FAQ: Fears Going Through the Grid

By Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, wespenrevideos.com.

Here is a general guideline how to exit through the Grid after our physical bodies have expired and what we suggest you don’t do. All we do need to do is to spot the Grid “above” us after we die (with the expired physical body as a reference, as there is no up and down in “space”), look for a hole in the Grid, set an intention, and exit through one of the holes. In a nano-second, you will be on the other side to experience the KHAA, aka the Greater Universe.

We understand that although the solution is simple, there is a lot of fear involved–fear of death and fear of the unknown. We know this because we are constantly getting questions and concerns about this subject. In this FAQ, we’re going to address the most common responses we get from our visitors. We hope this will be of assistance.

For your convenience, we have created a Table of Contents below this paragraph. Thus, you can click on a question of interest, and the link will take you directly to that question within this article. Use the back button to go back to where you were.


Not realizing we’re dead
Being tricked into the Tunnel of Light
Being tricked into a false Grid
Will freewill be violated by the Overlords when we exit?
Will the Overlords use weapons on us that will kill the soul?
Thinking ourselves outside the Grid without spotting a hole
Can Orion, as saviors, remove the Grid and let us all free?
Wes’ and Ariel’s Comments

QUESTION: What if I don’t immediately realize that I’m dead, e.g. if I’ll have a traumatic and sudden death, am I not in trouble of being hijacked and waylaid in the astral? How much time will I have to exit before it is too late?
ANSWER: This could always happen. The privilege you have is that you know about the Grid and what you need to do. With that in mind, it won’t take long before you realize that your physical incarnation is over, and you can as soon as possible concentrate on the task of leaving.

There is no set time limit to exit the Grid, and besides that, time is perceived differently in the astral than in 3-D. Just do it as fast as you are able, and don’t pay attention to anything you might experience around you. Many of us might not encounter anything at all before we exit. The only thing that’s important is to focus on the task of leaving.
QUESTION: Can I be tricked to going into the Tunnel of Light?
ANSWER: Only if you allow yourself to be tricked. We have discussed the Grid and the exit procedure in many of our videos, and it is also discussed in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). Some of us might encounter thought-forms, astral beings, spirit guides, or deceased false relatives and friends, who try to lure us into the Light. It’s up to you if you fall for that or not. If you want to go through the Grid, the safest thing you can do is to not listen or pay attention to anyone or anything–whatever it can be.

Some souls see the Tunnel quite instantly after death and feel drawn to it–both electromagnetically and because of an abundance of love that is pouring out from it. This love is false in the sense that it is energy being stolen from the human soul energy to trick us. If you feel drawn to it, just turn the other way to get away from it, and concentrate on the Grid.
QUESTION: My fear is that I might be tricked by a “false Grid.” What if the Overlords create an illusion of the real Grid and I think it’s genuine? Maybe the hole in the false Grid leads me right into the Tunnel of Light?
ANSWER: We have been instructed by a long-term source, who is very knowledgeable at this, to keep it very simple–“just go through the Grid.” Period. Besides that, if the Overlords would project a false Grid, which we highly doubt, that’s not what you’re aiming for. Once you’re out of your body and you see a hole in the Grid, set an intention, “I am going through the Grid into the Greater Universe,” or “I am going through the Grid to Orion,” if that’s your purpose. Then, it doesn’t matter what the Overlords have set up because in your mind, you’re going through the real Grid, which is possible because there are holes in the original Grid. Don’t project obstacles and barriers, just “do it.”

We humans are not used to creating boundaries, so beings in the astral have a fairly easy time reading our energy signature, and they can spot our “weaknesses,” and they can potentially take advantage of them. It’s up to you not to fall for them, and it’s a good idea to start focusing on that task while you’re still here. Then, when it’s time, you know what to do; spot a hole in the Grid and think yourself through it. That’s the simplicity of it–everything else is additives, created in your own mind because of your fears. The key word here is “focus.” Don’t let anything distract you–learn to be determined, without letting your fear get the best of you.
QUESTION: I am concerned that I don’t have freewill, or the bad guys will not honor it, so they can do whatever they want with me.
ANSWER: You do have freewill, but you, like all of us, have been manipulated into not using it to the extent we’re supposed to, which is having complete freewill of choice with all potentials available to us. Only you can stop yourself because in every moment of your existence you are operating on what is inside of you–not what is inside of someone else–even when you get manipulated. Even then, YOU are making your own decisions. You are the one who can change your destiny because only you can determine what you want–the soul belongs to you–it IS you in the Greater Universe and within this construct. If you think someone else is more powerful than you when it comes to your decisions and implementation of them, you are not using your own inner strength. If you do use it, no one can stop you because you are your own power. For someone to have power over you, you must give them that power first. Also, don’t even put yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself or argue for your case. Just go out through the Grid.

