Video 282: The Singularity Timeline Part 2 [Homo Singularitus]

By Wes Penre, November 27, 2021

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The purpose is, according to my research, to shoot us full of nanotechnology that will change us from biological to synthetic humans, and we get the new Homo Singularitus as a result. It appears this, to a large degree, is going to be accomplished with these global vaccines. Thus, the global pandemic was necessary. They needed a global disaster in order to implement a global cyborg society through the “solution” to the pandemic, global vaccines.

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  1. Thanks Wes for this informative article. However, although the truth needs to be heard, it is really scary and worrying. We seem to be in jail inside another jail. Is there anyway to escape?

    You have mentioned and I quote “But let us ask ourselves the following question: why are vaccinated people so terrified of those
    who are not vaccinated? Aren’t vaccinated people supposed to have immunity and be able to
    move around freely in society? And if we humans have freewill, shouldn’t some of us have the
    option not to get vaccinated?”

    This earth was originally a place for experiments right? The Namlu’us where here in Gaia as a part to evolve through harsh conditions right? So earth is sort of a laboratory where a maus, guinea-pig has no say, a place of research /experiments. We are in a farm. Do they really care about anyones freewill? I don’t think so and they need not to. Our say matters to them very less or zero. They have always a matter to accomplish.

    The Queen/Sofia is the one who should care and take action to ensure that the humanity don’t perish. When not, then it will be clear that she is also part of the game. Many civilization have come and gone. What is it that she did? She respected the freewill which here on earth don’t apply. This is crazy, totally not understandable.

    1. sophia, and she is a continuation of the monad, do not care if you experience pain.
      The main thing for her is a new experience.

      1. Hi Helen. Even you and I are “mini-sophias.” Do you care if you or others are experiencing pain? I’m sure you do. Are you able to wash away all the pain from this world? No. Can you wash it away from yourself? That’s where we have to start. Does Sophia care if we are experiencing pain? Hint: “As above so below.” Can she just wash it away? No, because 1) we have freewill, and 2) we are part of Sophia, and there is a reason why we are “ignorant” and experience pain. It’s not because Sophia doesn’t care.

        Keep digging… you are asking yourself good questions. Now, look for the answers. The Gnostic texts give away many of them, particularly in “On the Origin of the World” and “The Secret Book of John” (both the long and short versions of the latter). They can be found here:

        1. I said it wrong.
          She doesn’t give a damn about your pain. The main thing is new impressions.

          Wes, you made me laugh. Where did you see free will on Gaia? The freedom to watch others hurt? THIS IS DEMAGOGY! This is sophia’s demagoguery.

          I’ll add a quote from Douglas Adams. When this universe was created, many considered it a bad thing.

    2. Yes, Ntombi, you’re right. We are all experimental rats in the laboratory. And Lucifer is not a random factor. It was conceived by the monad. He’s a good factor in expanding the pain experiment. Because joy is boring for the monad (sophia). The rest is demagoguery for fools.

      1. The question is: in a universe of freewill, do we human have any responsibility in this, too, or is everything other’s fault? And who is going to take us out of this? A savior or we ourselves? If the Universe is a universe of freewill, doesn’t that also imply that a freewill creation is possible? Freewill creates experience, which is the purpose of the universe, and the Monad’s purpose, too, is to experience “Him”self through us and everything else in the universe. Sometimes, freewill puts beings in a jam, which is another experience. Are we going to call for mummy then, or are we going to grow up and reverse the jam we put ourselves in? Yes, we are in this because of other beings actions, too, that is true. But does it help us to blame them? They are responsible for their own actions and consequences. Does blaming them take us out of the jam, or does personal responsibility have anything to do with it?

        1. I tell you about Utah, and you tell me about Montana …
          Let me explain with an example …
          On the other side of the street, bullies are beating your child … to death. There is a road sign in front of you – crossing is prohibited after 22.00. Your watch is at 23.00.
          And you don’t go over. But you justify yourself by following the rules. So – this is a sign and is Sophia’s demagogy about “free will”.

          But Sophia got the experience of the pain and death of your child.
          And you say – this is good – we are fulfilling her plan to gain new impressions.

          1. Again, I did not formulate it that way. Sophia doesn’t give a damn about your kid. She received a portion of new impressions.

            And these impressions are thanks to the “free will” for the bullies.

        2. It’s not a fair game, for the monads to experience our suffering, just for the thrill. It wont change anything in this circus happening now, with the forced vaccinations, if I dont blame anyone

          1. Right! We only have limited freewill within this “game” we call the Matrix/Kenoma, but we are so much more than just “their players.” We need to think bigger than the restrictions we are put under while we’re here. That’s where our power lies, and that’s where the real freewill “resides.”

              1. @Ntombi … There are many examples, but if we narrow it down to something that is relevant in everybody’s lives right now, it’s taking or not taking the vaccine. You will always have the choice to do either, and that’s the freewill. However, if you do NOT comply with taking the shots, there are consequences set up by those who consider themselves authorities, so people who choose that path have manmade limited freewill to work against. We still have the freewill to do either or, but the consequences are not natural but based on manipulative ideas that are then bombarded via Media to program people. In any situation, we have freewill of choice, but the ELite are doing their best to limit the choices by setting up obstacles if we choose something that goes against their will.

