Video 261: Attention Span and Exiting the Grid

by Wes Penre, June 19, 2021

ADHD is usually something children can be diagnosed with, and it sometimes develops in childhood for different reasons—often related to childhood trauma, but probably not always. Still, this is not the kind of ADHD I want to address in this video. Rather, I would like to concentrate on the change in attention span among young adults, adults, and seniors; something that has developed over the last decades—particularly since social media and YouTube reached popularity…

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  1. One thing about music:the only music that keeps you alive and focused, doesn’t follow the script you said above and is written by real artists today is heavy metal. As long as the live undead internet addicted masses you mentioned this is the last decade they will had the opportunity to stay live undead and plugged in ……

  2. Well said. Short attention span placed humans in a tiny, tiny box. A cage that is even smaller than the one already created for them. I also agree with the exiting the grid correlation. Less focus equals more imprisonment.

    1. I would kindly suggest that the reference point regarding published material, music et al., is/are based on a monetary system. If I write a song, record it, present it to no one….does it matter? It matters to me, that I went through the effort, lo ord knows it takes great effort. I might send a file, thanks to all things digital, to a friend or two, and that would be it. Would it be Mahler’s 5th? Of course not, much shorter, time-wise. But I don’t care, save for completing the project, the thought, the idea, the energy. Get it Wes? You want to create/write stuff? For whom? What reason? To get published? Really? You want to play that game? Haven’t the WPP served their purpose? Is this about making money for you? Art for art’s sake? Good luck. The premise on focus and all things related is obvious. Get on a motorcycle and observe the cell phones in the cock pit. Been nearly decades at this point, and very obvious, the distraction, regardless of the reason/motive.

  3. I had a dream I died and out of my body I knew I was supposed to look for a grid and get out but at the moment I encountered the light and being that I know very well that loved was so strong that I had never felt anything like it on earth it’s impossible to resist comparing to the unknown darkness hole that I was supposed to go through at the end I chosen the light and went with my love ones after that I woke up

  4. I liked reading those 12 pages about when Mr Frodo and Sam left the shire. Long descriptions about landscapes, rocks, shadows, wind…….write it all wes blather o. I say

  5. 3:14 yeah that’s exactly what they are trying to do ,but be aware of the trap they are trying to inflict on us allow to use internet without suppress ourselves and so it become about use internet for our own purposes , for what boil inside us you know , not the opposite , this goes both for imagination and for be focused , as we are aware of this i can assure you that we become immune to this trap , infact the very only thing they really have left to do with people that like me figured out all this is tho constantly try to make me feel under threat , after all the subterfuges the only thing they have to try is fear and sense of guilt, i still remember what happened to me the last time i managed to focus , i was in my bed , at some point some strong pain in the abdomen cause me to feel really bad , but after some minutes the pain was completely gone, basically they attacked me taking advantage of the fact that i didn’t remember all this (i finally discovered again all this during the second half of 2019) , so now i am at a point were the use of internet really can’t have that effect on me because i know that the point is to use it as any other resource for my purposes rather than something to be feed by , and as you explained this sense of “feeding” is exactly what they are trying to inflict on us , but again , become aware of it and the use of internet will become safe and they will be foreced more and more to step in to the area of the conscious rather than the subconscious as it happened with me , but yet again we regain awareness they won’t be able to hurt us anymore

  6. 5:29 that’s what the bad guys want us to behave , as i have explained in my previous comment , if none of the subterfuges work then they try with something more direct , infact one of the things that they disturb me with are noises , when i start to be in something similar to a trance state , or in trance i suddenly start to feel noises even when i am all alone , this happen even when i am on bed or out of home you know

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