Video 246: Q&A Session #68

by Wes Penre, March 2, 2021

Questions in this Q&A:

QUESTION 1: I know the traumatic wiping of our memories with the recycling process is archontic. However, regarding mind, soul, ego, and individual identity, do you think that the whatever strips us of our individual identity is archontic? It seems to me that expansion and creativity requires individual perspective. I sense a loss if that is stripped away. What are your thoughts?

QUESTION 2: I have been thinking lately about the Singularity. How is it going to play out in “poor” regions where people do not have access to computers, cell phones and so on? I mean, there are still many people that are illiterate and have not even touched technology. How do they get sucked into the Singularity?

QUESTION 3: I’ve been hearing the term “evil spirit(s).” Is there such a thing? Isn’t it the soul that can be evil and not spirit?

QUESTION 4: In your most recent post on Gnosticism, you said that we go where we are ready to go and that we still need to work to attain gnosis. Please could you expand on this as if our spirit is source then once we die, have we not already attained perfection?

QUESTION 5: Can a soul incarnate into any dimension?

QUESTION 6: If we have multiple soul fragments of ourselves incarnating across the lines of time and one of these fragments ends up leaving the patrix, what will happen to the remaining soul fragments? Will they automatically be pulled out as well? Or would we have to wait for our other fragments to leave the Matrix/Patrix also?

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  1. Who give the power to Demiurge with his Archons over humans, to decide and play with us as dolls?! Where is Aeon Sophia?! Where is the Truly God of Pleroma?! Personally….. I’m so tired of this Matrix of Yahweh, Demiurge…… Just wants to go back HOME…….

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