biological nanobytes and amnesia to kill enemies over and over. There was also a message about freewill in there too/replacement enhanced body parts too.

  4. Is the covid -19 virus part of trying to bring in the machine kingdom?
    Thank you wes and ariel for another great question and answers session

      1. I am not sure if I will have an answer but I will ask : is this covid a real virus or they just poisoning us – irradiation due to those 5G satelites.What I saw is ARDS like after irradiation( see chemotherapy and radiation therapy : those so called cancer treatments).All the symptoms look like post irradiation secundary effects (multiple organs failure).Is my observation correct?

          1. Hello, Wes – After watching the video in the above link, I am left with a profound awareness washing over me that we are in the end stages of this mess. Our physical bodies are literally being taken from us by this relentless pursuit of artificial technology. The poisoning of everything natural and biological is undeniable and horrifying. It appears as if there is nowhere left to escape to on this Earth. Thus, we must exit to be free. Once again, your profound revelation of exiting this patrix serves as the only remaining solace and solution. Thank you again and again and again for imparting this priceless information. I am eternally grateful and hope to meet up with you and yours on the outside. I have witnessed a lot and I will testify.

      2. I am reserved in my opinion so far but I will say I don’t like

        1. How we are being isolated and encouraged to fear physical contact with each other

        And 2. How quickly everything is shifting to virtual interactions as a result. (My sons upcoming therapy appointment is going to be via facetime this month)

        Yeshua/thoth says look at the fruits not the words….

        ….so while I want to believe this is a healthy purge of the patrix…. the fruits are what keep me just watching and observing and thinking…

  5. This universe seems so vast with many planets, multiple dimensions and life I wonder how Enki and the over lords keep control of something so big. Those that reincarnate on a different planet still under enki have their souls recycled? I here the pleiadians do not. Any of them trapped in the Singularity? I heard humans not all reincarnate back to earth but on different planets.

  6. Hi Wes,

    Today I was watching the Age of Truth discussion about the Corona Virus and global lock down. They have mentioned that the government in Denmark is already talking about the vaccine which will be a mandatory for everyone. The authorities will even have to enforce it on those who will hide in their homes, they will break the doors to get them.

    This probably will happen all over and it sounds not good. What in your opinion would you suggest for us who don’t want to be vaccinated, where must we hide? I remember Robert Stanley saying in one of his YT videos that, if such moments would come, where the situation would be bad and would not see anyway out, he would take his life. I really understand what he means and, i think he would not be the only one.

    They want to prepare us to become the machines and, therefore first, by removing us all the power of control. We never had any even before.

    Do we really still have a chance to live until our bodies expire? If yes, how?

    1. Good question Ntombi many souls are contemplating suicide and I do not wish to leave the earth in this way but what other choice do we have if the are going to use our bodies as weapons.

      1. Hi anonymous 😊

        Thank you for your response.

        We are not given so many choices so, we will take first what we think will be best for us. We still have time or shall say, this is the moment to reflect.

      2. The attack on Orion with us as foot soldiers/shields will probably not happen in the lifetime of anyone who’s alive now, I would think. There are many things that the Overlords need to be put in place first.

        1. Wes,

          The Overlords are tricksters just the same as I assume they can change their plans anytime. I think we need to be watchdogs all the time. We have been used and abused for so long.

    2. Hello Ntombi: Seems many of us have the same thought. I have some good medicine in a bag along with some champagne. Am planning to have it with me at all times. I think I will know when the time is right. There is just so much I am willing to take. Am not in a rush though. Just keeping my options/eyes open.

      1. I believe when the time will come, everyone will have something in hand. Just by taking your medication will also not mean that you will be healed, i mean, to be at KHAA (Orion). This time, i mean now, is a moment for everyone to prepare themselves very well. We don’t want to hoover around in the Astral, get confused and risk to get recycled back to this mess.

  7. May I present a posssible solution to the “guides” dilemma. It is safe to assume this prison planet is a war zone, therefore do not trust anything/anyone. I propose, all interaction or advice taken from “guides” be resumed once outside this matrix of exploitation. In other words, do not make decisions using the limited perspective internalized while here on earth. The game is rigged above and below.

  8. This just out taking about the coming AI Singularity Wes has been talking about. Yes it is already here and rapidly taking hold of us.

  9. I wanna take the chance in this signifant times, where human mind is in danger to turn over to the AI, to get captured by the lower frequencies, comes through the so called smart techniques, but wait – there is no danger. For in fact we are even not here in this simulation, just watching the matrix build up in frequencies. No realtiy, but identifcation with the prime matrix, which is lowered down, by abusing power of creation..

    This is what I feel now, although I hear sounds in my ears and have the so called nano fibers in my body – and you know what I mean – I don’t care, because for real I have to say I am not here, I am somewhere else but not here in this simulated matrix. I percieve the matrix and can even feel the frequencies of the matrix, I have to say I’m not here. I am there where peace is, love and light, pure frequencies that comes from the Mother/Father. We are not here but in the land of peace and love and freedom. Mainly freedom of fear.

    That is the land were we all meet, who resist against the lies of the so called AI.This is the land where we are right now, if you just leave your fear.If you have fear you are food for the emotion suckers, the aether stealers. Calm down this is not reality this is a simulation.
    This is why have found you Ariel and Wes.

    You gave me many answers and hints, about ancient historie, the unvisible things the physic life group, the wingmakers, your learning lessons papers that I appreciate so much, My conclusion is that Star Trek is “real” and it’s happining many times that we are visited from the so called overlords.

    Who I am is not important, my name is not important, although I give a comment here. People would say he’s one of the lower ones, but still I’m here with you all that have no fear, but love, pureness, wisdom and power gives you peace, joy and freedom. These are the words I use for the quantum pause meditation. Just found the pdfs from James that I have downloaded on my disk, like the learning papers and many other things you have showed us, dear Wes. NUNTI-SUNYA we the free, are all one HEART. Our true home.

    For me I have found out, that the so called virus they gave a name of a crown, is not part of my/our matrix. It is a trigger word of fear and the opposite word is “KOKOLORES”, cause that is, what it is. So, if you give it a name, it is “KOKOLORES”. Well, I don’t know if this is a german word, but I call it “KOKOLORES” which means “bullshit” in a more cultivated expression.

    For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I’m not something special, I would see myself as a broken man, but I have my trust in divine power, that guides me/us through the darkness with strong tenderness of love. If it would be not so, I couldn’t write these words. This is fact not only for me, but fact for everyone..

    You might call me crazy insane and lost, but that change nothing.. I follow my heart and I find is right here, dear Wes and Ariel, where I have to leave a comment of my gratefullness, for your bravehearted wonderful work. Showing us dimensions we were never thinking of. What have we forgotten ? Thank you once again dear Wes and Ariel, you are guided by our holy Mother/Father with love and power from the souvereign integral.


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