Video 294: Q&A Session 94 and a Forum Update

By Wes Penre, March 3, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Are you familiar with maladaptive daydreaming? I have repetitive daydreams. It is addicting and feels like/looks like I am possessed. I get sucked into these dreams, very deep. My surroundings are not there anymore, once it kicks in. When I was a child, I always needed something to hold to shake off the energies. (Like a pen, or stick) What is this? And how can it be stopped?

I have no further psychological issues btw, although when I have these daydreams, I become mentally weaker. My creativity, empathy and social skills are weaker when I return from the trance). I dream often about videogames, movies, or stories, I used to get into.

QUESTION 2: I had a recent thought come to mind out of the blue: Our lives could be a reflection of who we were/are in the spiritual realm (as above, so below), on an individual basis if we piece together how our lives could have gone from our original creation as Namlu’us up until now.


What are your thoughts in regard to this? If we pay attention to the little details of our lives and piece together how it could all connect in our journey, could Enki be so elaborate as to implant little hints of our individual her-stories into our lives? Maybe as one of the ways to allow people to wake up, but the hints require determined due diligence in order to see the connection at all, which makes it harder? Not to mention the veil of forgetfulness.

QUESTION 3: People seem to think that worship is a good thing and when you point out that it’s not, and you try and bring on a conversation, or even topic about it, the subject is quickly change, or ignored. Does this have to do with Enki/Yaldabaoth’s spell on humanity?

QUESTION 4: Where is the original Garden of Eden? Is Enki’s version of the garden here on Earth? I heard it was somewhere near Siberia Russia.

QUESTION 5: In your video 287 you explain that we do not know for sure whether it is true or fake what we experience in the astral. If I remember correctly, you mentioned also in your WPP level 2 that also our memories during the regression therapy about our past lives or life between lives area might not be true and might be altogether fake memories implanted into us by those who keep us prisoned under the Grid.

What about those people (mediums etc.) who say they can communicate with dead people on the other side? Who are they actually contacting? Do they access our own memories about our departed relatives and loved ones or are they really getting in contact with their Fires?  Do you think it is possible for the deceased one to hear and see those who are still on Earth?  Is it possible to contact them if they are in astral or if they have entered the tunnel or have left through the hole in the Grid? Is there something that we shouldn’t do at all regarding our departed loved ones? I am pretty sure a lot of people have wondered about it as we have all lost somebody during our lives. Would you kindly share your views on this topic, please?

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