Book 2 in my Trilogy, “Ismaril’s Journey,” titled “The Underworld” now Finished!

By Wes Penre, October 23, 2022

This has been a challenging year for me, but also a very progressive year in many ways, but I have grown a lot (no, not physically LOL).

Today I finished the last chapter of The Underworld, which is the second book in my trilogy “Ismaril’s Journey.” Book 1, “The Book of Secrets” was released in September 2021 and can be ordered at at this URL. Left now is the tedious work of editing it and proof-reading it, but I love that part because I can see how the plot improves compared to the first draft.

I will spend quite some time on editing it now because I want to publish it ASAP. I believe I can post it on Amazon sometime in November.

I’m pleased with the result, and as the saying goes, “The plot is thickening.” Then it’s only Part 3 left, which will have the work title, “Ismaril’s Sword.”

But when I have released Book 2, I will work on Book 3 at the same time as I write the new Orion Book–two projects I am looking forward to!


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    1. I know. It’s annoying. I live in Serbia, and Amazon refuses to ship to Serbia, either. So, I can’t get copies of my own book because there is no Amazon in Serbia.

  1. I hope when you finish your third book a group of serbian dwarves comes knocking at your door and makes a mess of your kitchen.
    No rush….crumbled cakes and writing due dates…..thats what wesley penre hates.

    Great job old man…keep it up!!!

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