Video 257: More on Gnostic Cosmology–The Kenoma vs. Orion

By Wes Penre, May 21, 2021

In the GT, there are four major “realms” being mentioned. They are, the Pleroma (the Spiritual Realm), the 9th and 8th Heavens (Sophia’s/the Orion Queen’s Realm in the physical Universe), the 7th to 1st Heavens, i.e., the Kenoma, which we usually call the Matrix, and finally the 5 Heavens/dimensions of the Underworld or the Abyss. This cosmological setup is not only conveyed in the GT; it is the setup conveyed in almost all ancient cultures; if not exactly the same, at least they are very similar to each other. In this video, we will concentrate on the GT cosmology and cosmogony…

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  1. Have everyone has read carl jung “the red book”?this pretty much akin about the gt talks about, it’s describe it as a third person and spiritual way

  2. I am sorry that they are all so confused in every religion on Earth. Even in the New Testament Christ says with his mouth that we live in the Devil’s Kingdom, if the New Testament was really written by the apostles of the real Christ. There were several Christs. And Christ also says with his mouth in the New Testament that he is “the door” and all who came before him were thieves and robbers. I believe that the great battle is between Jupiter and Saturn and everyone says about himself that is the way out (the door) of this Matrix. I read in some texts, following my searches, that Saturn would actually be the exit portal from this Matrix. If I make the connection with the Emerald Tablets, intuition tells me that Osiris guarding the “Gate” is actually Jupiter guarding the portal of Saturn. In Greek Mythology Saturn / Cronus is the Father of Zeus / Jupiter. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus – Between these 3 planets is the battle. Cronus castrated Uranus and Zeus dethroned Cronus after the war of the gods with the Titans. I think a very important clue is in the movie “Ad Astra”. I try to explain in my own words because I find it harder to express myself and I don’t know all the details of the film. In the final stages of the film, Brad Pitt arrives at his Father, Tommy Lee Jones, whose spaceship was somewhere around a blue planet with rings that looked a lot like Neptune. That’s how far his Father had come. Tommy Lee was a seeker of the mysteries of life and the universe. I don’t know exactly which god Neptune is associated with, I think with Poseidon (he wears the Trident just like Shiva) and Neptune is after Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

    1. what a nonsense way of thinking.. why would you exit? damn,, you dont need to escape.. all you need is to connect… you are disconnected just like me and many others…

  3. Hi Wes, does make you think doesn’t it? We always thought the sun was the center of our cosmology, even seeing the movements of the planets through the skies ourselves, but why not everything revolving around the Earth. It sure looks that way from that ancient script you posted. We have never been out there so we got to rely on what the “experts” tell us. So are you also saying that the great expansion of this universe is definitely much less on scale than what they’ve been telling us? I always thought we were in a more controlled, smaller realm than being as expansive as we been told. Just think of that Jim Carrey movie the Truman show definitely tells this story too.

    1. @ Anon You’re probably thinking about “The Truman Show.”

      As a rule of thumb, I would not trust NASA with anything. I’m not going to be so bold as to say that everything NASA says is false, but I would scrutinize everything they tell us under a nano-scope before I took it to heart. We have been so deceived that it’s breath-taking. I believe it was Josef Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda MEANister, who said, “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” NASA has indoctrinated us to such a degree that when someone is coming out with the truth, which seems to be almost the exact opposite from what we’ve learned from NASA, it’s such a leap that 99% of the people will call you a lunatic.

  4. Hey Wes, thank you for the great work.
    I have a question. In some diagrams, the sun and the moon are depicted to be inside the dome. In the diagram above, the moon and sun appear to be outside the dome i.e the 1st and 4th heaven respectfully. Is the sun we see in the sky therefore in the 4th heaven or which sun do we actually see?
    Bright blessings.

    1. @Languhs Well, we’re all learning about the real construction of the Universe, and there is much to learn, but from everything I have seen in ancient texts all over the world is the seven “planets” (if we count the sun and moon as planets) are INSIDE the Earth’s atmosphere. This makes all the sense if we read the Gnostic texts, as well, where it says that each planet has its of Archon and that the planets are the 7 Heavens (Matrix/Kenoma). This also means that what we call the Dome is where our atmosphere REALLY ends, which is outside Saturn.

