Video 284: Q&A Session #89

By Wes Penre, December 11, 2021

I need another week to gather, sort, and present the next part of my research regarding the Metaverse and other related topics—very important to grasp. I want to present it as simply as I can because I want it to be as obvious as possible. So, bear with me! In the meantime, we’ll have another Q&A.

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Within the past several years and now months we would all agree to the never- before occurring, unbelievable human events taking place.

Yet it’s not so much the occurrence of fake governments, viruses/variants, mainstream media et al, but the realization by more and more of that reality. We are waking up- more and more with each passing day! Wouldn’t this recognition, this remembering, raise our collective vibration to not just postpone a singularity event but implode it?

QUESTION 2: A lot of rumours are spread around about the Corona vaxx that will kill lots of people. If we consider this a fact, and massive numbers of people die, what will happen to the small number of the population that did not take the vaxx and survived? Won’t they be like the Namlu’us who escaped from the flood and felt appealed to continue with the experiment and ended up being trapped? What about the billions of dead bodies which will be all over, how are they going to get away with them? How will they clean up the air?

QUESTION 3: I was watching a video of a guy who had a near death experience… he said that right when he died he was in darkness and then he saw a light and moved toward it which took him down a tunnel and then down another tunnel where he was met by 3 orbs of light and he immediately had a life review, in which he said that he felt all the pain he had caused others along with joy, and that the orbs held him in love during the whole experience, then he was asked if he wanted to stay or go back, he chose to go back… 

My question is, if he had known about the grid at death and going through a hole in it, would he have had the same experience with the 3 orbs? Or would he have just seen the grid with an opportunity to leave?

Also, I am wondering why the 3 orbs of light would even entertain the idea of letting him go back once they had him in their clutches… unless to send him back to tell one of many NDE’s to trick people into going into the light when they too die… He did end his story saying that he wished he had stayed and can’t wait to go back once he dies for good… and also that he couldn’t believe that he actually thought he was that human back on Earth, now out of body. He remembered he had lived many lives before but could not remember them in detail.

QUESTION 4: If the 7 Heavens is equivalent to the solar system, i.e., the Patrix, where Saturn is the 7th Heaven, then what are we calling the physical universe, i.e., the 4% that has authority over? Here is where he is God to the people of Earth and elsewhere residing within the Milky Way Galaxy, and you are saying that outside the solar system is the 8th Heaven, and above possibly to the 12th, although according to the Gnostics, they are saying that there are 9 Heavens.

You’ve mention in articles that sometimes there are Wars in the KHAA, is this something that’s all around us that encompasses apart of everything, all that is?

QUESTION 5: In your Q&A sessions you have talked about that suicide would lower our frequency and thus is not recommended. What about vaccines? Aren’t they designed to control us humans with soul and keep us in a lower frequency net so we wouldn’t be able to leave this grid?  So, if I have a choice to leave my life voluntarily and knowingly; that I will save my Soul that way; would that really be such a bad thing to do in case vaccines are forced onto us?

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  1. Love the Q and A, #6 you can raise your vibrational frequency using essential oils. Rose being the mist powerful followed by Frankincense. Google the megahertz of essential oils and how to use them on your body to raise your energy.

    1. I forgot to mention meditation being the first step to lifting up your vibrational frequency (as most reading this will probably know already) and on top of they use the essential oils.

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