Video 204: The Second Construct (full movie)

This Short Movie, which is the third in a series of the history of the Human Soul Group, follows our development on Planet Earth during the Second Atlantis (Tiamaat being the first) and through the Great Flood (the Deluge), which happened approximately 12,000-13,500 years ago. It explains what led up to the Flood and why the Flood was happening in the first place.

[Not narrated–no transcript]


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  1. I love these videos! I’ve been wondering why trapped the Vulcan souls in the Volcanoes? Were they too powerful or does has some future plan with them? Can they ever escape? Thank you.

    1. That’s a question no one has asked us before–nice! Yes, they were trapped in volcanoes because they were powerful. They were generally called Ladies and Men of Fire (soul-fire). They were the best Creator Gods there were at the time. The Overlords were afraid of them. According to one of my sources (who is not from the Matrix), the Vulcans most likely WILL escape. Makes you wonder…why all these volcano eruptions in present time? Vulcans—volcanoes—beings of FIRE…

  2. Mister Penre and Ariel : big Thank You Both.
    Just happy to share some thoughts with/in the community.
    1.You managed to explain in terms easy to assimilate and understand!!! such a complicated topic : the artificial Eart construct!!!The pictures were highly suggestive😊As your avatar picture as well.I am not at all a physicist but …may be you decide, in the future, a Q&A session regrading “how the waters were separated when Tiamaat was created and when the artificial Earth was created”.The last one looks flat like a tennis court!”. 3D view is a characteristic of our actual bodies? An illusion,right?
    The Tiamaat water was what we know like being water : H2O?
    2.As the first Atlantis was a water world and the second Atlantis was not…seems obvious that the inhabited human bodies had to have different characteristics.Altered DNA after sirian interbreeding with human women?
    3.The original giants : in Romania there is a Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains.Looks pretty similar with the pictures in the video-movie.Just mentioning.
    4.The followers of Ninurta (the fight which took place on Earth between Ninurta and Marduk) : were from where?Lemuria?
    5.Regarding the Flood : I am just wondering…for those human beings was it possible to leave the body at will and in this way to avoid experience “physical trauma”?

    In short : I am so deeply grateful to be alive and able to learn from you both!

    1. Thank you, anamaria! These questions are excellent to bring up in a Q&A, and we’d like to include them in the next one, which will be released within a week or so, we hope.

      1. Impressed.We are a few.I did not mentioned the Cucuteni Trypillia culture which seems to have had matriarchal roots .Din suflet : o zi extraordinara!PS : for me WWP is my very unexpected gift.I also enjoy reading all the comments.A lot of inquiring minds😊

        1. Yes,Wes&Ariel are beautiful people!I, too,am grateful for their work,which they share,due to their love and compassion.

  3. I wonder why enki has had so much power over other powerful beings, like the vulcans! And then I conclude that the good will always be defeated. What now?

    1. @Anonymous – If your conclusion is that the good will always be defeated, then that is what you will experience. You get what you ask for, based on what it is that you believe. There really is no “good” or “bad”. I’m sure there are many people who think they are “good”, their enemies, however, would think they are “bad”. It’s all about perspective. If you want to believe in “good” then begin to search for “good” and you will find it based on what “good” means to you. 🙂

  4. 🌹💙 Great comments and questions in this thread. I am grateful to be awakened in these last days before it’s too late! Awesome job as always Wes and Ariel. Brightest of Blessings! 🌞🙏.

  5. When kobe bryant dies the world is horrified and here in philippines where basketball is being loved.. people are so sad.. while me, is thinking what if kobe is being sacrificed to divert our attention while corona virus is becoming a pandemic and killed many people where mainstream media doesnt care too much.. what are you thoughts about this wes? Thanks for sharing this mini series to us…

    1. Kobe dribbled through the grid. That or he’s back in 1978 already.

      Wonder what happens when a large group of ppl die all at once. Like did kobe see his daughter in the astray? Did those two souls have a shared experience or separate ones?
      I mean they obviously knew they might die. So I’m guessing in the last few moments they prepared mentally despite the fear.

  6. I’m new here but would appreciate if the videos had words….love the second construct one…thanks so much.

      1. Thanks,Yes i do i.e schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

        In addition i have another question
        Can persons genetics can determine in process of awakening. And i think environment is a major factor if i was borned in a severly poor family or as a slave or North Korea i don’t stand a chance.

        1. Thanks for your clarification, 4501o9 ~ Well, my opinion about mental illness is that it is caused, primarily, by abuse and trauma (of some kind). Many of these illnesses are co-morbid with many others, meaning they overlap. The more I learn, the more I realize that mental illness is not a black or white, this or that, type of condition. I could take my father as an example. He is a classical overt narcissist, however, he has been diagnosed with three different cognitive and antisocial personality disorders, all of which round out to paint a comprehensive portrait of his personality, which was extremely abusive and therefore contributed to the overall portrait of MY psychological health and well-being. I think most people are this way, when it comes to psychological disfunction.

          I can’t say anything about the relation to genetics and probability of spiritual growth, however, genetics and culture seem to play a HEAVY role in psychological health.

