Video 255: Q&A Session #73

by Wes Penre, May 8, 2021

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: You mention that the Invaders have bodies synchronised here on Earth to withstand their energies, mainly among the ruling elite. Does it also mean or include when being possessed? If that’s the case, that’d mean not everyone is prone or suited for possession hence we don’t seem to see everyone getting possessed out of the blue but just fewer cases, wouldn’t it?

Are the demons or lower vibration possessing people the same archons, or Enki’s/Marduk’s Anunnaki?

There have been known cases, as you know, in which [regular] people have been possessed. Their bodies do not seem to have been fried or damaged only that the invading entity seems to want to damage or destroy it.

QUESTION 2: I recently read all your Gnosis papers and was so inspired by your and Ariel’s interpretation. I’ve started reading the Nag Hammadi, as you suggested, and I’m finding it a bit hard to follow. The wording is very tricky, almost word play in effect. I find myself rereading some passages again and again.  Is there a way to read these scriptures in a way that does not become a jumble of words?  I really want to connect and learn from these texts without getting confused.

QUESTION 3: Would you agree that Yaldabaoth is an extension (avatar) of the Aeon Sophia and the Queen of Orion a later extension (avatar), so to speak, of the Aeon Sophia? Did the Queen of Orion create the different universes or was it the Aeon Sophia? Or maybe the Aeon Sophia created the universes through her extension (avatar) the Queen? I tend to think the latter is the case.

I believe the Queen to be a spirited soul and all of her creations to be soul fires spirited or non-spirited coming of her soul, am I correct?

QUESTION 4: Do we have to pass through the seven heavens when we leave through a hole in the grid? If I remember well, before the Gnostic teachings we thought that when leaving through a hole in the grid we were free from Yaldabaoth’s construct. But then with the Gnostic teachings this changed as there were 7 dimensions (heavens) outside the grid that we apparently didn’t know about.

QUESTION 5: Have you considered publishing the WPP levels of learning in a book form? What are the costs involved? It’s a lot of pages. Is there a breakeven point in required sales to make it worth doing?

QUESTION 6: You stated that humanity has pretty much reached rock-bottom in terms of spiritual realms, is it going to get worse before it gets better?

QUESTION 7: Will your metaphysical bodies be influenced by the vaccine? Recently an energetic healer proclaimed he saw the spirit (Sophia) detach from the biological body in a patient. Will this vaccine have influence on leaving the Grid?

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  1. Oops i wrote my question differently. It was the last question. (My english is not that good) i meant that after the vaccine you loose connection to the spiritual world. This vaccine makes you loose connection to the spiritual. Is this true in your opinion?

    1. That’s okay, Niels. I still think the video question and the answer were worth including.

      Anyway, the way I see it is that once you’ve reconnected with Spirit, after having been disconnected for “eons,” the shots will not disconnect you again, unless you choose to. The Spiritual connection one could say is between soul and Spirit. The shots.

      But we need to be careful. We want to avoid becoming cyborgs, i.e. having our organic cells completely replaced with nanobots, which is the plan (see my Singularity book, and check out Dr. Ray Kurzweil’s info on the Singularity (he is a big promoter of it, part of the Silicon Valley executive team). We don’t want to become physically “immortal.” We do need to die to leave the Construct.

      The real danger lies with people who are not very spiritually inclined, having little interest in it. They are disconnected already now, and by taking the shots and continue down the Singularity track, it will certainly make it even harder for them to reconnect with Spirit.

      Personally, I very much suggest not taking the injections, because it DOES affect us in the long-term while we still remain incarnated here. It includes mRNA, which will tamper with our DNA, potentially changing our behavior. We have already seen that in people–lots of voices coming out now about that.

      At this point, I don’t have any definite answer to the shot problem. Those in charge will tighten the grip and exclude non-vacksers from society. The REAL problem is that it will not end with one or two shots, there will be an bi-annual or annual boosters, like with the flu shots. So, even if you get a passport after two shots, you will lose it later on if you don’t take the boosters, which all include nanobots and mRNA, and who knows what else…

      Whatever happens, I have confidence in myself as a soul/spiritual being. Whatever they do to me in the physical, I will remain who I am in the “upper realms.” I just need to stay on top of it and educate myself, so I know when the line is crossed–when are we becoming immortal? Right now, we need to play it by ear.

      1. Thanks very much for the answer. You explained it very well, and it lets me feeling more at ease. I have been wondering all this time about this, because I know the dark side of that vaxx shots but one can sense that also there is a lot of disinformation and fear mongering about that (dont knowing if that is on purpose or just more copy pastes of conspiranoic “nutcases”).

        I have read your beyond 2012 book and founded it a very good read; but hadnt read the singularity book yet, also Im still reading the Wes Penre Papers 1, but Im too busy with work and career. I have decided to live my life the more natural and healthy I can, and Im not gonna take de vaxx, and if they oblige me to take it or they cut me away from my family and restrict me away from society in some kind of “Fahrenheit 451” anti vaxxers exclude zone…. Well Im willingly to kiss good bye all of my relatives because I stand for my Ideals in a serious kind of neurotic way.

        You are one of my inspirations Wes! Thank you very much for existing and for all the work and passion yo do and have.

  2. I have the same question. Yeps Niels I think you didnt ask the way it was meant to be regarding what we want to know. So we cant blame Wes for that jajaja Besides the good part that the person can still go through the grid besides taking that vaccine. Is it there any negative effect for the connection of the person (bio/mind complex) with the Spirit??? There is a LOT of information (altough no sustained with much evidence) about that the persons looses conection with the Spirit, with our True Essence, our Divine Self.

  3. Hi Wes & Everyone,
    Don’t mean to but in😬?? Not sure if anyone knows or has heard of Dr. Shmuel Asher of the Ancient Hebrew Learning Center website?? IMHO – This man’s research & knowledgebase is awesome!! Anyway, if you get a chance def check out his article on, “SOUL SEPARATION VIA VYROOS VAX”!!! Link below:

    (Here is a brief write-up I copied & pasted)
    Dr. Asher is a Hebrew Scholar with a Doctorate degree in Ancient Hebrew Biblical theology. His teachings advance the more original ancient Karaite tradition of uncompromising Torah truth rooted in original Hebrew culture, traditions, and language, not modern religious dogma.

    Hailing from an uninterrupted family lineage of Torah scholars originating from the Hebrew Tribe of Asher from Northern Israel, Dr. Asher now works primarily as a teacher and author.

  4. changed my opinion on yaldo/enki. If we are truely creations or spirit splinters of this aeon Sophia, then the devil is our baby.

    Please stop bad mouthing your /my baby wes penre. Its our fault we made him without following creation protocols by not collaborating with christ.

    But thats ok. We’re here now so we can fix that.

  5. Is there an upper limit on how many thoughtforms one can create? And what’s the difference between a soul and a thoughtform if the latter can become an independent entity too?

    1. No, there are no upper limits. As long as we are able to create, we can also create thoughtforms, and we do. And we are creators, so we will never stop creating. Yes, if there is enough soul energy invested in a thoughtform, it gets its own “life,” so to speak. Otherwise, it just floats around in the astral. Anyway, a thoughtform does not take on your whole personality–it’s a shape that you created from a certain emotion, intention, or thought. It is limited to acting within the limits of how you created it. For example, if you were extremely jealous and created a thoughtform unwittingly that thoughtform can only respond, react, and act according to its trait–jealousy.

      1. Nice, thank you. And another related question: can thoughtforms exist outside the Grid or is this a phenomenon specific to the lower realms?

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