Video 285: The Singularity Timeline, Part 3 [The Metaverse and Virtual Reality, Part A]

By Wes Penre, December 18, 2021


This is the beginning of a new era in the process of ushering in the Singularity. For those who do not believe, bear with me throughout this series. This is not a conspiracy theory on my part—it is evidence. Still, Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is just the light version—the beginning.

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  1. Now that Singularity is obvious now, and there are those of us who reject the trap….what can be done? What are we who want to remain human do? Die natural death and spiritually move on….

  2. It’s obvious there’s a fight to win over the human soul group. I also know that MANY humans beginning to see behind the veil and interpreting different agendas. I think about fifteen years ago reading a BBC article “what do you think most likely the human race will evolve?” They were showing several versions cyborg, naturalist, and those that are going out in staces pods discovering the universe. As usual of the dark agenda, the invadable war was planted into the human subconscious; war between cyborg humans and naturalist. The images of how human race would look like in each scenario was eye catching but as always mixed of both truth and deception. For one, we know that you don’t have to be in staces pods to travel the universe. You are using portals or other types of interdimensional travelling depending on your evolvement also mentioned in the WPP. The point is, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what an individual soul is choosing, that choice will be the part of the Devine experience to get to know itself. This is a cosmic game. It is an individual choice which part we are going to be participate in. There are no right or wrong choices only choices.

  3. this nightmare is getting closer and closer. I’m spending HOURS every day working through my wounds so I am ready to exit the grid. I’ve been doing growth work for 20 years, so I know what I’m doing. I’m just putting A LOT more time in every day.
    I’m so grateful for your work, Wes. There is so little hope left. On the internet, we see so many people who are awake but then I go out into the real world and EVERYONE is asleep. Your work is one of the things keeping me sane. It’s just such an awful time to be alive. I’ve despised this world since I was 5 and while that has not changed, my ability to deal with it has.
    I’ll be glad when It’s over and I am out of here. If I could make it happen now, I would. The only problem is dealing with the time between now and when I leave.
    So grateful for the few people like you in the world. The worst part of this word is clearly the people, that is what makes this world the hell it is. I’ll be glad when I am free of them.
    Working EVERY day to be ready to make the break. Bless you Wes.

    1. Hi, I wonder if you could help me find out what kinds of wounds a human being might have that needs to be healed. Just asking because I uderstand that we just have problems because we are incarnate… we will be free of them by the time we die, no?
      It’s been a long time I’ve beenlooking for this answer.

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