Video 260: Q&A Session #76

by Wes Penre, June 12, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: I am currently on Video 111 of the Wes Penre videos, and so far you have said that Enki wants to enlighten us and Marduk wants to enslave us. That we have a choice to either go to “Heaven” with Enki or “Hell” with Marduk (which I assume is the Singularity). I understand that there is conflict between these two factions. Marduk’s faction and Enki’s faction. I’m assuming that either choice we make, to either join Enki or Marduk would mean to go to the tunnel of light right? What will happen to those who choose to join Enki in “Heaven”? Will they go to the Singularity? What are his plans for his followers?

QUESTION 2: Can a sickness or ailment of any type prevent someone from gaining Gnosis and living more in Spirit?

QUESTION 3: Would you mind explaining from your experience what it means to be in a romantic relationship while also being your own source of happiness and not depending upon each other to be happy?

QUESTION 4: What will be indicators to know that is going along to attack the Orion Empire for the final battle? To your knowledge, is the Saturn stargate functional at all?

QUESTION 5: If you take the vaccine, at what point in changing our bodies wouldn’t we be able to escape the construct?

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  1. In Question 5, I wonder if it doesn’t relate to Rev 9:6
    King James Version
    6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

    I know an elderly lady at least 95, that was feared into getting vaccinated. How could someone this old not die eventually despite nanobots. At some point everyone’s body will wear out and how many surgeries can be done to replace body parts etc for the whole human race…or is that tech just for the ruling class and their minions? If so why vaccinate everyone?
    I’m almost 50 and my body is already wearing out.. Do you think limb/joint cyborg replacement parts will be normalized by 2040. Science may be advanced enough to do this but adaption is very slow. Tech that helps quality of life seems suppressed.

  2. What if I want to stay on spirit realm after I return my death my body I barrow from mother earth flish? and go to stay in heavenly spirit real? because I don´t want to play the game of invarnation anymore?.

  3. Hello Wes, thanks for the informative articles.
    My question is, If each heaven in the Kenoma has an Archon that is in charge, will those of us who leave the matrix have to pass through each gate in that particular heaven or will we just bypass them as long as we have the intention to leave the Kenoma? Also, if the Saturn star gate is still closed, does that imply that we will have to explain ourselves at the gate before being allowed to get into Orion? And whom will we be addressing, the Archons or the Orions on the other side?
    Thanks. Bright blessing.

    1. If you think of the solar system all the way to Saturn as our atmosphere, and the Grid is located where Saturn is, we will pass the sphere (orbit) or Saturn and get right into Orion. We do not need to go through Saturn or any other star gate on the way out anymore because there are holes in the Grid.

      Yes, there are guardians at each checking point (each Heaven, i.e., celestial body in the solar system), but you will only be impacted if you pay attention to them. Did you ever read “The Three Little Pigs” by the Grimm Brothers? There was a troll under the bridge, and the pigs had to pay toll to pass. Eerily accurate analogy, isn’t it? But if we are the Three Little Pigs, we just ignore the troll and continue to our destination.

      Don’t address anybody until you’re on the other side of the Grid is my advice.

  4. So taking the vaccine does not have any influence in leaving this construct? Would you recommend taking it in that case?

    1. There is no reason to believe that the vacc’s are not a steppingstone for what’s to come. For example, if you’re building a house, you need to start with the foundation, or the house won’t stand. In that analogy, the shots are the foundation and the house is the Singularity.

      No, I don’t recommend it for that reason, but also because many people who take these shots get either very sick, or some of them die. That’s not a conspiracy theory; I have experienced it myself with friends and their loved ones. It doesn’t mean everybody will get sick, but why gamble? It is like Russian roulette, it seems, although in Russian roulette you have a greater chance of missing the bullet.

    1. @Alex Hampton. I have watched the entire video “The Escape” from Farsight. They are indeed talking about both the afterlife recycling center and the mechanics thereof and the holes in the Grid. I think it was Princess who said a soul was trying to hide from the zapping energies of the Grid by going into one of the holes in the Grid, but like you said, all the soul “saw” was empty space.

      My take on that is that this soul did not have any idea what these holes are, and the empty space was interpreted as a dead end. The soul did not have enough knowledge to go through the Grid. Space outside the Grid is not black or dark–it’s mostly lit up. But remember, we can only see 4% of the Universe with our 3D perceptions and the programming we have received here on Earth for so long. Each soul sees what they are ready to see.

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