Video 256: Q&A SESSION #74

by Wes Penre, May 15, 2021

I will post another Q&A here. I have a few subjects I want to discuss in future videos, and I was supposed to have presented the first topic now. However, I’ve spent a lot of the week setting up my Patrons on TELEGRAM, and I’ve been busy with a few other things, as well, so there has not been any time to focus on these ideas.

The Q&A videos, which seem to be quite popular, are perfect to post while I use additional time to look into different subjects, and I can still provide material to you on a regular basis for discussion in comment sections, etc.

So please provide me with more questions at And make sure to put “Q&A” in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email. You can ask more than one question if you like.


QUESTION 1: Please explain the phenomenon “Déjà vu.”

QUESTION 2: With a thought, focus and intention we see ourselves out through the Grid and into the 7 Heavens or realm of the Archons. Will there automatically be distractions, beings etc. to try and stop you, or will a thought to a location instantly take you there? You say it’s best to ignore any being that approaches you. What about locations in the Milky Way Galaxy? Orion is recommended by some while Sagittarius or Andromeda may be options. A few places in the Milky Way Galaxy I know to avoid is the Sirius star system, Alpha Draconis, and Ursa Minor to name a few. Is it still highly unstable in Sirius today you think? has his footstool in the entire Pleiades, so that place is not so attractive, but what do you think of these places?

QUESTION 3: I, Wes, will add this as a general question because I get quite a few inquires about the WingMakers and Ashayana Deanne, the Guardian Alliance, and her Ascension Process. The question is often whether the collective soul group, exiting the Matrix or going through a mutual ascension, respectively, will get us to Orion or keep us contained within the Matrix. I’ll try to answer that now from my perspective. Although I have decided not to comment too much on other people’s research and experiences in these Q&As, I will give a general perspective on these group events and not only those of the WingMakers and Ms. Deanne.

QUESTION 4: If certain things already happened and there is no time in the KHAA and the Pleroma, it also means the battle between Enki and Sofia already took place. The invasion of Orion would have already happened. If this is true, who won in that case? Or am I understanding this wrong?

QUESTION 5: Occultists speak of “A New Atlantis” and you mention this in your Singularity e-book. If Atlantis has been revived and established for the last 245 years (’s vision) then what does this mean? One thing that I can see is history repeating itself. In your e-book you state that Homo sapiens sapiens (The Thinking Man) is just a temporary species created to obtain his goal of a New Atlantis. It is very sobering, and looking at the world today, especially learning about how the Elite operate, it makes you think: does even care in the slightest about us, his creation!? What do you think about these things currently?

QUESTION 6: Is the plandemic a step needed for us to get used to social distancing and not form relationships and bonds as to prepare us for life in The Singularity? Speaking of the Singularity; what is the initial thing that will happen?

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  1. Some say the moon was not always there and was “pulled” (towed) into its current position. It’s 400 times smaller than the sun and 400 times further away which makes it perfect size to cover the earth for lunar and solar eclipses. That’s no accident I’me sure. Speaking of which May 26 and June 10 are one of each. Wes, did you ever do a write about about astrology? In all your studies I’m sure you have an opinion. There’s astrology for the masses and then true astrology for the 1% which they probably don’t want us to know. I’m a complete novice but even I know they operate that way. As above so below. How do they come up with the daily narratives and how many decades in advance is my question. Nice video.

    1. Amazing, thought-provoking book i red sooo many years ago…”Who Built the Moon?” By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

      Still available on Amazon. 👍💕

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