          The way I tend to view it, wealth and access do not determine one’s spiritual path. On the contrary, it is usually due to some kind of pain/suffering that people find themselves in this particular area of discovery. Generally, people who are suffering and/or are in pain tend to try and figure out the reason for it, as a way to learn how to stop it or reverse it. There are always exceptions, but for people in which everything is golden, they tend to not question the bigger reasons of why them and not others. It’s typically the other way around.

          1. Thanks for the answer.
            I am grateful.
            This day’s most people are abusive in some degree
            But i don’t think most of them even realize it .
            Maybe in some extent i also.

            About mental illness,
            Mom has OCD and myself mild OCD and depression.
            Hopeless condition is very common when your life is messed up and unspeakable pain growing inside

            When i see any violence my body begins to shake.
            Mostly i also have organic disease .yet to be diagnosed.

            About pain it is very important , as you said exceptions are there .

            Actually a friend of mine is a great example of that.

  7. Thank you Wes and Ariel, these videos are really educational. Abstract thought crossed my mind today on how the Archons can force sheeples to do things through cause and effect. With the current corona virus “crisis” for example, the current mortality rate is 259 as of today and its a worldwide crisis, meanwhile, the common flu caused 80,000 deaths in the USA in 2018 and it was barely mentioned. So they created a cause, what will be the effect? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a vaccine out soon that will be mandatory. And what’s in the vaccine? Nanotech? Time will tell if this is another one of their agendas. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge 🙂

    1. @sales.aramis ~ I really don’t think it’s about a vaccine, at all. This is just my opinion. I am starting to think it’s more about getting this vaccine into everyone and then activating or using the virus for some reason or purpose. What if the virus IS the nanotech? Just a thought…

  8. I have no website. When one dreams, why, and how does one find themselves in the astral amid the characters in this saga, when you have no recollection of knowing them, or prior knowledge about them (how they look, sound) before their brief appearances, and/or communications? I have never spoken to anyone about this reoccurring fragmented drama that is clearly remembered upon waking. I have never been told by them just who they think I am, but I have always been referred to by my given first name; and, they have never introduced themselves, though they act as if I should know them. I have no delusions of this drama in my waking state. Is this something others have experienced? I have been oppressed from every direction in life, always considering whats in the best interest for all concerned, but have become completely destitute, and of little importance to anyone, even those whose lives would not have been as filled without my presence. I opened a new email just to comment and maybe join your site one day. My last email was so compromised I abandoned it (even on the most secure computers like in Univ. text would appear that was completely contrary to the context), and I will most likely never use this one again. You two have given me clues to who they may be, though I still wonder who am I and why me? Merge timelines? No, somewhere in my forgotten memory I know the only way is to escape, even if it costs me my eternal spark. I appreciate deeply your sharing of this knowledge..

    1. Certainly enjoyed your video post Alex! Thank you for sharing such a grand find of research! On FB I finally just went public to share my strange meetings in the astral. I had not even one friend, having deleted the few I had due to concerns they too might experience the AI controlled targeting type scenarios I had been receiving. and was strangely still able to publish publicly. One day I was so fed-up with the interference that I commented, “Just who are you?”, and immediately got a reply, ” We’re you”. I replied explaining the meaning of we are, that in no way could they be me , even if a robotic sentient duplicate of me, that this is a free-will realm and they don’t have to act like me; then went on suggesting maybe you really meant you had once been me, actually meaning “were you” instead, and commented that it is important to use correct grammar for someone to understand the meaning of reference in language. I got no reply. Left me wondering though, “Could I actually be somewhere else in reality, just who replied, and what in the world were they trying to convey, if anything. Not too long after that I had a dream where brad pitt and angelina jolie were escorting me down a long dark hallway (not sure why them as I have no particular affinity for them). They opened one of the many doors and pointed inside where I saw hundreds of people reclining in plush chairs with some sort of goggle apertures over their eyes. All was dark, as if in a screen-less theater, and the people seemed to be unresponsive, as if sleeping. Not sure if there is a relation to the piece Linda Molten Howell shared, but could certainly have implications of being a source for projection in a holographic prison matrix. Food for thought. Please let me know if this forum is not appropriate for posting such vague preponderances. I am just filled with elation to share what seems to me to be coincidence. Though, if not, I would be perfectly happy just to read, and absorb the research and knowledge shared on you two’s site. Thank you for allowing those nonpateron-members like me to express personal

  9. Hi @wespenre and ariel! Thank you for the complete true human history. always had a great connection with Atlantis and Lemuria. I had vivid recent dreams of being there but always a bit faint and not so clear in images. I have shared your video and information with many of my awakened friends and family. The ones who choose to stay asleep do not want to see it and do not want to wake up. Oh well for them.

    1. @MaddyMaddie…. Your visions/dreams seem to be a part of the wake-up process. And thanks for sharing the information with others. Those who are ready will receive it, and those who are not, won’t. Some of them might wake up a little later, so it could still be useful to at least mention it and then let it go.

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