Video 224: Q&A Session #50

Questions in this Q&A:

Question 1: Are there any incarnations of Enki, Thoth or Marduk currently on the earth? Is it expected that any one of them will incarnate here within our lifetimes? Do they administer the affairs of earth remotely now? If so, will it remain that way until the singularity?

Question 2: Do you think with 5G a new grid will be put in place?

Question 3: Do you think the CV (the plandemic) is a battle for the throne between and Marduk?

Question 4: The three biggest things that come to mind about the Global Elite (to me) are 1) Their DNA is much different than the DNA of the common man, i.e. us. 2) They have the higher intelligence and 3) The majority, if not all of them, originate from the solar system, making them hosts to the souls of true interdimensionals. Can the PTB claim the part of them that was once human? Is there even a hint of compassion at all within them? What happens to the original soul of an Elite Member?

Question 5: I find it very interesting and at the same time “disturbing” that the AIF (the Alien Invader Force), represented by Surya, i.e. Marduk, is in charge of our chakras…When I meditate, should I use the golden grounding cord technique? I’m not closing my chakras completely on a daily basis because I am human after all. What do you and Ariel suggest? What does it ultimately mean?

Question 6: Please help me about thoughtforms; this is driving me crazy, and I don’t know what else to do, I am clear about what you said in video 149, but IDK what else to do. Please help overcome this …

Question 7: After going through the Second Level of Learning (WPP), I began thinking about how you mentioned that we unintentionally agree with the Machine World via using computers, cellphones, etc. for our enjoyment/everyday lives. Is it not possible that we can still use these things (at least to pass the time), AND disagree with the Machine World? Must we cease use of ALL technology or at least minimize how much we use it? The way I see it, there’s no avoiding using technology without simply abandoning society as a whole and living off the land. That’s of course an extreme, but that would seem to be the only option (which I honestly wouldn’t mind), wouldn’t you think so? 

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    1. Hi Wes..m frm India nd following u for last five years..kindly enlighten me about grid..actually grid is out of solar system..orVan Allen belt is d grid…or it’s above our atmosphere frm whr d space starts.

      1. Thnx Wes for replying my vary first comment…I think they hv played their triumph card because:
        CV- social riots n strikes
        Online study- school became addicted to Internet
        Construction work(5g)- nobody on streets to interfere
        Population- already dying n waiting for vaccine
        Freewill- already encroached as all are ready to get vaccinated
        Government- nobody hv in mind to deny their orders
        Fear- at all on top
        Money- Big fishes eating smaller

        So what else left…in India ppl r fearful. They r looking govt as God or willing to manifest God..who can save them. Means waiting for …problem- solution- much bigger problem.

        1. ickshas I see it as the opposite … I feel like something changed and they are on the losing end and are getting desperate and throwing everything they have at us ….. but I could be wrong. That’s just my strongest feeling … not my only one.

        2. Well I am also from India .
          most probably they are doing for multiple reasons and everyone knows that who is gonna see it . One mention only , it is been predicted that it will most probably lead to global economical depression. India is going to be affected by it most hardly . Brother bad time is upon us .

          But how economical downfall will lead to singularity thats a major question.

          Though the pandemic itself pushing the singularity forward but is it enough .

          Well you know you can always get a sodium pantobarbital I.e a barbiturates class of medication used for assisted suicide or euthanasia.

          I m not promoting suicide.

          (But if someone is out there who think it is enough not anymore,alone , lost ,no one to trust even it’s own self remember you are not alone but don’t leave just because of it if you have someone you love or you feel they need you must restrain what horrific fate they might be pushed toward just because of it .)

          Suicide is only done by cowards and brave ones .

          I do not promote suicide .

          Hey thanks anyway thanks for reading.

      2. We’re living in a locked out geometric system, the idea of solar system is pure fiction , we don’t know what/how it is outside.

  1. Wes I always feel at peace or enlightened after your videos! Thanks so much for your time and hard work! I’m always so impressed and feel good for the day!

    1. 🌹💙 Awesome perspective Suehassett! Stay awesome my friend! 🌞🙏.

