Facebook and Metaverse

By Wes Penre, November 15, 2021

For those who don’t know, Facebook has created something called “Metaverse,” which is a big leap toward humans living completely in virtual reality, and it will replace Facebook soon. This is exactly what I wrote about in the Singularity book, but also what we have discussed many time as a possible future–particularly on my forum. Some of you may have heard of this to a certain degree, but watch this and put the dots together… The future is already here. This is serious stuff and a step closer to the end of humankind as we know it:

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  1. This is what Americans deserve for being too stupid to unite and fire our enemy judges for allowing private industry to piss on the 1st amendment. Zuckerberg should have been executed a long time ago as a Domestic Enemy.

  2. This person/thing is not sick of technology he/it is sick with it. It sounds so good but who or what is the fat controller?
    Give up your humanity free will and abandon the cosmic law of non interference.

  3. As Wes mentioned years ago in his papers and many other people predicted what will happen to humanity and further steps to take whole control over all human beings plus animals etc… Unfortunately it seems they are reaching their goals, but I am sure that the connection between free spirited mind and souls are increasing rapidly and they can feel it like I have so many vivid dreams about that since I was a little boy… They are so desperate and time is not on their side… All we can do is be ready and prepared to raise our frequency and reach higher dimensions and everything will change time space etc… So just do your best to control your inner thoughts and minds as Wes said in his last Q&A session… Thanks to Wes for so many years of research and I have ordered your books even though it will delivered very late but it will! Till then following up with your Videos Blog and Q&A… Greetings to all of you

  4. Metaverse, confirming the ‘singularity’ as in the wes penre book. I’d go further in saying, .. handbook of our time tbh.

    In gratitude Wes & Ariel 🙏🏽✨😇
    Invaluable investigative research by far! ESP WPP

    All that aside, this guy in the vid lost me@ dinosaurs 🦖 🙄😁

  5. I have seen that I forgot to mention also Ariel for his efforts and research together with Wes… Sorry as I was texting the comment somehow must not mentioned him… Now thanks for both of you and everyone who is involved for creating making all this essential real help…

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