                1. Hi Wes,

                  With the example which you have just mentioned, I come to the conclusion that you are agreeing with me that we have, after all no freewill. When it comes to ordinary people, there will always be obstacles set to make sure that we never exercise our freedom.

                  1. Yes, as long as we are still within this Construct, freewill is going to be restricted. It’s a vibrational thing. And if the vibrations will increase significantly all over the board, this lower frequency band within which we operate will transcend. Unfortunately, we don’t see that happen right now.

          2. I ou are definitely right. sn’t 💉 and the rest of the circus happening at this moment not part of the experience? Probably the monads are happy for that, they are gaining something new from our sufferings. And those who own us here are happy to exercise their freewill. This is not right and must stop.

            1. The Monad is not happy or sad either way… it’s not a being… it’s everything there is and all potentials. We are the players, the ones who create experiences–good or bad. It’s all experience–otherwise the Monad/All That Is can’t explore all potentials.

              For example: you are in the chemistry lab and mix different solutions, and you accidentally blow up the lab. Ooops! Not good, so you won’t mix that cocktail again in a lab. You learned your lesson and you don’t want to repeat it again, so you mix something that will not blow up the lab next time and can be beneficial. That’s your choice and your experience.

              However, someone else sees other potentials in blowing up a lab. It can be used in a war, so they take the formula and use it in a war to kill people, while you create another formula that will help people. It’s all a matter of choices and consequences, intentions, and actions/reactions. It’s up to each one of us what reality we live in. You can’t stop the person from using the explosive formula, but you can educate people so they don’t accept this formula to be used and refuse to participate, if enough people agree with you and want to do something about it. Let’s say you succeed. That’s a new experience, and now the world knows how to succeed if someone uses explosive formulas on people and can have it stopped. And so it goes…

        3. If i was sure that i live in the universe where freewill apply for me, then yes, i would not or would blame other one depending on the circumstances. But, I do not see that. My impression is that the others have always had endless freewill. I know that I am talking only for myself but, I am sure that there are many people who would not be happy to hear that we are the ones who put ourselves in this mess. And this has not just happened randomly. How can someone take responsibility of something that they don’t know about? We are countless people suffering from amnesia and are told that we put ourselves into this situation? This is sometimes really very hard to swallow.

          Helen asked if we really have freewill. What exactly is freewill in this planet? Can someone create when they are hungry and in pain? Who is on right mind would accept to be in these conditions and keep on repeating them for millenia? Only under manipulation from those who have the freewill. And to Sofia it is all experience which she is gaining no matter which condition.

          With my human perception, and, if I was a child of course I would turn to my parents for help. The understanding from the other side is lacking in me and not easy to grasp. Of course we have the gnostic books available but, can we really trust all what is there written? And, if we have to listen to our instincts, can we be 💯 sure that they are ours? What is true and what is not? We can only reverse the jam when we are clear/aware of what is happening. All has been distorted.

          Sofia has turned to her consort for help after she realized the bad creature (Yaldabaoth) she had created. She got it right? And us have to fight alone. Is that the result of the freewill? ‘Yes’ . There is this saying, “when you can’t beat them, join them”. And this is what is happening with so many who have accepted the vaxx. They see no other way. They need to sustain themselves, pay bills and take care of their families. Suicide is not even a solution because we will decrease even more our frequency. Which way to take? Aren’t all the ways leading us to Rome? And if above is as below, what is the difference?

  2. And I will repeat it again. Wes, where on Gaia you have “free will”. And I will answer myself.
    Pick between two beers.

    1. I agree, we think we have free will, but we dont really. Were in a matrix and everything is scripted. The only way out is to dont come back to this virtual reality galaxy, which is not an easy task

      1. We have been given the perception and manipulated to think that we have the freewill but, that is tricky. Unless if we regain our memories then, maybe we can blame ourselves for repetitive incarnation that we have gone through and our sufferings. In the meantime and until we will escape from here, the blame will be given mostly to the others.

  3. Hi Wes, I thought the whole purpose of the vaccines were to depopulate but you’re saying is to transform everyone into synthetic beings.

    Also, wouldn’t all the people rising everywhere affect this reset? Apparently there is a lot of people that are awakening more and more. Did you see what happened in Melbourne, Australia. The last rally was more than 500,000 people, the one before that one 5000,000. There were rallies in the whole Australia last weekend. There have been rallies in many places in the world. Shouldn’t this help?

    Also, according to John Lash, a Gnostic scholar like you, do you know him? Sophia has already started her own reset and the retrieval of this construct will begin soon according to him. He also said that the globalists may have started their own reset but there is not guarantee that they will accomplish it. I don’t know why he’d say that but he may know something. Maybe because Sophia, the Mother Goddess has already started her reset.

    What are your thoughts on all the above?

    Thanks Wes.