Moreover, the Overlords are not very concerned about individuals; they are more concerned about the human soul group as a collective. They don’t waste too much effort to go after individuals, except if these individuals severely threaten their Agenda, which a few souls exiting through the Grid do not. If you see a beehive and want to collect it, you quarantine the hive so the bees can’t escape. However, a few bees will probably still escape. Will you go after them? Probably not; you still got the hive. But if they sting you, you might swat them.
QUESTION: As far as I know, they have these advanced weapons stolen from Orion. Why wouldn’t they use them?
ANSWER: They might, or might not, possess such weapon at this time, but even if they do, it would be very foolish of them to use them on us. These weapons are very rarely used, even in war. If the Overlords used them on us, that would be an unforgivable act, and they know it. There could never ever be an excuse for that in a future court, and they would probably get the same treatment. The Overlords might be manipulative, controlling, and abusive, but they are not foolish. They have nothing to gain by using these weapons but everything to lose.
QUESTION: Can we just think ourselves outside the Grid without spotting a hole?
ANSWER: Most likely not. We wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it makes things more complicated and we’re potentially more subject to errors. The easiest and fastest way to do it is to spot a hole in the Grid (there are many of them) and think yourself through it. That’s what we’ve been taught to do. The Grid is our collective soul energy, and that’s why it’s impossible to penetrate without holes. It’s easier to have something we can externally perceive (the holes) and then project ourselves to the other side.
QUESTION: If Orion comes to rescue us, can’t they just remove the Grid so all humans can escape?
ANSWER: We highly doubt it. The Grid consists of our collective soul energy, where each soul is connected with everybody else on this planet. In the current state humankind is in, what would happen to each individual soul if the Grid was shot to pieces? We can only imagine. The mildest thing that might happen would probably be complete confusion, desperation, and global panic. The worst we can think of (although we are only hypothesizing) is that souls would be shattered–similar to if someone would use the ultimate weapon, where souls as split into pieces. We can see that the Grid is definitely preventing Orion from coming in here. It’s very difficult to terminate the Experiment at this point because that would include dissolving the Grid. People are not ready for that. The awakening must happen on an individual basis.

Wes’ and Ariel’s Comments

Why would the AIF/Overlords have to deceive and trick and create all kinds of religion/mind control/cults etc. if we didn’t have any choice in the matter to be recycled. If we are going to be forced without our consent then why all the control programs? They would not need to do that; why waste all that energy when they don’t have to? Look around you, every aspect of control of mind and body are present. Why do they feel compelled to do all that? And then after death, the BIG SHOW with the angels and relatives; they probably have harps playing heaven music.

They are tricking us to choose something we don’t want by knowing in advance what we are going to do and taking proper measures.

Conclusions: What should we focus on? The fear of being recycled again or successfully exiting the Matrix? We know the answer to that. But from an objective perspective, what if we fail? Then we get recycled, but at least, we did everything we could to get out of here, instead of worrying about everything that could happen on the way.

It’s important to be in control of our thoughts. Do we want to be recycled? No. So, why do we spend all this time putting energy to being recycled and re-trapped? The more we let the synthetic soul take overhand (which is what these thoughts are), the more likely it’s going to happen. Realize that all these what ifs is fear, which is the design of the programming the Overlords have “gifted” us with (sarcastically speaking).

If we didn’t have this programming and fear, we wouldn’t even think about that we could fail–that would not even cross our minds. So, every thought telling you that “things can go wrong” in the exiting process is not coming from YOU; it’s coming from the programming. It’s important that we learn to distinguish between ourselves and the programming, and when the programming takes over, we need to recognize that and say, “cancel that!” (see our latest video: wespenrevideos.com/2019/12/09/video-197-how-to-control-our-thoughts-and-diminish-the-effects-from-thought-forms/).

What each person needs to work on: Any obstacle a person creates in their minds, and any “what if…” they come up with that might stop them from exiting is fear-based–the voice of the “Inner Critic” (artificial soul). If we let this fear take over, the chance of being successful diminishes significantly. If we are not able to FOCUS on the exit procedure alone when it’s time to do it and put all our fears aside, the chance of being sidetracked is increasing exponentially. Most of us have heard the expression, “we get what we ask for.” That’s very true in this case, too.

The fantastic news is that the exit procedure is very simple–we are “lucky” that it’s not more complicated than this. So, let’s not make it more complicated than it is. No one else can eliminate your own “what if’s” except you–regardless of what anyone tells you. Your own fear is the only thing you need to work on, while still here in the Matrix. Whether we’ll be successful with exiting is entirely up to us.

Just go through the Grid!


  1. Wes, your writings are like a lifeline. After a long self(them?) induced absence I’m back to studying yours, and now Ariel’s works. I feel like my imaging/imagine/imagination is damaged/broken, something I think is vital to have. Early on I read that you answered someones question with, paraphrasing, “If you’re reading this, you’re Namlu’u(sp?)” I have doubts. I feel like I’m retarded. Can you recommend a vid or 2, maybe a Chapter or 3? Sorry to impose.

