Q&A Session #2, September 2022

By Wes Penre, September 23, 2022

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Questions in this Session:

Question 1: In the “THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 4 || Where are we Supposed to be Going?”  you said: “Where such things exist, these places are not of the Pleroma, but parts of Sophia’s, the Queen’s, emanations, and the emanations of those who came to be because of Sophia’s accidental fall into matter”.

Does this mean that the Queen created the KHAA by accident, or did she intend to create it but didn’t expect it to develop the way wars and suffering did?

Question 2: Is it possible upon body death to create a portal which bypasses the frequency net entirely?

Question 3: If there’s a physical dome around Earth, then does that mean the images of galaxies and star constellations are all fake? Even so, how is it that NASA even has knowledge of their existence in the first place?

Question 4: What to do if you have a spouse that wishes to meet up with you again in the Pleroma? As individuals we escape the matrix … but then how do we find each other after that?

Question 5: If En.ki and his friends were taken out somehow along with their recycling center, which would mean when people passed over into the astral, they would not see any false white lights or false guardian angels or spirit guides, and let’s assume the grid was still up, couldn’t spirits who are aware of the Grid wait in the astral to guide others out? There are people out there speaking on the recycling center, I heard one today say they heard that the recycling center had been destroyed a few months ago and now all souls are free…

Question 6: Is the Void inside the grid?

Question 7: As you stated many times, as above so below, as the Queen dying in this realm, does that mean the Queen died in Orion?

Question 8: As to going through a hole in the grid, some are worried they won’t find a hole, but some say we can make our own exit hole. This was what I intended to do if I don’t see one quickly.  I tend to believe that since I have visualized it so much and stated my firm intention and sovereignty to the Universe and Sophia, that it will happen so fast I will just appear outside in seconds… If we are pure energy, and the grid is *our* energy, how could we be harmed with what seems to be our own pure energy to begin with?  Has our energy been changed to form the grid?  What is your opinion please?

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