Video 245: Q&A Session #67

by Wes Penre, February 23, 2021

Questions in this Session

QUESTION 1: The internet is used by the PTB (Powers That Be) to track us but what about our collective information? If they use the internet to study and learn about us as a mass consciousness because of the info we put on the internet, is it all in The Cloud to one day be used in the Singularity?

QUESTION 2: You mention in your singularity book that the Alien Invader Force (AIF) promotes the transgender movement, as well as normalize androgyny, and other things. Why would the Alien Invader Force (AIF) want to normalize androgyny when the Namlu’u were originally androgynous? What are your thoughts on the transgender and other various gender bending movements? What are your thoughts on those who identify as being transgender?

QUESTION 3: What will happen to those who avoid the culling, aka the “vaxxie shot?”

QUESTION 4: In exopolitics, star races outside, and some within The Patrix consider us a warlike race because of how we treat ourselves and the planet and don’t want to see us in the greater universe. Can we let the Universe know that we do not agree with what’s going on here on an individual level and mass consciousness? As you said in the WPP “Now we can see why humankind is so quick to pick up a weapon and go to war, it’s because we have the bloodline of, Marduk and Ereshkigal.” Do you think other star beings see it this way?.

QUESTION 5: Some conclude the Orion group are demonic, evil ETs and that Orions are behind WW1 and 2.

Also, a researcher discovered that the human sacrifice done at Stonehenge are in fact sacrifices done to honor and feed the Orion Group (Satanic force that takes over star systems).  

He’s making several references to the pyramids on Mars and Orion’s Belt, the Nazi symbols and actions being related to Orion and Orion Belt. 

Is the Orion Group related to the Orion we know as our home?

If the Orion Constellation we see on the night sky is our home, why is all this evidence associating  the Orion Group with the Orion Constellation/Orion’s Belt we know?  What’s the difference between the Orion Group and Orion, our home?

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  1. Hi Wes,

    Which function does the swastika has now for us as Namlu’us? and in general all the other symbols from the Orion Empire?

    1. Hi Ntombi. It’s a Mother Goddess symbol and is a big part of ancient history. It represents different things, like creation, and the spiral, as in spiral galaxies. We all have Mother Goddess within, and the swastika is (just) a tool one can use to connect with the Mother Goddess energies within, i.e. our Higher Self. We ultimately don’t need it, but tools are there for us to use to make it easier to connect with certain energies. Divine Energies were transmitted into the symbol–the universal energies within. This is probably the main reason why the Nazis used it. They called these energies Vril, but it’s the same thing. Only, the Nazis used it for very selfish purposes, to say the least.

      1. Wes, your last sentence puzzles me. Obviously, I don’t know much about the topic or even to fully understand what happened in the first or the second war. Since the victors write the history it’s hard to figure out the truth. What we have been taught in schools that Germany/Japan were responsible for the war can be very much false. If Germany was responsible for the war, does that mean Tibet was somehow involved as well? If you could shed some light on this, it would be great.

        1. @LC To understand Tibet’s full involvement in Nazism and WW2, a deeper study needs to be done, which I haven’t done–yet. However, as far as my current research goes, there is evidence that they cooperated with the Nazis–especially when it came to their common “interest”–Aryanism and Elitism. They shared that, and the Nazis were more than welcome in Tibet at the time. It doesn’t seem like Tibet was involved directly in the day-to-day war, but they supported the Nazis remotely and supported their solution to create a superhuman Aryan race–there is much evidence for that.

          1. I really enjoyed the few last articles . You bridge the gap between Blavatsky Tibet ,Agharta and many other pieces of the universal puzzle. As a gendered human, we cannot evacuate the lessons we came to learn as male or female. This is why the androgynous and transgender agenda put forward is a superficial trap.

  2. Wes, I’d like to ask: simply in a nutshell, is it your opinion that the invading cosmic dark forces are Borg? It seems to me the answer is yes considering all the nanotech used with the desired result being a type of non-thinking human drone/cyborg hive mind population. We can openly see it in the mask wearing and vax taking. I’m still stumped on how the masses are so incredibly willing(?) to *follow* (key word) the deranged contradictions and psycho mandates of CLEARLY insane people who pose as authority. It seems there are extremely few and far between people who can see and feel something terribly afoul is afoot. They are marching headlong into a hell and taking us with them. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    1. Hi Moonstars

      I would like to comment on the following:

      “We can openly see it in the mask wearing and vax taking. I’m still stumped on how the masses are so incredibly willing(?) to *follow* (key word) the deranged contradictions and psycho mandates of CLEARLY insane people who pose as authority”.

      I don’t think that everyone wo has decided to take Vax are fear mongering. Some do it to preserve their jobs. Wes has already mentioned that nanoborts are all over. I am a health worker and already got it. The next one is vax for measles. Anyone who did not take it is threatened with being fired. All the health workers who did not get it will no longer allowed to do their functions after July. So, can you understand how it works?

      1. @Anonymous Yep, this is a dilemma. We get the illusion of freewill and choice. They basically tell us, “you don’t need to take the vaxxx, but if you don’t, we can’t employ you, or we need to fire you.” That’s how they get us. They strip us of our freedoms if we don’t make “the right choice.” Many people can’t wait to get the vaxxx, so in that sense I agree with Moonstars. However, as you say, people will increasingly encounter restrictions in their lives if they refuse. That’s the whole purpose and they way the KNOW they will get most of us.

