Q&A Session #2, October 2022

By Wes Penre, October 2022

Video URL: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/BvNmfwqa/qa-session-2-october-2022-1.mp4

BITCHUTE BACKUP: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yUOzpSJ3fRyd/

Questions in this Session:

Question 1: I read somewhere on the forum that the soul fires need time to disconnect from the physical body after body death.

How can we leave immediately after body death when our soul is still connected to the body for a certain time? These two data seem to conflict.

Do we need to stay in the astral world until our soul fires have been fully disconnected? Or is one of the two data fails?

Question 2: What connection do the mind and muscles have? The deeper I go [in my mind], the more my body twitches. So, for instance, if I did a simple kick in [a] visualization, and if my focus was calm but powerful enough, my entire leg would jump all on its own. Even sometimes in the same direction I kicked in my mind training. No manipulation on my part. I’ve had this happen for maybe 6-8 years now and never knew what it was.

Question 3: On the subject of sleep: Do souls need it like human bodies do? Because frankly that sounds terrible, given our circumstances here on Earth, and how there’s virtually no “safe place” to rest in the astral plane.

Question 4: Whenever I try to meditate or do silent work, I can hear a frequency barrier of sorts. It feels like a buzzing internal sound. What could it be? Have you ever come across something like this?

Question 5: When I leave this planet and have managed to escape the Patrix, and I’ve willed myself to Orion; if I instruct my children to call for me when their time is up, will I hear them? If so, can I assist them out of the Patrix?

Question 6: In the KHAA, where everything is thought, can you create anything you want just using your thoughts as in, I can think of something and it will appear, since it’s the speed of thought?

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  1. Wes, have you seen the 2022 COMMONWEALTH GAMES opening ceremony dipicting the Baal Bull and worshiping lucifer? Said to be a sign of the anti christ! Reall weird video.

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