Q&A Session #1, October 2022

By Wes Penre, October 2022

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Question 1: Upon body death, do we cease our subconscious mind? And if so, would that not resolve most of what is wrong with us since pain and trauma are kept in the reactive subconscious mind?

Question 2: People say you must keep your frequency/vibration high in order to ascend/exit the matrix. This might mean NO SADNESS NO DEPRESSION NO SUFFERING NO PAIN since these states are considered low negative vibration states. When people die most are “suffering” from trauma, pain and are in a state of misery/broken-heartedness due to illness or accident.  

How can people in this state keep their frequency/vibration high when they are overcome with suffering? They really can’t help it.

Question 3: How does consciousness get connected to the physical body that we operate/animate? Does the female WOMB/WOOMAN actually WOO the spirit into her womb by electromagnetic energy? Like a magnet? Soul LURE system?

Question 4: I frequently been having what I call epiphanies that there was something before Sophia became awake, what do you think these are alluding to? I mean, there’s gotta be something before Sophia’s awakening, a beginning before the beginning?

Question 5: How do we know if we come from Marduk (Satan) and Ereshkigal genetic-wise? If Ereshkigal is the creator of the current day humans, then we have her DNA within us but what about our other DNA? Star races contributed here? What is the most common blood type here on earth? In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) Level 5 you mention the O Blood type. What about the different blood types within the common man? Is our DNA “that” much different than the Global Elite’s?

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  1. The DNA is structural and vibrational. It is easier for them to use magic this way. They can easily access the spiritual realm and become possessed.

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