    1. Off-hand, I don’t think I can refer you to any specific video because this kind of info is embedded into videos that are on other subjects but are mentioned in the context of THAT particular subject.

      However, there is a simple guideline you can follow: if you are drawn to this material–not only because it might be “exciting,” but because somewhere at the core of your being, you feel it is true and helpful, you are either of the original soul group, aka Namlu’u, which is MOST likely, or you are originally a star being from somewhere else, who happened to be captured here. Even if you would be the latter, it doesn’t matter–you still need to get out of here. Even if you leave this material for some time and come back to it later, you DO come back because there is something that draws you to it. This is the indicator that you fall into one of the two categories above–it can’t be any other way, or you wouldn’t levitate towards it.

      The self-doubt you might feel back and forth is not coming from you–it’s coming from the “artificial soul,” i.e. the reactive mind, which is not you at all, but is based on trauma and emotional wounds that you’ve accumulated during your lifetime. We all have those :). The yearning and pull into this material comes from the TRUE soul, which is YOU.

      If your imagination is “broken,” it’s because of trauma–particularly if you’ve had imagination earlier in life. It’s a coping mechanism, instigated by the reactive mind/artificial soul. Dreams and hopes might not have been accomplished, or when you’ve tried to accomplish your goals, you might have run into a wall or been traumatized, invalidated, and abused. The mind then shuts down the imaginary process as a reactive self-protective mechanism in an attempt not to feel the pain associated with it. It almost always is rooted in childhood trauma. On occasion, it can also be due to abuse from peers in the adolescent years.

      Hope this helps.

      1. That helps. Thank you for the encouraging words. Guess I need to “keep a stiff upper lip” and “nose to the grind stone” and “persevere”. I actually go through recurring stoppages, but keep coming back. Ekankar, a simplified, westernized, hybrid Hindu belief system got me started searching for something more likely than my Church of Christ upbringing. I would bet money that your work has produced the truest version of Reality/history so far. Your ”obligatory disclaimer” about modifying your understanding as you find/learn more info is the rational/best way to go. I did not fare well through the 2008-9 overlord engineered, banking,real estate,stock market rape of regular folks or I would have been sending you $ after I discovered your work in 2012. I’m still poor, drat! I am honored by your detailed, lengthy response, I would think you have significant demands on your time. Thank you and wishes of good fortune to you and Ariel (I don’t believe in luck, but do hope Murphy’s Law applies to En’Ki, Marduk & Minions Inc.) Tree Mike

  2. Thanks heaps Wes, for your fantastic help from your obvious deep knowledge base through much hard work and investigation. Mike D.

  3. Been practicing going through the grid for some years now thanks to Wes by way of his WPPs. Thanks again Wes for your exhaustive research into this, and many other related subjects. One gets to the stage where one, looks forward to the ultimate time of passing from this life/reality to the next and passing through the grid, while at the same time being responsible for oneself, and others, who may rely upon you, while living out this existence. thanks again Wes!

  4. Thanks alot Wes. Wonderful information. I have a question how do you know all about this. Is there any help from outside earth? Or just extracted from all ancient books?

    1. Both… there are some beings here from outside, who have their memories intact and came here for a reason, taking human bodies. But they are few.

  5. Hi Wes, Thanks for clearing up a few points. At the risk of sounding stupid, I want someone to point out, what happens to the Oversoul, when we transition? Wouldn’t it be better to connect with that first, before breaking out of the grid? I say this because, if I am a soul fragment, then what of the Whole?

    1. Good question. What people in the spiritual movement call the Oversoul is the Genuine Soul–the REAL you, which has nothing to do with the conscious and subconscious mind we’re operating from when we are on Earth. Just by being here on this blog and asking this question means that you ARE in connection with your Oversoul/Genuine Soul. People who are waking up do so because they have opened a connection to their genuine self. “Waking up” means exactly that…you are letting your true light shine through your physical vessel/body and your mind. So, when you exit the Grid, you are connecting fully with your “Oversoul,” who is from thereon the one who’s going to operate in the KHAA.

      If we use a computer game analogy: the person in the living room, who plays the video game is the Genuine Soul/Oversoul. The avatar that he is operation in the game is the physical body. While playing, it is evidently possible for the player in the living room to get completely absorbed by the game, putting a lot of energy into this avatar. What about if someone, when the player is in this focused state, putting all the energy into the avatar, locks the game and keeps all that soul energy stuck inside the game with no apparent way to withdraw that energy and return it to the person in the living room?

      That’s what happened to us, metaphorically speaking. Now, we have found a way to disconnect from our avatars/physical bodies and withdraw all that energy from the “computer game.” We do that by going through the Grid. Then, the person in the living room/the Genuine Soul is “waking up” and can dissociate from the video game again and go on with his life.

