Video 287: Q&A Session #90

By Wes Penre, January 1, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: With the number of people having near death experiences where they are seeing God and Jesus, etc., is it possible they are experiencing the Alien Invader Force, the AIF, using their ability to shape shift and make it look like it is real with these people? This is my 64-thousand-dollar question: are you able to know whether what you are seeing and dealing with in the astral is real or fake?

QUESTION 2: Is there any irrefutable proof that the Soul Reincarnation Trap in the form of Grid around earth exists – a proof that can be verified by someone independently, with practically executable effort? And why are so few self-proclaimed astral travelers mentioning it? To those who haven’t researched enough themselves, the concept of soul trap looks bizarre, you would agree. So how would I convince my wife and kid that I have not gone crazy, and they should not enter the loving white bright light at death and ignore those who guide them to enter the bright light tunnel as a rescue from the ghostly realm, and to go back into the heaven/spirit home?

QUESTION 3: When we leave and enter the Pleroma, will we know anyone? Will our memories come back, and we find our friends? Or will we be alone and lost?

QUESTION 4: Do you have any information or theory on what is the origin of souls of narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths? It seems their souls are fractured or in possession of some low-vibe dark entity because they don’t have remorse, empathy as most healthy humans and enjoy causing pain to other living creatures and feeding off their energy.

Another question is why such individuals often attract to the opposite people who have high level of empathy, lots of Light and aim for spiritual growth? Do the latter have something to learn from those disordered individuals?

QUESTION 5: I want to bring up something that is quite disturbing. After Lucifer/Yaldabaoth was cast out of heaven, he created different head Archons, his offspring. He then created different angels, demons, and entities, such as the seraphim, who chant “Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah of Host, the whole earth is full of his glory.” My question is, can these terrifying beings be encountered and or even distract you from exiting the Grid?

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  1. I enjoyed listening to this new topic; good to know that Lucifer / Yaldabaoth created the Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah of Host, the whole earth is full of his glory.” This connects to the hypocrisy of the elites controllers of Earth. This sure is an inverted world on our planet Earth.

  2. I have written the message with just my first me; Is Maddy here, and I am happy to wish you again a Happy New Year my friend Wes!

    1. Yes, for some reason that disappeared when I changes templates. I’ll see what I can do. Regarding the Forum, I am uncertain whether there is an add-on like that, but I will check that, too. Thank you, Kamil…

    2. I checked it out. The Forum does not have a plugin like that, and now I see why WordPress at took away my translate button. In order to reinstall it, they will take away the “Follow Button,” so people can no longer follow my blog, which I don’t want to happen. They don’t allow me to have both, which sucks.

      1. It’s a pity of course…
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        when to expect the next article?
        be healthy

  3. Your question 2 answer included a comment about family and friends. Such perfect synchronicity as I was thinking last night about what I know, and how to tell those I care about, or even if I “should”. Your answer helped. Thank you.

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