Video 288: The Singularity Timeline, Part 4 [The Metaverse and Virtual Reality, Part B]

By Wes Penre, January 8, 2022

We are amid World War III, as I see it, which is War on the Minds. With a fake, manufactured virus, they have now created an intentional nightmare, and they say there will be no going back. They are preparing us for a “New Normal.” In the media, they make sure they repeat this phrase over and over to program our minds with it, so we get used to this term, once and for all. In general, it only takes 21-30 days of repetition to program and reprogram a human mind, as I’ve proved in previous videos. There is scientific evidence for this. But what is the New Normal? Is it a world where we have gotten used to the everlasting virus and learned to live with it, or is it something else?

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  1. Thank you Wes for this video. Although you have warned us some years ago about what would be coming, it was at that time not clear as we see now things happening. With all the preasure that “they” are putting on us, do you think anyone will escape? As you have mentioned, they know how we human think and behave. This is worrying.

    1. I’m not worried, to be honest, about those who have genuinely decided to leave. Just keep your focus on that through whatever will happen. I actually even doubt that they will succeed with their main Agenda. It’s starting to crumble here and there. I think they will need to go back to the drawing board soon to change their plans to some degree because it’s not working as they anticipated, and that will delay things. I notice, too, that people are starting to wake up because things are getting a little too blunt. The EL-ite are getting sloppy in their arrogance.

      Regardless of that, get ready to exit when your day comes. You’ll make it, and I will see you “over there,” whoever goes first 🙂

      1. @wes .Your perception about escaping is for me that is OFF.. i feel you are wrong on your approach in escaping.. id say you have half truth and nonsense

      2. Yes when their agendas start failing they just throw us into a war. it looks like that’s what they’re gearing up for now with this new rhetoric. Folks if you’re going to fight a war make sure it’s against the right regime this time. No more fighting their wars! And we Know who the true players are now.

      3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. They’re going to have to change something soon. There’s help wanted signs everywhere now. No wants to play their game, especially us. Thanks for providing such great content. I look forward to each new discussion!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Wes!! Fantastic work as always. It’s kind of amusing how the Elite are so arrogant to the point that they became very sloppy with their decisions. I won’t be surprised if the Divine Forces were already aware of what’s really happening here. They must have been preparing for the Consumption of the Ages.

    Also, just a question. When I’m able to reconnect with my Higher Self/Spirit, am I reconnecting with Sophia or both Sophia/Christ? Hoping for your insights on this.

  3. If I leave the Kenoma, is it advisable to stay in Gaia?

    Also, since the Kenoma will be destroyed and Earth will be merged back to Gaia, how will the Divine Forces revert back the contamination of Nature on Earth? Will it be through Orion Technology or other means?

  4. Also I would not underestimate the value of our unpredictability. Yes our minds can be programed yet this attribute seems to serve us not them. Its why we are at odds with the program by nature

  5. We are living in a matrix construct made by Yahweh, Demiurge, god of 1000 names….. Some of us have the Spirit from Aeon Sophia and humanity is under spiritual attack as never before. Personally, I will try to escape this misery of world throught the black hole and never back here again…..It’s DONE!!!!!

  6. Hey Wes, you are right, this is WW3!
    In order to get rid of the truth, they will have to get rid of us. They are afraid.
    BTW, thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

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