  2. in the new age community… it is said that the “magnetic grid” is being replaced with a “crystaline” one. It is said to be part of the planet evolving and ascending, and will hold all our lifetime memories and essences there just like the old magnetic one did. New age community sees it as a good thing and do all they can to “help” build and support it. One of the sources I got this info from was Lee Carroll/Kryon, though it is public knowledge at this point. The new souls coming in are referred to as Crystal children ….

    correct me where I’m inocorrect anyone….

    1. Connecting the dots, a crystalline structure is indeed stronger than a magnetic one. That vernacular has been throwing around about a lot. Thanks for pointing this out

    2. We’re all in this to-get-her. Or Her, since that word is a proper noun on this form.
      The invasion of Orion starts in 2045.

      1. 2045 was also listed as the year the Catastrophe cycle repeats (see Suspicious0bservers YT video collection on the topic). I wonder how these two things are connected.

  3. Hello Wes and ariel…..another great question and answer video!!!…I have been using the golden grounding
    Cord for many years now in my meditations and the quantum pause as well. I learned the golden grounding
    Cord from your papers.

  4. Wes and Ariel, is it possible to hope more peacefull universe by hoping more peaceful and forgiveness between AIF and Orion Queendom.?. Btw thanks for everything you share to us, I m from Indonesia

      1. Please watch this and go to his WebSite, and DownLoad the Two Forms for the sake of your family and friends…Please Circulate and urge others to circulate…Thank You.ttps://…

  5. It is important not to give our energy to the elite ( fear and anger..etc) they are feeding from it, especially now

  6. I think because the holes in the grid and the thought of going through it still holds some uncertainty as we only hear what is on the other side as being free I sure do not want to go from one enslavement to another. its the unknown that makes the fear. I wish some remote viewing could be done on the other side of the GRID trap as to what to expect. But we cant stay here and anything else has to be better then this and its worth doing. After escaping through the grid I don’t really know what will happen as maybe going direct to the queen herself and telling her everything of that is going on with earth and if there is anyway to free the people still on earth before a battle begins. I also wonder if remote viewing the queen is possible as well.

  7. Hi Wes & Ariel,
    In one of the answers, you stated EXACTLY what I have felt for a long time and believe to be true (“it is our beliefs…”). I kept hearing (and still do) that we create from “our sincere intentions” but I have not found this to be true at all. This is because no matter what you intend (or claim to), in the end we create from OUR VERY DEEPEST BELIEFS. They are the true foundations upon which all of our thoughts are built. One must truly look deep into the beliefs created since birth to see what is in conflict with new material one has learned that seems truly credible. All cognitive dissonance must be cleared – eliminated.
    When something is found in conflict, a decision must be made to identify the false beliefs and you discard them. And this IS NOT ALWAYS EASY since many of these lies have been with us since the first years we were alive (or much longer). Those who run this place have spent untold amounts of time and energy weaving these complex lies that we have been taught. And the lies are all interconnected. Almost 15 years ago it literally caused 2 or 3 years of absolute chaos in my life to the point where I had to tell myself “I don’t know a DAMNED THING to be true!” – and I had to literally rebuild everything I knew and understood. It wasn’t until I admitted it that I began to really LEARN the truth (or as much as we can discover with all of the subterfuge that exists in this place, And it is voluminous!).
    Thanks for the Q&A!

  8. Wow Wes, they’reputting it right in our faces. No more doubts about their plans.

    1. Wes and Ariel,
      This one answered some questions I’ve had…thanks!
      Also, wondering about the picture you use it a “comment” on flat earth,?
      I’ve often thought the flat earth refers to the fact that we are cut off from the real earth and that our perception of light was curtailed by En.Ki…does this make any sense?

  9. i cant speak about enki but i can for enlil. i havent spoke to him in about a year and a half but he at the time inhabited a body by the name of alfred. i do not think he is here at the moment but if so he did suggest before he went silent that he will prefer solitude. i spent some time speaking to him and learned quite a lot about some of the realities of this world id probably never uncover in my own studies.

    1. “Your intensions set the rules.” Wes said

      Your intension is setting up rules – I automatically thought

      What is the difference? My humble opinion, they seem the same but they dont feel the same.

      Ps: another explanation is that Im fucking stoned 🙂

  10. Yes. Check out the YT page and his work by Cosmic Particles. Watch his video titled “thoughts on the war in heaven”.

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