Video 277: Q&A Session #85

By Wess Penre, October 16, 2021

Questions in this Session:.

QUESTION 1: We humans have only explored about 5% of the world’s Oceans. When the Tiamaat catastrophe happened, did some of these deep-sea creatures survive? The part of Tiamaat that catapulted closer to the Sun’s debris was used by to create the new Earth so would it be perfectly logical to say that some or most of this deep-sea wildlife originate from Tiamaat? I have seen some of the deep-sea squids and certainly some of them do not originate from here and are true ET’s. Is this also why we find pyramids, ancient structures millions of years old and dinosaur bones etc. on this planet, which is a new construct?

QUESTION 2: Did the Animal Soul Group in the First Atlantis descend on Tiamaat/Earth like we did? How does death and reincarnation work for them? You mention in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) that animals die in groupings and that a human cannot reincarnate as a tree (which is sentient) or an animal and vice versa because we have our own soul group, and this is my line of thinking as well. Do you think the Alien Invader Force (the AIF) controls the afterlife process for the animal soul group or are they coming back to Earth on a more conscious level?

QUESTION 3: In the sequels from the film “The Matrix” – “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” we are introduced to the character simply called “The Architect.”  When Neo meets him, he asks about the Oracle (a character from the first film).  The Architect scoffs at the mere mention of the name Oracle.  After seeing this scene, I could not help but wonder the following:  is The Architect representing Yaldabaoth and The Oracle represents Sophia?  Someone had commented on “The Matrix” on YouTube with the premise of “The Matrix” trilogies being based on Gnosticism.  What are your thoughts on this, Wes?

QUESTION 4: Can meditation and trauma / shadow / inner child work help us to get more connected with spirit and operate from the spirit and less from the artificial soul? Would it be a good metaphor to describe the subconscious aspect of our mind as being like the Kenoma; that which is veiled in darkness and ignorance? Would healing our own traumas metaphorically light up our own inner kenoma / matrix?

QUESTION 5: The Gnostic texts mention that we have archons within our own being. And you’ve mentioned that one of the goals of the archons is to ride us when the Consummation of the Age happens, so they can get into the 8th and 9th heaven. Is this meant to be translated literally? Do we literally have archons inside our own being? Or does this description of “having archons” more of a metaphor to describe the artificial soul which is archontic and reactive. Or is it both? We have an artificial soul but also literally have archons within our own being?

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  1. Hi,

    I find question 1and the response from Wes very interesting. This division of Tiamaat has reminded me of what happened in Germany just after the WW2. The Berlin wall (the Grid) was build and the people were isolated. The security was very tight and the escape was deadly. No one could get in or out. There was east and west side which were separated by the wall. The east was 100% isolated like kenoma and the west side was like the rest of Gaia. Like Wes says, so above so below. The experiments on us are multiple and inhumane. There is nothing that we can fight for to keep this earth in peace or to save it. It was never meant for that. We don’t belong here. 😊

  2. That is pretty interesting indeed. I wonder if the Archons were strictly forbidden not to do anymore trickery with Gaia? I would assume that the Divine Forces are already giving the Archons enough leeway by allowing the existence of the Kenoma considering the Earth construct is like a small part of the entire Gaia landmass.

    1. They were “allowed” at one point to oversee this experiment within the Experiment, but they were not to break freewill, and they had to let us “evolve” out of the Kenoma. So, instead they started controlling us in a roundabout way. They fed us with information and technology they knew we, in our amnesiac innocence, would misuse. Now, they think they have clean hands because we humans are doing it to ourselves. Give us a toy, and because we still live in darkness/ignorance, we eventually misuse it and create our own problems, while “they” can just stand by and watch.

  3. The Orion empire will probably erase this place, if the majority turns into brainwashed cannon fodder. It would be a smart decision to get rid of the problem before it starts.

  4. Hi Wes, At the beginning of this year I emailed you about the youtube channel of godgevlamste (crater earth). Are you also inspired by him? I see a lot of similarities with your new findings 🙂

  5. “Not the first time in his story that the divine masculine tried to incarnate” do you speak of the dionucisis sp? Myth or other legends that share threads of Jesus life? Water to wine reserection etc?

    Why did the roman time period succeed whereas other attempts failed?

    Also some interesting looks under a microscope at whats in the frankenshots have been documented. Tiny builders are creating structures.
    Trans humanism speak of humans No longer being cattle on a farm’ but rather platforms. And we know who the new/old users will be.

    Read yournew book. Very joyful reading experience.

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