Video 286: Happy Holidays from Wes

By Wes Penre, December 24, 2021



  1. Be healthy, Wes! Love, Good Luck, Happiness!

    PS Make it possible for guests to comment under the message of a specific person on the forum. And then you write a comment, and it will appear at the end of the message feed.

    Once again – TOTAL BEST !!!
    From Russia with love!

    1. Hello Kamil. It should be possible to comment right under the message you are referring to in your reply, like I do now. What I do is click right beneath your post, under the LIKE star, where there is a link saying, Reply in red. If you use that instead of the reply box at the bottom of the page, it should work. Please let me know here if it doesn’t.

    1. Oh, you mean the little comment section under each post? I thought that plugin didn’t work for Guests, but there was an option to enable it. Try now…

  2. Perhaps you need to register in guest mode? And then the button will appear. Although what’s the point of registering for a guest …

      1. Hello Wes. Registered as a guest ( Login Kamil. I’m waiting for your confirmation.

  3. What a positive, much needed, great way to start Christmas day, with a positive, happy and uplifting message. Further set the tone for the entire day. I am keeping this message and wrote many of the sayings in my journal. Appreciate the time and effort it took you to put together such a beautiful message. Hoping you have one of your best years yet. I know from reading comments we ALL appreciate your valuable work and time!

  4. Thank you Wes for such a warm holiday wish! I am fortunate to have expanded my understanding of of life after death and what to expect thereafter! For this I am grateful! Happy holidays and the best to you in 2022!

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