Video 291: Q&A Session #92

By Wes Penre, February 5, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: I am stuck drained, losing myself in a 15-year-old marriage with a narcissist. I feel weaker and more lost and broken than ever before. Is there any way I can get back my energy from him and produce more? If he sucked up a lot, does this mean I have little left for the rest of my life? Can I learn to obtain more?

QUESTION 2: With the launch of the new spacecraft, the James Webb telescope, all over the news, what are your thoughts on NASA space program and other space agencies? Don’t you think these crafts are real? I know you think Earth is surrounded by a grid and no human can leave the grid in the human body but what about those crafts sent by humans into outer space?

QUESTION 3: Regarding channeled entities and various ETs, where do you think beings like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians etc., come from? I assume they must have been created within the Kenoma. Are they emanations of the Archons?

QUESTION 4: Is it possible that with all the planetary upheaval that the passing of Nibiru will cause, that their plans for the Singularity could be greatly hindered? I think many or most of the satellites could be taken out along with the electrical power grids worldwide. AI and the Singularity project certainly needs both the satellites and the power.

QUESTION 5: Why can’t we go into the moment Sophia split into us; we who are her sparks; and unite with her? We are her and She is us. In other words, why can’t we create in unison with her as Creator Gods now?

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  1. Hi Wes, Elena Danaan, she has a youtube channel. She tells us on her channel about all the different humans, aliens, species that are in the galaxies. She tells us that there are many spaceships in the skies above waiting for humans to take back their freedoms from the cabal and other aliens that have taken our freedoms from us and want to kill us. will you please comment on what is happening with this, is all she says real?

  2. quote: “They are not from other star systems—they have ascended to
    different planets/Heavens within our solar system, which is surrounded by the bioelectrical Grid.”. So does that mean we will have to pass through 2 grids instead of one ? So far I’ve learned that we can exit the Kenoma through the grid surrounding Earth but I wasn’t aware of a second grid. Thanks a lot

    1. There is only one Grid, and then there is a Dome. The Dome is surrounding our Earth atmosphere, preventing us from physically leaving the atmosphere and from others to physically entering the planet. When we die, we need not worry about the Dome because we no longer have physical bodies.

      1. sorry I don’t want to be a pain in the a** but that wasn’t my question. Perhaps since I’m not a native speaker I didn’t get it across correctly. Up until now I assumed we leave the grid around Earth when we die. But in the above quote it says there’s another grid surrounding the solar system. That makes 2 grids for me.

    1. Because many of these beings are working with the EL-ite–they are our adversaries, so they’ll stay here. Others are beings that were once “sucked in here,” and they don’t know how to get out. Many of those were also trapped in the reincarnation cycle.

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