      1. Thanks Wes, really insightful. And thanks for giving me a visual. It shows you are a great communicator. I only hope that more and more people get access to your material. Peace

  6. YOU SAID:
    “But from an objective perspective, what if we fail? Then we get recycled, but at least, we did everything we could to get out of here, instead of worrying about everything that could happen on the way.”
    BUT LATER WE RECYCLED , the memory deleted and what….next time we never remember to exit the grid or ???

    1. Most likely not. We will be born with amnesia and have to start all over. Depending on what choices you make in the next life determines whether the person will find the information about the Grid.

  7. Wes, I really want to share your information with loved ones/friends who are religiously dedicated, but I don’t want them to feel attacked or be immediately put on the offensive. Your information is so vast, it could be overwhelming or intimidating. Where should I recommend to start to introduce them to your information to make them inquisitive and give them a desire to continue to read? Unfortunately, I know very few would continue to read, but I feel I need to give them the opportunity to make the choice. Thanks much, Pat

    1. I shared this with my best friend who is catholic raised and I’m also but never looked into it. She is back in my journey and she is starting to wake but not fully there yet. I shared this with her she looked into it and karma and wat not but I don’t think she is doing any more reading which made me a little disappointed but kept it mind if she isn’t ready then she is not. I can’t force her or anyone. She is on her own journey if she or anyone wants to ask then I’ll give it to you. I discovered Wes papers back in 2011 I believe and saved it and completely forgot and this year 2020 looked through my bookmarks for some odd reason to check wat sort of things I bookmarked in past years. And found Wes papers again and hence how I’m here now 😊.


  8. Thanks for simplifying the process Wes. I must have missed this article it’s my first time reading it after hearing all the talk about the grid. I think the fear is we only get one shot at it and we don’t want to blow it. Like the Nike slogan “Just do it! applies here. I think we all visualize what the grid will look like and are afraid it will look different when the time comes. Just have a razor focus and think I want to exit a hole in the grid and go to Orion and see the Queen while turning from the light or whatever feelings we have of being drawn towards the light.
    Is meeting the Queen like judgment day? Could she look at your life and see if you’re worthy of being free in the KHAA/- and if not worthy kick you back ( for example murderers and rapist) or is it once you’re there you stay for good?

    1. Rapists and murderers are rarely human–they are just programs that have either gone wrong or were planned out to begin with. They are of the Matrix and can’t enter the KHAA without deteriorating. Regarding humans, who exit through the Grid, no one from Orion will stop us from doing that and no one will be thrown back here. As a human soul, if you want to go to Orion and have and audition with the Queen, you can do so. Unless you are a bad criminal (like I mentioned above), which you are not, of course, there is no reason why you can’t stay in Orion.

  9. Hi Wes Penre. I am curious about a few things based on the ideas you put forth.

    1. Keeping in mind the idea of a Bodhisattva…isn’t exiting the grid only contributing to the perpetuation of suffering on this planet? I was recently told by one of my parents that they found a Sunday school note in a Bible that I wrote on as a child. The paper read, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I wrote, “To heal people.” I do not remember writing this but am actually attempting to do that now as a therapist and creator of art. I don’t claim to be a Bodhisattva, but my question is, wouldn’t a Bodhisattva refuse to exit the grid?

    Extra info: Your writings resonate with me in some ways. Personally speaking, I have always felt behind enemy lines, like I came here for a reason, and I have always had a level of awareness that I came to learn other people did not have (referring to those in my life). This perplexed me, and I felt incredibly alone and misunderstood until I realized that there is much at play here, including others who seem to know even more than me that I haven’t met. Perhaps some of us can do more healing by being around others who do think like us at all. It’s just a thought, but maybe it’s malarkey.

    2. What do you think of Alex Grey’s artwork? As a person who has experienced intense psychedelic visions as well as the seeming transcendence of samadhi (more than a few times) years ago, I would be lying if I said his art does not resonate with me. However, from your perspective, are his otherworldly depictions of the tunnel of light actually nefarious in a way in that they are deceptive from your point of view (even if unintentionally)? I just feel like the Universe is special. This planet is alive. Nature is a miracle. The goings on of the Universe can be deciphered here on Earth if we allow ourselves to perceive the fractal symbolism therein. Respectfully, could you be complicating the tunnel of light? Might it just be love and light without all of the trickery? I am not disputing archons and loosh and what not, but to some extent, I do question whether the Creator would allow the level of trickery involved with your depiction of tunnel of light? Perhaps it is what is, and humans are just not spiritually evolved yet due to ego games (the illusion of separation), generational trauma, money, ignorance, and the fall of man/catastrophe during ancient times that wiped out the global civilization. I feel the same way with David Icke’s idea of the moon as a soul recycler…maybe it is simply the moon, which I love and honor. Similarly, as a toddler, I used to say that I want to be a tree when I grow up, and to this day, I suspect heaven is being reborn as a vegetal creature. Does your grid conceptualization negate the unfathomable majesty contained within nature, including certain plants and fungi on planet Earth (whose genetic codes seem to be far more complex than our own)? What of the higher consciousness that can be experienced from mycelium, for example?

