Book 2 in my Trilogy Now Released on Amazon!

By Wes Penre, November 14, 2022

Now anyone who wants to can order the second book, “The Underworld” from Amazon can do so at these addresses:




I hope you like it!

If you order it and read it, please do me a GREAT favor. Like last time, please leave a review. It’s much more helpful than many people think. Of course, people buy when they see reviews, but the more reviews, the higher it ranks on Amazon’s list of fantasy books. So, it’s very helpful!

I have already started writing on the “Orion Book,” and soon I will start on the third and last book in my trilogy, as well. Thanks everybody for your patience and your contribution!


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  1. It seems I have to wait, because Amazon does not ship to the Netherlands it says. I hope the paperback will be available on

        1. You’re awesome! Thank you. It resolved for me, too In my case it was a matter of an expired card, so I just updated it, and now shipping to Serbia works, as well…

  2. Thank you 👏🏻🙏🏻 Great that you start the book with a Synopsis, which sums up perfectly. And the poem in the beginning is really good. Hugs

  3. Hi Wes, when (approximaately, 😉 ) will the “Orion”-book be available – looking forward to it! Much Love from Brigitte

    1. @Brigitte. The book is finished, and I’m busy editing it now. I plan on publishing it on Amazon during the first half of January, 2023. Thanks for your interest!

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