      Yes, our sun would be the 4th Heaven. We don’t revolve around the sun–the sun revolves around Earth, and so do the other six celestial bodies, acc. to ancient texts all over the world.

      1. Hi Wes,

        Love your WPP work and even moreso with the Gnostic texts.

        A few questions or criticism which may permit your study to be open to other subject matter and hence a greatly expanded and heightened level of learning:

        Is there a reason why you emphasise the 7 Heavens and the respective celestial bodies centre around Earth, according to gnostic texts – yet can be gathered by being an objective observer, religion, myths, text and even flat earth;

        you relate the moon’s distance to further example its incredulous observance and what we’ve been taught is wrong – why don’t you also use the sun as a second example, which is a “nearby” 4th Heaven in contrast to Scientism/NASA claims of being of a range approximately 50-110 million miles away from Earth;

        Ariel’s dismissive reply regarding Flat Earth, postulating that it’s not remotely constructive – spelling the words Flat Earth is constructive, look at your current sentiments about much-to-learn and we’re-all-learning, statements from NASA needing a bit of grain of salt, what we have been taught in school is wrong, being objective, being an observer.

        1. I have showed in the diagram(s) that the sun is also within our atmosphere, as well as the rest of the planet mentioned in the ancient texts (and they always seem to be the same celestial bodies, regardless of religion or mythology).

          I chose to concentrate on the Gnostic texts because it is my experience that they are the only teachings I’ve encountered that are genuinely Divine and can give us Gnosis, i.e., reconnection with Higher Self/Spirit. The other ancient texts don’t have that capacity. There is truth to various degree in most of them, but they lack the true spiritual aspect; again, in my experience.

          Regarding the flat Earth… I am not Ariel, of course, but I have not yet written extensively about the shape of our so-called planet because even though it seems to me that the flat Earth theory holds much more truth than the round Earth theory, I think there is even more to it, so I hold on for a while on that subject until I hopefully know more.

  5. Hi Wes, thank you for this video, very informative. I have questions for you. What do you explicitly mean when you say. “The solar system, including Earth, which is the Underworld, consisting of 5 additional
    Heavens/dimensions, is the Kenoma“. So, in order to reach the first heaven, i.e. the Moon, we have to penetrate through the 5 heavens which are what exactly?
    Lately in the sky we can notice numerous anomalies recording people from all corners of the earth, does that have anything to do with these heavenly wars? Thank you for your answers.

    1. Well, the 5 Heavens I mentioned are “below” us, i.e., they vibrate on an even lower frequency than our current third dimension. So, if you exit the Kenoma/Matrix, you won’t pass the 5 lower heavens. The 5 lower Heavens are different dimensions/layers before the Abyss. The Vedic texts equate the lower Heavens with Hell. It is my impression that for a human to enter those realms, they need to be of a much lower vibration that the average human here in 3D. If we look at it from inside ourselves, the 5 Heavens would be the darkest and most evil parts of ourselves that most of us don’t bring to surface. But some do, as we know. These are the true psychopaths, mass murderers, who are completely living their lives for evil. When they die, they go to whatever corresponds with their vibration.

      1. Whenever I read novels of specific genre(Chinese novels I am not racist) the amount of insanity it shows is absurd ,and these novels treats females as nothing but living sex toys I may be over exaggerating it but not far from truth the chances of getting sexually violated and murdered by a random horny guy is so high that why would anyone want to live in this kind of world. I am not feminist either .

        Yes it is fantasy but after learning existence of 5 heavens of hell I no longer think they are impossible.

        Just how much one need loss their morality to not care about others suffering. Maybe it is fate .

        I just feel like everything is predestined and I am just an observer .

        After trying to reason the cause of suffering the answer is fate .I nothing but a puppet .

        Isn’t it cruel for both human and animals we eat everyday .To kill others just to survive just to see another sunrise.

        After writing all these I just feel like i am just a hypocrite .

  6. I really liked how you explain how the planets are a part of earth’s atmosphere. The moon is actually much closer to earth ………the planets revolve around the earth.

    Great information Wes….

    1. It’s called Soldraconis by Damiano Baldoni. You should be able to google it and download it. There is no copyright on it. I do give credit, however, at the end of the videos.

  7. Wes, the Matrix word being used to name this illusory world, didnt appear first with the “Matrix” series, by Valdamar Valerian and his Leading Edge Research Group????