        I can’t advise people one way or the other–it HAS to be a personal decision, taking consequences into consideration. Can a person bypass this and maybe live a life w/o the shots, regardless of the consequences? This is something each person needs to look at and decide–no one else can do it for them. It’s a very complicated mind game, and those who instigated it know exactly what they’re doing. They have deep-studied human psychology since WW2 or longer. In the upper echelons, they know the human psyche inside out and all our responses are quite predicable to them.

      2. I just wanted to offer some help to those facing job loss or being forced to take a vaccine. This vaccine is experimental and is not FDA approved, despite people insisting it is. Rather, it is Emergency Use Authorized, which is very different, and because the pharma companies have no liability whatsoever, they have no reason to make it safe, etc. Repetitive Language is used in the media and via our so called leaders, Fauci and the like to coerce us into feeling it is safe, that there is “science” behind their evil and it’s mandatory, when it is none of those things. There is no law on the books whatsoever (yet) that we must take it. No law that we must wear masks. In this video, Peggy Hall goes into great detail on how to stand up and claim a medical or religious exemption. She shows the laws and what it means and how to use this to stop from losing your jobs. Skip to 2:33 to cut to the chase. It’s not easy to stand up, and go mask less but I myself do not consent and will never wear a mask and I live in the Seattle area where the masses are like zombies and wide eyed when they see me. The social engineering has been very good here. I have no fear, but I do get very sad sometimes. Thank goodness for Wes and Ariel’s website and all the freely given information to keep me busy. Julia

  3. Can Atlantis mistakes be fixed or at least be discuss? We are living the resumption of an era that ended badly through technological excesses and destruction. It’s as if everyone abdicated and agree with what was and is still unacceptable, So hard to let go without highlighting it

    1. Anonymous — omg I so agree with you! To me, it feels like we ARE Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s right before our all eyes yet we as a whole are still letting it play out…excess, abominations, perversion, inversion, mocking and destruction. I so don’t want to be here (again?)

      1. Why have we abdicated our healing power and are we so submissive and obsess with the threat of external agents, bacteria and other illness? Look at the crisis we face and the way most of us react. The threat doesn’t come from within but from without..In uplifting the spirit ,soul and mind above the body, humans have come to underestimate their inner power of self – healing. We have lost the track at that moment. The current crisis gives us a clue on our Atlantean past and the reasons why we have created the fall we face . Spirit, soul, mind, heart and body as one.Those who train physically have often overlooked the inner aspect of healing on a more spiritual level. Unconditional love is the master key above any other cure. Comes after , many transitionals ways to stimulate the process of healing but nothing can compete with the energetic power of true love when we face unresolved issue.

      1. I don’t wanna be part of this dense, dumb, fearful soul group anymore! I know that sounds like a kindergartener stamping her foot in a snit, but that’s how I feel… why do THEY get to decide the experience (repeating cycles) when others want to get the hell out? Hopefully, with this lifetime there is truly the window of opportunity to leave as Marciniak’s P’s have stated.

        1. And what about the old Atlanteans addicted to technology, exactly those who fed the Nazis, Tibet, Blavatsky, and the theosophical movement? So many angles to look at the big picture but a recurring strategy The kindergarden could be under the control of pretentious outsiders those that continue to fuel polarization between players, Not really different. I won’t have a fruitful exchange around here as I can see. Don’t forget to add more confusion…. all is inverted. The bad Aryan of today was the good guy of the past. I have another perspective on that matter. but smells stubborness. The kali Yuga was a material era and they achieved their mission. Thanks . The era ahead is also dysfunctional. Many are falling asleep and few are awakening . The same scenario already have been played in the lost world.

          1. Yes, it’s history repeating itself, as I look at it. Atlantis, and now our present time. If we compare the two, we are at the end of the Atlantis Era again. Same patterns. The technology might be slightly different, but it’s the same patterns.

            1. Thanks for your openness Wes. On many aspects, I would rather believe we are beginning a new Atlantean period. What are the elements that make me believe this? The rise of the green movement, the return of the feminine principle driven by New Agers to not say transgender, the androgynous concept pushed to kids at school and the obsession of many concerning our connection with the animals kingdom. Technology, science, medecine are overused to reset the old world and establish a new golden age again.. However it is done through dictatorship and we are losing the inner hability to think for ourself and out of the hive mind. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest threat mankind face at the moment. I’m wondering how and to whom these people will pay their due to have alienated our inner divine oneness ? Could the survivors of the last Atlantean (Agharta) world sunk in a technological dead end zone ?

              1. Stop to say about feminine principle…. OK?! Look to the present and past when men…. macho men got the power, everywhere in this realm and how is looking Earth right now?! Tell me, God is masculine or feminine?! From me…. be wise before to pronounce something that you have not ideea about it.

                1. This is more about the hidden and secret ‘s alliances behind the feminine agenda that makes so many suspicious. The fake feminine agenda also exists.

  4. The question: “What will happen to those that do not take the shots?” is often asked. I do not understand what we can do to avoid this faith though. Not taking it has extreme gravity upon our entire existence/experience. Is it likely the whole world will get vaccinated? What if we cannot even buy food or access our money? How can we avoid taking it and still live? Should we just commit suicide if we have no other choice but to take it? I don’t get why nobody get’s the gravity of what we are facing here too.

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