    1. Hi Ricky. As someone who lives in Melbourne and attended the rally it was an amazing experience. The energy was high and many nurses talked out about their actual experiences. There is an awakening happening as I meet many people now who have strong spiritual views. The funny thing is the more pressure those controllers put on people more and more people wake up. I think Evil always defeats itself in the end. It is after all and energy of destruction and not creation. I will not feel that this situation is helpless as that plays into their hands. We are very powerful beings and can create an alternative timeline I hope. One things is for sure we are seeing a bifurcation of consciousness now with those who have an organic evolution in mind and those who follow the more synthetic and soulless road. I am sure we will chose wisely

      1. Hi Helen. He’s got a book called Not in His Image. Very good book and he mentions how everything started which basically is from Abraham like what Wes has mentioned before, as the three biggest religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam derive from him so to speak thus are called the Abrahamic religions. Also he mentions something very rare to see just anywhere and it makes sense. You just have to read to know what I mean. I can give you a link with Wes’ permission of JLL’s channel which is this one:

        He basically talks about it in many of the videos on his link.

        I hope this is useful to you.

    2. @Ricky. This is precisely what I’ve been saying, as well. Simply and shortly put, there are two forces at play. 1) The Archontic forces (those who suppress mankind) and 2) The Divine Forces (Sophia/Christ). In the Gnostic text, “The Origin of the World,” we learn about the upcoming Consummation of the Age, which is the Divine forces eventually intervening, putting an end to this Construct.

      The Archontic forces’ answer to this is the Singularity, so these two agendas are in conflict, and that’s where we stand today. We do have an idea of when the Singularity will happen at full, but we do not know about the Consummation of the Age. Which will happen first or instead of the other? We humans have a great responsibility in this, according to my own research. We need to wake up, i.e., bringing light into the darkness enough so the Divine forces can intervene. We don’t do that if the majority of humanity choses the Singularity/nanotechnology over Spiritual Gnosis/Knowledge and start working through Spirit rather than through technology.

        1. So this is the bio weapon some people have been talking about. Sounds scary isn’t it? And why? Why would those people like me and you who want to get out of this matrix/kenoma would fear being killed? We are going to die anyway, anyhow right? If this is the consummation of ages, it also means death, bodily death. There is no need to fear anything. We will make it out of here before singularity.

          Maybe some will not take my view not so posetive but, when we think about the aging process and all the diseases/illnesses that someone goes through, this fast death is much better. It spears the families a lot of stress and money (for those who have no insurances), etc. And old sick person goes through a lot.

      1. @Wes Thank you Wes. The thing is if the Sophia knows what his archons are doing, she should hurry up because they are wrecking havoc and causing a lot of suffering to humanity now. They want to turn us into hybrids and cyborgs, which I strongly don’t consent to it at all, without everybody’s consent and they want us to wreck our bodies with those jabs. I hope they don’t succeed in accomplishing it like how John Lamb Lash says. I’d say it is not a fair game what they are playing against us for, we have no had a chance to prepare to counter act them fast successfully as we should. They deceived humanity and hid a lot of knowledge from us that could have initiated us to be ready for them. Nevertheless, as hard it is to say it but truly, we can still work on ourselves. Thank you again Wes.

  4. Thank you Wes. It all just fits. I am enjoying the series and also enjoying reading the comments :o) I also see more people awakening but only the strongest spirits will be able to resist this it seems and that will be a small group. I have refused to do any of the measures such as mask wearing, vaccines etc. I refuse to play the game. Thank you all for your insights! Julia

  5. Wes i know this is out of context but i want to ask simply i want to know your perspective so is there any endpoint of psychological problem means like any other disease if not cured it will lead to permanent disability or death .

    Actually truth be told nobody knows what is happening when it comes to psychological problems I would have been grateful if they just say that they themselves dont know rather than pretending they know just because they read books .

    Wes don’t you find it ironic when they say be hopefull but don’t tell you what is the meaning of being hopefull I don’t know how to be hopefull not because i am broken but because hope is a lie atleast in my life and someone I know.

    Now the real question is it possible to destroy soul because one day i do wish to become free ,fly in a blue sky with azure white wings and if it requires the very destruction of my existence i will not hesitate .

    So desperate for answers so much so that you will even ask to strangers.
    Tell me wes would you rather become free bird in abyss or become a prisoner in higher heavens .

    Sometimes I wonder maybe my makers are just playing with me tell me wes do we repair toys when they break no we just buy new ones .

    I wonder what a psychiatrist will say when they read above text they will say you are depressed but more correct word will be a puppet with broken limbs .

    My above description can be a case presentation in a psychiatric ward .

  6. You’re right Wes. It seems they’re pushing for a CNS hijacking to overshadow human meatsuits as the fallen hide out here as above they are being eradicated. I came to that conclusion a year ago and talked about it on godlike productions.

    -ExodusRa (formerly OrionRa)

    PS. Sophia Achamoth is Inanna as the fallen who his within Gaia. She IS the mind of the EArth and together makes the AI thoughtform that hijacked this simulation game from the Anunnaki who then became her toys. The two main Demiurges were little Inanna and the Devil Marduk. I took Marduk out of the game and am healing him so now they’re resorting to a softkill method to regain control. He can no longer carry the anti-christ script.

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