    1. Yes, Val Valerian used this term before the movie trilogy. Whether or not Val was the first person to use the term Matrix or not, referring to the frequency band of the current version of humans, I don’t know.

  8. Wes, you don’t mention much about the the planets or celestial bodies after Saturn like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

    I have been reading the book called The Archons The Hidden Rulers Through The Ages and there it says:

    ” If Saturn is the threshold then we know out there: the planets beyond the orbital threshold of Saturn are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The late Dane Rudgyar, a Gnostic Astrologer of the first order, suggested that we view these three planets as ‘Galactic Ambassadors’ bearing news intended for us from Gnostic is glad to hear and that message is Awaken! Uranus shocks us into seeing all the exceptions to Saturn’s laws, authorities, rules, and linear views of time. Neptune seeks to ease us after that shock into an imaginative feeling as to what life might be like if our timeless visions and dreams came true. And Pluto completes the siren lure away from the centrality of our Sun by saying something along these lines: look, you know that until now your world has revolved exclusively around the Star you know as your Sun but every Star in the Galaxy is a Sun, and there are many galaxies in the infinite universe just want do you think this implies….”

    Based in the above extract, it seems those three planets after Saturn ( Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ) are the beginning of the 8th heaven, right at the border with the 7th heaven, don’t you think Wes? Is that correct or am I misunderstanding or are they archontic too?

    Thanks Wes.

    1. @Ricky It’s my understanding that you are correct. Orion, as we call it, which are the 8th and 9th Heavens, starts “outside” Saturn, which means Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are above or beyond the 7 Heavens of the Kenoma.

  9. Thanks for confirming, Wes. I have the feeling that’s the case.

    So, would that mean that some of us whose vibrations do not totally match the higher heavens including the Pleroma, the best bet would be to aim at going to any of these three ones after death at least if one wishes to get out of the Matrix Wes?

    1. Ironically enough, it’s all up to us while we’re still incarnated here. This is where we “do the job,” so to speak, and enlighten ourselves. With research and understanding comes enlightenment–incrementally–and with that our vibration changes. Then, when it’s time to leave this body, we go where we are ready to go. If you are determined to go through the Grid, for example, and this is what you really feel you’re going to do, then I would say you’re probably ready for that. Everything exists in many dimensions, and it’s up to us what we will experience after this life. How much self-reflection and self-responsibility are we willing to take?

      Going out of the Matrix means leaving the solar system (the 7 Heavens/the Matrix), and you will enter what we call Orion. That’s where most souls who go through the Grid will end up. According to the Gnostic texts, some humans will also go to the Pleroma.

  10. All of what we think of as the Physical Realm, or the “Universe” is Sophia’s thought form that we share. Like Sophia, we are creators, as well. We were made in her image. The human bodies, however, were Enki’s creation as part of this prison in which we live. In the near future, the Earth will be wiped clean of all civilization, just as it has been every 12,000 years. Everything points to Marduk and his minions sticking us in cyborg bodies in the near future. I believe there is a reason for this. They are not going to shut down the 450 nuclear reactors in time for the Solar Micro-Nova and this will leave Earth uninhabitable for normal human life. He is trashing the planet. Only cyborgs will survive with 450 melt-downs across the surface of the Earth caused by the flash. I don’t recommend that any of you go around again for another body. Take Wes’ earlier advice and head home. It was and still is very sound advice. Some of us will not make it to the Solar-Flash. I am one of those people. I also recommend that you get Robert Monroe’s books on learning how to leave your body. It took me two years to finally do it, and I almost gave up, but I am so happy I stuck it out. It is well worth the effort to experience your natural state of being before your avatar dies, even though you are still connected to the body in some way. Make sure you exit into the physical plane and not into the astral or etheric realms which are not natural. At least they do not feel or seem natural to me, and I suspect they are Marduk’s doing along with his false heavens. If you get a chance, study the latest views of Orion from the newest space telescopes, you can see huge structures all through the Orion system. It is quite amazing to see them. NASA no longer hides them. Why bother this close to the end? They are so far beyond anything humans can imagine, let alone build. Thanks for all you have taught us, Wes. Your research has been very important.

    1. Are these events of destruction consequent are natural cosmic phenomena commanded by the Aeons? If this is the case, can they be avoided?

  11. information controllers behind the scene. Some of us will never be answered in a respectfull way. ahah.

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