    3. Are we being too punitive with the narc/sociopaths? There is the Native American concept of soul retrieval, and I know of an ex-therapist who asserts sociopaths can heal based on his own clinical experiences (though I am not suggesting loved ones attempt this due to manipulation that may be employed against them). What do you think? Isn’t every angel is a risen demon, and every demon a fallen angel? Maybe some people are soulless, but who is to say they cannot regain it in this life or another?

    Thank you.

    1. I like your post! It’s also interesting that you at times are answering your own questions, which indicates to me that you have the answers inside.

      1. It seems like you’re about to start something very important in your life–something you already had a vague concept of as a child. All I can say is, go in the direction your heart takes you. Inside, you know exactly what to do :). Whether going through the Grid or not; that’s something only you can feel is the right thing to do for you, or not. Maybe healing others, as you are talking about, is actually waking them up to Spirit inside? That, IMO, is the only healing we need. Once woken up, the soul/body healing process more or less takes care of itself. “Mind over matter” is a well-known expression, but what about “Spirit over soul/mind/body?”

      2. I am not familiar with Alex Grey, unfortunately. When I get the chance, I will probably check him out. Although I agree that there is much beauty on this planet, aside from all the trauma, this is not a world of Spirit–it’s just a mimic/copy of the real thing. Everything dies in this realm, and that is not going to change regardless of what we do. Where we come from, there is no death. We are working on a new video series…please stay tuned. In our opinion, it might be the most important information we’ve put out. Let’s see what you think about it, if you don’t mind watching them.

      The recycling center we’ve been talking about (including the tunnel of light) is of the Matrix, and if we choose that path, our memories will be wiped clean, and we’ll be reincarnated here again and have to start all over. It’s up to each individual, but it’s nothing we would promote or encourage anyone to do.

      3. The only way to keep spirited humans in check is to instigate fear and trauma, which is a sophisticated form of programming. Although, for some, being somehow involved with narcissistic or psychopathic persons can be a wake-up call; for many people, it just delays the targets of abuse from progressing in finding their true self. Narcissism, and similar, is a part of the agenda to program us through trauma and fear, leading to more and more ignorance (with some exceptions).

      There is nothing in this realm worth saving, except those who are spirited, who need to be woken up. The simple reason is that the rest of humanity–that are not spirited–were born in the Matrix and can’t exist in the realm where spirited humans originate from.

  10. Thank you for doing this Wes. I don’t know how many times I’ve been recycled here but it feels so good to have finally found a way to exit. This is what I’ve been looking for.. for really, really long. And I am pretty sure this search has been on from other lifetimes too. Thank you soul brother.

  11. Hello Mr. Penre:

    I am reading through your paper and finding them fascination reading. Thank you for your work. I have been reading works by Max de Lafayette (he is interesting with his 2022 Annunaki timeline)’ Dolores Cannon (3 Waves), David Wilcock and Suzanne (Matthew Books). I have looked at other others but they are my main ones. I am not too sure about Max and Suzanne and would like to know your opinion on their writing, if you have encountered them. Thank you.

    My main question for you is: What happens with all the animals when The Shift/Accession/Event (however named) that these authors write about happens? If such an Event happens.I am a people person but also feel strongly that our animals are treated very badly on this world. In Cannon’s theory, I am part of the 1st.Wave Light worker group who came here to help the planet go from 3rd. Density to 5th. Density. I was born in 1951 and always felt out of place here. This is a very beautiful planet in many ways but the human race has not been kind to it.
    Can you help me find where in your Papers that indicate that the animals have a way out. Unlike the human race, they do not have many good choices in what happens to them here. Humans have Choice and they can, with your help, find their way out of this mess.

    Thank you for your writing and information: I will Focus and get the Hell out of Dodge when I die if that is the only way to get out and stay out of this 3D world. Focus is the key.


    1. Hello Joyce,

      The majority of people feel strongly for animals and love animals, and I am one of them. We have four pets and one outdoor cat that we feed. I am not sure if you have had the chance to dig into our series about Gnosticism yet? https://wespenrevideos.com/category/gnosticism/ . If not, there is one place where the Gnostic texts, which are an expansion on the Wes Penre Papers, where it says that plants and animals were created by the Overlords/Archons. Of course, that’s the physical aspect of the animals. I personally don’t believe animals possess Spirit, but they may very well have a Genuine Soul, although I can’t say for sure. If not, they have an artificial soul, created by En.ki/Yaldabaoth, and if that’s the case, they are not salvageable. They can be loving and comforting even with an artificial soul.

      However, if they have a Genuine Soul, like we do, I would imagine they will go to Orion after a destruction of this construct. From an optimistic point of view, the first Tiamaat/Atlantis existed in Orion, and there were animals. Hopefully, the “copies” of these animals in physical form here on Earth are inhabited by the same souls as those on Tiamaat.

