IMPORTANT! Will the Video Transcripts Still be Available for Free?

By Wes Penre, June 27, 2022

I received a question about the transcripts now when I change platforms. Previously, the transcripts could be found here on this blog to be downloaded for free. Now, when I’m on Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, how can you get access to the video transcripts, and are they still for free?

You can still get the transcripts for free. All you need to do is to sign up to my Discourse forum at It’s free, and once you’re registered, you will have access to any and all transcripts and can download them free of charge. You also get access to a lot of other reference material, and you can participate in the often very interesting discussions there, as well.

Hope to see you there!

Love, Wes


  1. You say you are on Rumble but using Wes Penre… says no results available… what name are you using?

  2. Hi Wes so does this mean that you’re not going to be posting anything from here anymore, it’s only going to be from bitchute and the other platforms listed?

    1. @Anon Yes, there will not be any videos here anymore (except maybe on rare occasions), but articles, announcements, and potential blog posts will remain here. So, all videos will be on Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, respectively. People can choose which of these three platforms they want to follow me.

      1. Hi Wes, wasn’t the last video you posted to YT about different star races? I didn’t get a chance to watch it before the channel was removed. Is that one still available? I’m not sure what the title was. Thank you 🙂

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