My New Upcoming Operating Basis

By Wes Penre, October 13, 2022

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I’ve been concentrating on restructuring my work schedule, so I can work more efficiently in the near future and get more done long-term. I want to finish Book 2 of my fantasy trilogy and publish it before the end of the year, which seems to be doable, unless anything comes in the way. Then, starting in January 2023, I plan to continue writing the final book in the trilogy but also start writing a non-fictional book I’ve had in my head for a while, and of course it has to do with the Wes Penre Papers, WPP material and additional research, which are topics many are interested in.

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  1. Hello Wes, I’m happy for you to relocate to Europe; I hope you will like it there.

    I heard from several sources the enforced reincarnation centre placed on the moon’s dark side was taken down over one year ago. The souls are free.

    Q1. What do you know about this?

    This is the first time I have heard about “another trap net” now around the solar system. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Q 2. Since we are multi-dimensional, and there are several dimensions to our cosmic playground, including our solar system, would it not be logical that with our higher consciousness, we can think ourselves out of this regardless?

     Q 3. There are also talks about the timeline split. Looking at our societies and the consciousness of people, it is inevitable. A timeline split is also a dimensional split, and below of what I’ve gathered:

    1. A.I. timeline, which is an artificial construct for those absorbed into the present agenda; followers, doers, and participants of the dark side.
    (In your papers, you have foreseen this. Observing the past two years, now we know how they intended to capture human souls.)

    2. Timeline of ascension: Higher densities of 4th dimension: people will experience the med beds, the collapse of world governments to nation states, humanity operating in local communities, jobs won’t be necessary but focusing on personal healing and evolvement, along with the gradual collapse of any financial system, so humans have the same free world as the zillions of star races out there, gravity will be used for transportation etc.

    3. Timeline of ascension: 5th dimension and above, depending on the consciousness level of the individual. Instant creation, telepathic and other abilities as the 12th strand DNA (and more) will be accessible in those avatars.

    What do you think?

    Q4. Of course, I believe all of these dimensions are still within the cosmic playground, aka the 4% of the visible universe. I am hearing that the 12th dimension is where Enki/the A.I. God, has no access and where the free universe exists. I believe that’s the realm of the Orion Queen you often refer to.

    So even if we escape the solar system, we are still in the cosmic playground. Once you are out there, your galactic memory is back; you remember your galactic soul journey and know who is who and why all this is happening.  

    Is this how you understand it too?

    Q 5. I recently listened to Ismael Perez explaining our multi dimensional nature, and we have over 167 000 (don’t quote me on the exact number but something like that) of versions of us operating on different universes, galaxies, and dimensions. All of our experiences including this one is a contract between our higher selves and us.

    Do you have the same understanding and if yes, how is this fits into our free will?

    Once you have a chance, I’d be interested to hear your insights.
    Thank you, get well soon, have fun with your new place and enjoy your writing journey.

    1. Hi Margareta,

      Thanks for your questions. Too many to comment on here, but I put them in my Q&A folder to use in my Q&A videos. Hope that’s okay…

  2. NON-fiction? So your book about Orion will be 100% factual?! Until now, everything has been purely speculative and second-hand news. I look forward to the citation of your sources! Very interesting!

  3. Hi Wes, I wish you all the best on your surgery and may your recovery time be short. Yes keeping busy in work-like fashion is always the best remedy especially if it’s with things that you love!

  4. Wes, have you already been through the surgery? If so, please let us know about your recovery, please. Hope you are well. Best wishes!

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