      1. Thank you Wes.

        I am very grateful that you have the time and energy to reply so quickly. I like animals a lot better than people but am trying to continue to live in these difficult time with only 2 main words: Be Kind.

        Whether there is some sort of planetary Shift or Accension happening to us is a really hot topic of conversation now. It would appear that the human race may be at a cross roads: Those of us who think “Outside the Box” want to get on with our development and get through The Grid if the Accension possibility does not work out. This Shift may not happen in my current life or it may not happen at all. The White Light idea was very attractive to me for most of my adult life. It was a hard concept to give up but I could not get around the Memory Loss issue.

        If I was a Light worker who volunteered to help the Earth out of 3-D, why did I have to start as a baby with no memory of my purpose? Then, if I managed to remember, later in life, there would have been a really big waste of time for me to accomplish my purpose. What if I did not remember at all? Everywhere I read, they said : Well, it would not be a test if you remembered everything. What Test??? I came to help without adding to my Karma. That is what the Waves are supposed to do. What the heck does passing a “test” have to do with anything. It did not make sense.

        Then my sister sent me your Death Trap article. I will bet that if you had a nickel for every time someone started out reading your work with that article, you would be wealthier. Thank you by the way.

        Now, if I understand, I and other Light workers are all trapped here on Earth. We are doing our best but this is not a fun place to be. It is a beautiful planet but the human race has destroyed so much that is beautiful. It hurts to watch.

        Anyways, I am starting to read your Gnostic series and I look forward to learning much more. Genetically speaking, my family tends to live a long time and a lot of us make it to year 95. So, I have much time to read since society kind of throws Seniors away when they reach a certain age. My sister and I will follow what we call the 3 “W”‘s: Worry, Wait and Watch. If the time comes that I need to leave my physical body, then I am so outta here and will focus on the holes in the Grid. Not afraid of physical Death though I would like to “Go Gently Into That Good Night”.

        I am going to close on a rather silly note. The last year I have been obsessed with the idea that I have a space ship and that sooner or later my crew will pick me up because my work here will be done. Is not that crazy? But it is like those songs that crawl into your head and will not leave. I think they are called ear worms. Silly me but I even live by a large park and I keep looking at it, with longing. Anyways, just a silly old woman. Maybe I should make me a tin foil hat or something.

        I will still be looking for any information as to what happens to our animals and pets. I do firmly believe that they have Souls. I think these Souls are different from our Souls but I intend to continue to search for any sort of information on this subject.

        Sorry for the length of this missive but I do hope you and Ariel keep well. The 3 articles on the CV is awesome and I thank you very much.

        Take Care..Joyce (Canada).

    2. Thanks Joyce. I am a first wave also and I have always known this is not my home and my Standard Poodle Annie is coming home with me in my heart and mind. I love the animals. Thanks for posting your thought

  12. Hello Wes: Thank you for your Good Work…

    I have an experience that I would like you or your readers to help me with.
    In the time between sleep and wake, I used to see the walls and ceiling with black drawings on them. At first these figure drawings did not move. The more I saw them, then they started to move. It was like a black/white cartoon comic book but the outlines were very complex. For some strange reason, I was not frightened..I merely watched with interest.
    As time went on, the black and white became colored. This started to bother/fascinate me more.
    When a New Age show came to town, I went to get a tarot reading (btw was Interesting). I also went to pick up a specific crystal – labradorite..supposed to be for psychic health and protection. I had to have the stone..do not know how or why, but had to have it.

    Wearing the stone in a necklace – no more wall murals and have not seen any since.

    Ideas anyone?

    Hugs Joyce

    1. When we go to sleep, and just before we fall asleep, we leave our bodies and hover just above them. So, then we’re partly in the astral. The astral is filled with different thoughtforms–many of them created by us humans, while others are created by archontic entities. Only the person themselves can interpret what the see or experience in the astral–it’s usually a personal experience…we sometimes tune into something that in one way or another is related to our personal lives–it’s a vibrational thing, as it were. Certain precious stones and crystals can help keeping us grounded, and therefore, it can help us get a “better sleep.”

    2. Hello Deborah:
      Thank you for your response and I am happy that you feel that animals should be with us in all ways. I firmly believe that we can contact our beloved pets after we die and, if they want to joins us again, they can. That is my hope. If it is knowledge and different experiences that our Creator wishes, our interaction with animals in this 3-D experience can be some of the best.
      There is so much written out there now on planet Earth’s possible Shift to 5-D that it is really hard to figure out what is real and possible and what is just nonsense. Sometimes I feel that I am reading and reading and just cherry picking what I agree with and what makes sense. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Hard though. The next 3 years will be significant and hopefully will settle the whole issue. Shine your Light and Be Well Deborah. Remember,,Be Kind.

  13. When we drop our body, what if we dont see a grid? I have seen it in a flash once in a meditation but I have also seen myself walking around earth after some kind of deluge and I am wondering am I dead and I didnt make it out of the grid and refused the light tunnel? I guess what I am asking is, will we most definitely see a grid when we die or will we still see the hologram?

