Video 281: The Singularity Timeline Part 1 [Transmutation]

By Wes Penre, November 20, 2021


I intended to write about something else for this video. But after I started to investigate the new social media platform, “The Metaverse,” which will replace Facebook, and later all other social media, and eventually the entire Internet, I decided this needs to be addressed first, as a priority, because of its seriousness and the rapid progression toward the final Singularity. So, I will release a series of videos about the Singularity, the Metaverse and what we can expect will happen long-term. Of course, the further into the future we look, the more uncertain the details will be, but the overall idea of the Singularity and how it will play out can be fairly well foreseen, in my opinion…

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  1. Anxious to see whatever you present- as long as you offer a text option as well- I like how you write..

  2. Hello, my dear Wes…

    It may be that you leave before me. Tell the queen that she is a fool! I do not condemn … because I am she …
    BUT SHE IS STUPID !!!! And here the question arises … The queen is not to blame for this slut. MONADA is to blame. And who told you that the maonada does not see itself? Gnostics? What the fuck do you believe them with?

    These are not all questions, Wes .. There will be more questions …

    Love, Kamil, Russia …

    Good health to you…

  3. Wes you’re the best 🙂 “The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots” -Erich Fromm-

  4. Not a woman, but a man .. it doesn’t matter … we are all the same …
    Kamille … or maybe Kamilla?
    Wes – be healthy always
    I love you!
    All the best to you!

  5. Hello Wes, thank you for your time and sharing.
    Would you be so kind to share with us some of the studies that you mentioned in the video as the immune system change while in lockdown and the one that talks about vaxxed people being the real propagators? Thanks in advance

  6. Right on Wes! You’re speaking it now! it’s so good to see like minds coming together David Icke, Alex Jones all the big e’s now on the same page with the real truth. I still believe there was no virus to begin with people just get sick it was exasperated by the fear in their minds, they did create something on paper and in a computer just so they can patent a coronavirus. Why risk blowback when they can just hoax something which they very successfully did.The main event has always been the raping of us with the bio weapon. But they can’t hold back the Truth anymore. They fear our unpredictability the most so let’s use it folks! God bless us all!

  7. Megan Rose is the author of “Welcome to the Future: An alien abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era. Megan is in contact with the Galactic Federation which saved humanity in November of this year. The Reptilians, Greys and the Elite did plan to enslave humanity through the vaccine and through the satellites that Elon Musk had placed in April 2021, they were supposed to be activated in fall of this year, however, the Galactic Federation of Worlds disconnected the satellites. Her book is a quick read of facts which will give some humans hope. Dr. Micheal Salla -Exopolitics has vetted Megan Rose and Elena Danaan, both were abductees. The reps and greys (evil) have been cleared out by the GFW. Now they want humans to fight for their rights. I think Wes did a great job with book but now there are changes to the elites Plan. The struggle is not over yet…we will always be vulnerable to the Overlords. Depopulation is still in full force so we have to find a way to stop the Genocide. For those of you wondering if there will be more help – The GFW, the Council of 5 and the Council of 9 are benevolent and their process is to move humans into 4th and 5th dimension beings. The source of creation of love and light is involved and invested in humans, helping us but the prime directives given to GFW cannot interfere with our free will. Sources for updates and more info on http://www.Elena

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