Video 280: Q&A Session #87

By Wes Penre, November 13, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: When we die, will we be able to “think” to ourselves about where we want to go, whether it be back down to earth to help out as spiritual guides or teachers? Or if we think of anything immediately, we just go there instantly? This is confusing. Do we just talk out loud to ourselves and focus on not to think about anything until we have our intention?

QUESTION 2: Could it be that the astral plane is at the same location as we are here on earth, except on a different frequency? Could this be the case with all the seven heavens? This would explain the phenomena of possession by evil creatures.

According to a Dutch astral traveler the aura protects us from astral intrusions. He proclaims that the aura has a glass-like shield that is very hard to penetrate when attempted from the astral plane. He goes so far as to state that we humans could not live on earth without this protective shield.

This seems to indicate that the astral plane is all around us. What do you think? Does this make sense?

QUESTION 3: Will people be able to have pets during The Singularity or will domestic animals such as cats and dogs eventually become extinct?  I realize this may be a sensitive question for animal lovers such as myself.  The reason I ask is I vividly remembered as a teen watching one of those “Planet of the Apes” movie sequels from the 1970s.  There was a scene of a cat and dog statue that represented a time when people had pets.

QUESTION 4: My question is, in all your truth seeking, have you ever heard of Kuthumi and or Santa Kumara and if so, what were your findings and/or opinions?

QUESTION 5: At one point in time Sabaoth worshipped Sophia (Pistis) but it is my conviction that she didn’t want him to continue to do so after a certain point. Some dare say all of the G(g)ods and G(g)oddesses on Earth are requiring and even demanding worship. What about worship?

QUESTION 6: A negative thought can be about ourselves or others, but naturally spirited humans don’t like to have these thoughts, even if they come up very briefly. In your book, A Handbook for the New Era, you mentioned that our thoughts are very powerful and that some thoughts come from our environment. What’s the best way of dealing with negative thoughts?

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  1. So what would be the best intention to think after we die and after we think about going through an opening in the grid? Would “I want to go to my Highest Self now” be the safest thing and from there get knowledge and information on what is next best step? Or “go to soul family”.

    And I also wonder, must we say that after we exit grid or can we think that within the grid and we still get to a safe place. This part confuses me.

    Thank you.

    1. “I am going to my highest possible self now” is one option I would think is reasonable.
      “I am exiting the Grid now” is another.
      I would NOT use, “I am going to my soul family,” unless you have a very clear vision of what that means. We have soul families within this Construct, too (see Michael Newton’s books), and you might not want to go there because that’s inside the Grid.

      When your body expires, the “silver cord” that connects your light-bodies with your physical body breaks, and you’re “dead.” Then, you’re in the astral, and that’s when you focus on your intention. You can of course do it before that, as well, but it won’t have the effect until you’re separated from your expired body, if this makes sense, and you would need to reset your intention anyway. Then, your thought will take you where your focus goes in an instant. So, keep your focus or you’ll bounce around between locations. But even if you “bounce around,” you can always reset your intention and focus better the second or third time. Just don’t listen to or follow anybody who wants to “help.” You have no idea who that entity might actually be. Do it yourself.

  2. So Wes, is Sabaoth the so called and known Archangel Michael who beat Yaldaboath’s behind? What about Gabriel, Rafael and Uriel, are archons that turned into good beings like Sabaoth by the Mother Goddess or are they made up by the Church or are they negative entities?

    Thank you Wes.

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