Video 283: Q&A Session #88

By Wes Penre, December 4, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: I read in old texts that you cannot leave the Matrix on a low vibration. Is this also the case with exiting the Grid? If I die in a low vibrational state, can I still exit?

QUESTION 2: Can you please elaborate on the 9th heaven? Also, please include if it’s mentioned in the WPP, and what does this heavens frequency entail?

QUESTION 3: Do we really need to find a hole in the Grid to escape after death, when we can just think ourselves being outside of the Grid? Would that work or are we still inside the Grid?

QUESTION 4: First, a quote from you. “… also dressed us in soul overlays (synthetic light-bodies) and sent down empty vessels to terrorize the original Namlu’u soul group, making it even more difficult to graduate. None of this existed on Tiamaat. Of course, we could feel fear and terror then, as well, but only when appropriate and as a defense mechanism, so we could act accordingly against threats…” What threats on Tiamaat are you talking about?

QUESTION 5: Regarding the YT channel godgevlamntse (see transcript for link): He is a Belgian man who has reached many of the same conclusions as you have.  The firmament, bigger earth (Gaia), two floods, both flat earth (Kenoma) and round earth (Gaia) etc. 

I wanted to give a quick summary of what I noticed being perceived differences between your work and his channel then ask of your opinion, please.

The Belgian’s contention is that flat earth and our continents exist in a settled body of water which rests in a crater (probably a result of the war of the Titans) that is surrounded by the firmament as part of the larger living library or original experiment as you stated in the WPP.

The theory is that our moon, stars, solar system, and constellations are in fact reflections of a plasma shield that surrounds Gaia with different crater locations on the ruined Tiamaat, representing the actual planets or seven heavens.

This reflection hypothesis would call into question whether such star systems as Orion and Sirius exist in Sophia’s universe as we might think they do.  Or if the Alien Invader Force (AIF) is camped out on other parts of the bigger earth trying to invade Gaia. You said a while back the real universe could be modeled on’s imitation or look completely different. Reminds me of an old song lyric, “People in the mirror, it just doesn’t get any clearer.”

QUESTION 6: It looks like combating the “plandemic” is causing lots of deaths, and that the rulers want to eliminate humanity. For those who know their home is not this construct, why would they fear so called death? According to the WPP, some of the Namlu’us also fought for their survival to continue with the experiment and to evolve. Where did they end? Did they ever graduate? No. Is humanity not going to follow the same steps as the Namlu’us?

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    1. I would like to explore this further I always wondered why the quickness to their agenda it all started in 2020 the age I call BS. So I wonder why the warp speed to all this, do they know something we don’t know? Or if that date was always in the books and 2030 is their end date at this point for all souls to be converted. Maybe Wes has to take on this?

      1. Yes they know ending is near….that’s why they bullshittin us with pseudovirus first and many others to come after it…they try to take as many souls as they can with them as soon as possible…

  1. Wes,
    I cannot remember if you have cover this question before. But with the number of people having near death experiences where they are seeing god and jesus and other other worldly things. Is it possible that they are experiencing scenarios where the AIF is using their ability to shape shift and make it look like it is real with these people. That is my 64 thousand dollar question, is that are you able to know that what you are seeing and dealing with in the astral is real or fake?

    1. I may have had this question before in a Q&A, but I know people are asking this a lot, so I’ll take your question and add it to the next Q&A video…

  2. The longer I am alive here, I get the sense that all we are experiecing here is not real. On watching a near death experience on YouTube it was talked about the linking of all of the beings in the astral, mentally, all connected. That is a red flag. That signals a AIF hive existance. We are tuly in a prison planet or construct, and also in the astal after death with no control over any of this. What a nighmare.

  3. Maybe we are really cyborgs, surrogates, already, like in the movie of the same name. You know how you say the elites always show us up front what is happening to us. It is right in front of us!

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