    1. Anonymous, please read the initial article concerning the Grid and the FAQ’s concerning it’s validity. Basically it states to look up from your physical body and see the Grid and the holes in it. Focus on the holes and go for it. Key word is Focus, not Fear. Your Fear will create doubts and doubts will weaken you. What have you got to lose? The meditation flash could easily be a past life and if in the past, you were recycled. Change that result with your next physical death. I too have seen myself in a past life regression running from a massive flood. I am heading out of here through the Grid when my next turn comes. Good Luck. Remember..Focus your determination.

    1. @Gina ~ Depends on how old they are. If they are small, then make a very simple version like a children’s Bible story or really any kind of story that would be appropriate for their age. Tell them the story just as you would tell them any other children’s story. Keep your own fear (if you have any) out of it. If they have questions, then answer them with simple answers. If your children are older or as they grow, my suggestion would be to just introduce things to consider. After or around the age of 12 or so (depends on the child, of course, and their interests and maturity), children begin to form their own opinions and beliefs about things and then all we can do is offer information. It’s really up to them to either take it up or go on another path. Just be open and available, and allow them to develop their own curiosity, but don’t force. That would be my suggestion. 🙂

  14. Once we are dead are we automatically in the astral world? Or do we have to travel there? How do we see the grid or in other words if we can see the grid when we drop our body why cant we see it now?

    1. Anonymous wrote: “Once we are dead are we automatically in the astral world? Or do we have to travel there? How do we see the grid or in other words if we can see the grid when we drop our body why cant we see it now?”

      Our physical body limits our perceptions to the five physical senses – touch, taste, sight, sound, scent. When focused on the physical reality, which we are most of the time, all of the input from our environment gets filtered through these physical senses. Once we are no longer focused on the physical reality (drop the body) as in sleep, OBE, or “death”, we are no longer filtering through the physical body and can take in information that is no longer limited to just these perceptions. Even so, not everyone who “drops the body” will perceive a grid because their thoughts do not include this information as an option (thoughts create in this Universe).

      As for where exaclty the “grid” is located, I don’t know. I’ve never seen it and I only know of one person who has, and that was during an OBE/dream experience. When we dream, we don’t “go” anywhere except to explore through the portal of our mind. Our mind, to the best of my ability to understand, is the portal through which we all “travel” to gain access to the other planes, dimensions, “space”, etc.

      There is a magnetic field (magnetopause or magnetosphere) that surrounds our Earth construct. We cannot “see” it, but we know it’s there. I am assuming that when we drop the body that field will be visible for some. Maybe. This might be the grid. If this isn’t it, then I don’t know what it is, where it is, or what it looks like. When I more and more come to the conclusion that what we exist within is most comparable to a mind, I would say that we need to find the barrier or veil that exists within and separates our own consciousness and pass through it. That’s pretty esoteric and not a concrete answer, but that’s just how I am thinking right now.


  15. Exactly!! I don’t care what anyone says but I will be exiting this matrix for sure! Thank you for the information. But question though so what is a near death experience then? When you do go through a near death do you even get that opportunity to exit the matrix or is that not exactly dying? Why do you go through near deaths?

    1. @Laine ~ Well, “near death” isn’t actually correct from what I understand. You either die or you don’t. You can’t “almost” die. That’s like being “almost” born. It isn’t something that we can do on a gradient or partially. What is happening when people go out of body like that? I’m not sure. I’ve read some pretty crazy and far-fetched NDE accounts, but I’ve also known someone personally who experienced this phenomenon and for them, there was nothing but blackness. I’ve never experienced it so I can’t say, but I assume everyone will experience something different based on their own beliefs. Why do near-deaths happen? Usually, from what I’ve read, the ones with the most fantastic experiences (either good or bad) are told to bring this message back to others. I think that is the reason for them. Messengers who are chosen to deliver messages to humanity, either out of body or not, are usually in some type of “contract” deal or agree to do these things before they incarnate. It would be very hard for them to break out of this agreement. Wingmaker’s information describes this, in some detail. Some people are so meticulously “programmed” before incarnation that even the second they decide to scratch their nose is predetermined. That’s just an example, but I trust you get the picture.

      1. Oh ok so NDE will not give you a choice to exit. I ask because I had an NDE back in 08. I don’t remember anything at all. I was in a coma for 2 weeks. Tried to remember but nothing.

        1. This is not too unusual, I’ve noticed when reading up on such cases. It seems like it depends on how close to death the person actually is. If VERY close to death, the person usually has some memories of an afterlife. In an NDE, it can go either way, and quite often, “someone” in the afterlife is telling the soul to return to the body, or the soul herself decides to return and is able to do so (not always possible). In all NDEs–memories or no memories of the incident–the soul is still attached to the body via the silver cord.

          The only time you get a chance to exit for real is if you’re dead, i.e. the soul is completely disconnected from the body wherewith the silver cord is broken.

