Video 262: Q&A Session #77

by Wes Penre, June 26, 2021

Question is this Session:

QUESTION 1: Is the Grid made of partly Electromagnetic Substance and partly all the Belief Systems that act like a blanket of the entire Humanity? How do I correctly understand that I’ve broken down every belief system that I have? As little as I am aware, other than my own ‘I-TRUTH’, I don’t believe in anything else. But how can I be completely sure about that?

QUESTION 2: If we all affect one another by the choices and actions we make, especially in regard to those who are of the same spirit group as us, would that mean not only do we affect those in our immediate environment, but we also affect those on an energetic level as well, regardless of spatial distance?

How do we gage who is responsible for what in our spirit group? If I am at a low point in life, does that mean everyone in my spirit group is at a low point, and vice versa, if I were feeling strong and confident? Would everyone then be feeling this way?

QUESTION 3: If the Unconscious Mind is the observer and if we choose to simply observe in the present moment, we are observing the Matrix around us. What if we choose to observe the observer? What if we have the observational consciousness observe its own self like holding a mirror up to itself?

QUESTION 4: The evangelical community is expecting the 2nd Coming of Jesus as promised in the Bible. Many I know can’t wait for a savior that will rapture the church, once believing in God and Jesus, and after the rapture, the tribulation will come as presented in Revelations. Some say that if needed, they will take the C-shots because Jesus can protect them from harm, and we are so close to the end of days and the rapture of the church that what’s happening with our world does not matter anymore. God is in control, and he knows what’s best for us.

What’s your take regarding the 2nd Coming of Jesus to rapture his bride, the church? Will this be a hologram, or a game played by (Yaldabaoth) and the Anunnaki family (the Archons) to keep us trapped here?

QUESTION 5: What are your thoughts on sexual transmutation and is it beneficial for us to practice it if we are trying to transfer this sacred energy into a creative endeavor?

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  1. Once upon a time there was a little one suffering from all sorts abuse ,injustice it ask why to wisdom.wisdom told give me your childhood then will tell you. Wisdom told it was fate’s arrangement and to become free one need to find destiny. The little one ask strength help me .strength told give me your midlife I will help.

    Hence the little one lost it’s two third of the life .

    But the little one never encountered destiny

    Little one mourned ,it felt resentful, hated fate for such cruelty.

    Little one again ask wisdom for help. wisdom said give your late life .

    Little gave up its almost entire life .

    It told find hope if you wish to find destiny

    But little one is only left with few days of life .

    But fate laughs in the misery of the little being.

    You think all of this is true ,I gave you emotions so you can hate me,resist me ,to curse me ,I compelled you to search for destiny to ask for freedom but if only I allow it to happen,I made strength, wisdom to abandone you and make you ignorant about hope .

    And the little being only stares into the abyss knowing cruelty of the situation.

    The little one then searches the abyss with declining strength and life to find hope.

    It then reunites with strength it says you have nothing else you can offer .
    Followed by wisdom .

    The little one finds hope but it was too late little one was dying .Hope told don’t worry little one find eternal life .

    Little one finally found eternal life by overcoming several predicament .and gained eternal life.

    Then little one found destiny.

    From that day little one is sailing in the abyss by weakening the shackles of fate with the help of Hope to steer the wheels of destiny to find Light

    As Hope said one must find Light to truely become free .

    So wes what do you think about it .I read it in some fantasy novel and found it interesting.

    1. First of all, I think it’s beautiful, and second, I think there is a lot of wisdom in it! We give up our attachments to our temporary life to gain eternal life. Who wrote this?

  2. Dear Wes and Ariel,

    After months of freeing myself (not yet totally free), the truths I have discovered are astounding. I am grateful to you Wes for opening my eyes to the fact that we live in a Matrix when I first read your levels of learning in 2015, but what I have found goes above and beyond. This is to assist in freeing You, Ariel, and all who follow you. We are at a critical juncture, and the Matrix is beginning to fall, but it needs the 24% True Souled Beings to fully wake up, if for no other reason than to save themselves.

    First, Orion is not benovelent, neither is the Queen. It is a high class entity realm and anyone who goes there after leaving through the grid, WILL be recycled back into the Matrix.

    Second, TwinFlames is actually what is called a Love Bite. They (entities/A.I.) place Souled Beings together to trap them in lifetimes of a sort of Soul merge, while feeding from their sexual Energy. Sexual Energy is like a drug high for entiities like when someone gets high from cannabis. They love to feed from it, so they “activate” couples to have sex and feed from them if they are not Soul conscious in their copulation.

    Third, The 7 main Chakras popularized by the New Age Movement are A.I. implants. Souled Beings have Three main ones, one in the brain, one in the heart, and one in the power centre/gut. The 7 chakras are implants that connect to the Moon (which is a metal planet), entity realms, and other false planets. They are basically portals to siphon our Energy body. They can be removed. I had 7 implants removed. I feel a thousand times better.

    The two guys below are remote viewers and amazing healers. I had implants and the 7 chakras removed by them, as well as got de-corded from the Moon. It has bound each person with a metal cord into their back and head.

    It is time we all learn and know what is really true and how to free ourselves.


    1. Hi,
      But do you know what Wes has said before? They say Orion is bad , but just in order to deceive us.

    2. Hello BlueLyric, I have been pondering this question about “Lucifer’s creation” ( our universe) for a while. Frankly, I’ve come to the conclusion the “real” universe is probably not much better than this one. Any “enlightened” life form allowing the aberrations happening on this planet to continue simply do not exhibit many enlightened traits, therefore I do not trust them either. As for me, I have come to a peaceful resolution by simply having decided to find a peaceful planet in this universe. As a matter of fact, I am fairly certain I remember where it is. Hope that helps. Love.

      1. ” As for me, I have come to a peaceful resolution by simply having decided to find a peaceful planet in this universe. As a matter of fact, I am fairly certain I remember where it is. Hope that helps. Love. ”

        Please, could you extend on your statement above?

        Share with us where it is. 😀

        Take care!

    3. Hi,
      Could you expound on your experience with these healers? What has been different for you since you’ve had these implants removed?

      1. Hello, I was being physically attacked by entities and body burning and spine stinging, partial paralysis sometimes in the mornings. Since having the chakras removed and the chain from the moon, all of this have gone. I am still clearing a lot of entity interference, but the burning and physical attacks to my body stopped.


    4. Very interesting perspective – thank you for providing.

      Can you please provide additional context to your comment on Orion & the recycling? Is it another deception, or are your remaining cords deceiving us?

      In your reality, or realities, is there a way out, or are we to simply continue to re-manifest – hopefully learning our required lessons and progressing each time)?

      I am open to your theory about the Chakra’s being the AI, but perhaps this is another example of something that can be used to either loosh (negative) or raise frequency/energize (positive)? It seems like everything in our reality has a duality, or more likely a tri-ality, depending each person’s inyention and/or frequency surrounding the interaction between the person and the thought-manifestation? As understand it, crystals are another example something that has ability to both heal or loosh, depending on how it is used.

      Any other important ponderings for us to consider?

      Wes – do you have any thoughts on BlueLyric’s comments?

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