Video 278: “Riding the Avatar” and Nanotechnology (what is the connection?)

By Wes Penre, October 23, 2021

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), I used the expression “riding the Avatar.” I suggested that the Archons and their cohorts (at that time called the Alien Invader Force/the AIF), sometime in the future will manipulate humans into entering the nano world through nanotechnology, and the so-called AIF will ride on us into Orion, having us humans act like their shields in a Galactic War, where the AIF will try to take control over the entire Universe. But how will they do this, and what does it mean for us humans?…

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  1. Right on spot! But I see the other side for if enough of humanity wakes up to their true origin this plan will be extinguished. We are soft technology when awakened not encapsulated as the plan above. I’ve had quite vivid dreams of how this will play out. Truly appreciate your videos and knowledge a lonely road for sure at times

  2. Fantastic as always, Wes. If that happens, wouldn’t the other star races allied with the Orion Empire also have to defend themselves from the Archons in the event that this will happen or the Divine Forces are more than enough for that?

    1. There is a certain “defense unit” appointed in Orion–The MIKH-MAKH Defense Force, who are there to protect Orion and the star races therein (see WPP). It is my understanding that most star races in Orion are peaceful in nature and don’t participate in wars. Most star races probably don’t have the means to defend themselves about attacking forces like the Sirian Alliance I wrote about in the WPP. But your guess is as good as mine as of how big the MIKH-MAKH armada is.

        1. It is my understanding they are a mix of races, and they are not like we picture them from our solid 3D structure. These battles I wrote about in the Wes Penre Papers ( did not take place in our dimension or density. Their shape and form therefore become irrelevant. For example, when a human dies, she leaves her body and go to the astral. In the astral she can shapeshift to whatever form she likes when she figures out she can. It’s the same with the MIKH-MAKH and other beings in other dimensions.

          1. Thank you Wes.I like the Mikh Makh guards.Prince Ninurta must send them to earth to fight the evil here as well.

  3. 13:49 the dilemma to solve the problem? i am fucking tired of people that pretend to not know what is the real solution to this problem: the bad guys must be killed, understood ? and yes i quite mean the so called archons , kill all of them , make as they never existed , if wasn’t for them we would be all happy and free , so please let’s all cut it out with this damn crap and let’s all focus on kill all of them , and no i don’t bite one bit the relativistic stuff and no i don’t bite ANY of the excuses to claim that kill them woulsn’t solve anything , someone who is incarnated here can’t even breath close to those assholes , the reason is they prefer to keep a distance in order to not let anyone try to kill them , so yeah , it may not be a goody goody solution , but it is the solution whatever we like it or not

  4. 14:03 we know even if without so much information, the point is also to know what that must happen and what result we should obtain

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