Video 259: Imagination versus the Internet

by Wes Penre, June 5, 2021

Is true imagination something of the past? Are people as creative and imaginative as they used to be? Let us make a comparison between imagination before the Internet with how it is today when Internet has been around for a while. How important is imagination? …

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  1. Wes do you think gnostic texts are telling us everything about eons and the events that has transpired .

    And what is ultimate purpose of all life what is our destiny ,what is our purpose for being created and what will happen when all life fullfil their destiny. Or can it be they created it for just to have fun.

    Because I think gnostic texts is not telling about the purpose of life but if I am missing something please tell me.

  2. Wow, Wes, absolutely brilliantl article — well said!! . “If fear is almost all we have left of our imagination, it’s obvious that
    fear will create more fear” – a stupendously crystalizing statement, exactly what’s happened on Earth, most certainly in the US.

  3. Wes I think this is the most profound post you put out yet. As I have been doing for many years trying to wake up people with the Truth and imagination is really at the core of all this! This is the heartfelt magic we need to portray in us then try to enlighten others. We cannot hold on to what we know we’ve got to let it flow! People are being transformed to the negative before our very eyes folks and I can feel it, I can see it, and I can hear it. Please try to wake others up even if it’s just a passing comment these all plant seeds.

  4. Thanks for your insights, and sharing your heart here , Wes ! I Totally Agree on how Important it is to continue to use our Imaginations as Much as possible ! I’ve been walking my dog late at night for years, it’s a Wonderful time for me to use my imagination . There are so few distractions and it’s so Peaceful ! One thing I’ve done a lot of lately is to Imagine what I want my personal home to look like when we exit this realm .. I visualize a log cabin sitting on the edge of a mountainous forest and having a tropical beach in my front yard that has Beautiful Sunsets !! I Really Believe this Incredible Place Will Be Waiting for me when I exit the Matrix ! Your All Welcome to stop by and spend some time there . My point is, I think it would be Awesome for all of us to use our imaginations this way, it’s also Exciting to do it .. This Wonderful Places Will Manafest for us all , and Will Be Waiting for us all when we Return To Our Eternal Home in The Higher Realms !! Love , Peace and Hope To All !!🔥❤

  5. Yes, thats true. Most kids today play battle royal games like fortnite, pubg, legue of legents, apex etc. In these games each match is long cca 30 min and then they play over again.

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