          1. Interesting. I don’t understand why I wanted to return because life is hard. I’m bored with life honestly. I get there’s more to life and I do believe in just being a great person as I can be but with all the other living beings it’s just hard because not everyone is awake and it’s hard to not have many like minded individuals around me. Life’s nothing but tests after tests. It’s become difficult, how do you ignore people who stir you up when it comes to their ignorance? One thing that really gets me angry is ignorance. That is one thing I know that really gets me. And I read your papers on the whole ignorance and that is the goal to get rid of that and anger doesn’t help because it’s obviously feeding off me. I do wish that some people would stop being so ignorant and put their minds to work when it involves another person. I’m not perfect but I atleast strive to use my mind and not be so ignorant to others. And then ppl start wondering why I’m so irritated and pissed over someone. How do I work with this??? I have tried not to let it get to me and I do ignore it but you can only ignore so much.


      2. I agree about the “programming”. Had a reading done by a professional medium. Amazingly gifted. She did tell me about my third eye being jammed by some device in the 4th density. So it makes all sense now.

    2. Near Death is still not death. Until you are truly dead, you are attached to your physical body and you will be limited in your perceptions. If you weren’t still attached, you wouldn’t be able to return to it. It’s unlikely that someone with an NDE might even notice the Grid. In an OBE or NDE, your perceptions DO increase, but not to the same extent as when you cut the connection completely with your body, i.e. in physical death.

  16. Ill leave my two cents about this. Before I really began my awakening process (I was just beginning and didnt know we were in a matrix) I was meditating before bed and in a split second I ‘awoke’ and everything was black and I saw a huge eye and it was lit up like neon, like the movie the matrix and I was like whoa what is that? and then I looked down and I realized that I was melded together with everyone else, like I was a gingerbread man and we were all linked together and it was also lit up in neon like the matrix and I didnt get it. And then I fell asleep. I know whatever I saw was significant because scriptures are always talking about the eye, what was that eye? Also why was everything lit up like the movie the matrix? Then after I found Wes I started to put it all together. He is right, that grid is US and the gingerbread men woven together is that grid and I dont remember looking up but to my side and realized I was melded together with everyone and I didnt get it but now I do. So it is within us, this grid, he is right. So if we look for a hole, it may not be above us but just look for the damn hole, and get the hell out of here.

  17. Has anyone ever asked the question – what if you fall into a coma and dont know you are in a coma? I hear people say they just dream – in that case would you just look for your body and then hang around to see what will happen to the silver cord?

    1. I wouldn’t be concerned about this. The soul, when a person is in coma, is still attached to the body, even if she (the soul) might hover in the astral most of the time, so to speak (thus the dreaming part). But they are still attached via the “silver cord.” If the person suddenly dies while in coma, the silver cord detaches and the soul is leaving the body for good. The soul will “wake up,” and if she had the knowledge what to do after death before the coma state, she will remember what to do. Same thing with dementia.

      1. What is distingusihable from “waking up” as in, how would this person know the silver cord has been detached? For instance, they are in the astral and then suddenly they have 360 degree vision?

  18. What would be distinguishable for the person who is in the coma/unconscious in the astral and then the silver cord detaches, how will they know? You say “wake up” would that mean for instance they suddenly have 360 degree vision?

    1. For the same reason you know when you wake up from a night’s sleep. However, studies have shown that at least some people in coma can hear everything around them in the room, so they are not completely unconscious. But besides that, a soul knows, and yes…360 degree vision.

      1. Yeah related to that, if you get Alzheimer’s, etc. and forget about the grid but have the intention to exit, can you edit? Do you think there’s any validity to the idea that Buddhists who renounce attachments and set the intention to go to Source could automatically leave the system after death due to their intention being honored without being presented with traps or having to go through a hole?

  19. *exit

    Also, when you listen to music, etc. that connects with your soul, are you connecting with/adding to the grid or collective human consciousness? Is it necessary to stop consuming human culture (art/music) to detach, or are these types of attachments harmless parts of the soul’s identification/development/creativity despite the fact that they may be saved in the grid?

    1. Music, like everything else in the universe, is energy, vibration, and frequency. We are usually drawn to music that is compatible with our vibration at a particular moment. So, we normally listen to one kind of music when we’re sad and something else when we’re happy, etc.

      Everything that is within the frequency of the human soul group and other souls on Earth is collected within the Grid–so also music. We need to be aware that the music industry has two main goals I’m aware of: 1) making tons of money and be ruthless about how to do that, and 2) to influence and steer the masses in certain directions. They do so with lyrics and the vibration of the music.

      The energy of the audience also feeds the artists on stage with soul energy, and big concerts also feed astral beings and others in the metaphysical realm, such as archontic forces.

      As you may have noticed, it’s not the public who decides what will be on Top 40. The music industry decides what trends to put their money into–all depending on what goals they want to achieve for the younger generation at the moment. We typically see new major trend changes once every decade.

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