Video 279: Q&A Session #86

By Wes Penre, October 30, 2021

Questions in this Session

QUESTION 1: What I find somewhat mysterious is that the nano world (the 96%) seems to be much bigger in size in comparison with life on earth. There were discussions on the forum about giant skeleton remains found here on earth that could have been from the Namlu’u. Giant bodies from the nano world? If we look at the length of a nanometer the earth is 1000.000.000 times bigger than the nano world. I find this odd. How can there be giant bodies on earth from the nano world?

QUESTION 2: What are your thoughts about cremation? Is it necessary to be done after a number of hours or days? In her “Theosophical Lectures”, Annie Besant recommended that cremation is not done within the first twenty-four hours of the passing because of the magnetic connection that exist between the physical body and the etheric double in which consciousness is in that moment. Some say we must wait 3 days. After that, the body can be burnt.

QUESTION 3: When the catastrophic events occur, should we try to escape to safe zones and live there with no quality of life, or take the opportunity to go out of the matrix? This is a big dilemma for me, because my children don’t believe in those events, and I don’t want to destroy their lives by selling the house and move to a safe zone.

QUESTION 4: I have recently just watched an older video of yours. Video 261: Attention Span and Exiting the Grid. Near the end of the video, you stated that at the end of our current lives, we need to focus.

We either strictly focus on exiting the Grid or going to the highest aspect of our self. I thought of a third option if it’s even possible.

Could we focus on coming back down here to help these humans out and basically rebel against the Singularity when it gets completely bad and out of control? Or will we be sucked into the Singularity without even given a chance to wake up?

Although it seems right now a lot of rebelling is going on but the EL-ite are winning regardless of what the humans do, from what I have understood,

We get amnesia when we are born into another human body and have to go through the waking up process once again. And we can’t retain our memories at all which sucks. But maybe we will have a very strong feeling something isn’t right and wake up again in that other life (reincarnation) at a young age.

As a side note, in my current lifetime, I have a strong urge to do something about what’s going on, to help people. I have to work on myself first, though. Then, maybe help someone or “someones,” or do something else in this life on this topic.

QUESTION 5: I have experienced so many things in my life that I come to the conclusion that I am a targeted Individuals.

It started 25 years ago when I was literally driven to mental illness, which I later found out is just a way of stealing your energy and stop trying to reach higher levels or raising my frequency.

Now I realize that since I was born, I have been surrounded even by family members who are working with whatever evil entities or bad people.

Back then, there were no topics, no information, no internet, no so-called witnesses who was experiencing Gangstalking Gaslighting Directed Energy weapons or other things.

I know I have something inside of me which I am hunted for or being an enemy. And I’m not mentally ill; it’s the opposite. I have reached so countless many genius goals success stories and attract people who want to be around me; mostly women.

So, what is your opinion on this subject Gangstalking Targeted Individuals?

I have so many memories that I am 100% sure I have lived in different centuries and know it makes me believe that I am reincarnated of someone who is a good person and was a big threat to the evil.

Some quotes or videos saying there are 144,000 chosen ones they are important for the battle after they die.

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  1. Hi, Wes!
    Why did you delete the documents about gnosticism and other articles in “MY COMPLETE WORK” ?

    1. Because the Complete Work page had become too long and cluttery. I took off everything that I considered redundant. Gnosticism, for example, can be found by going to the links at the top of each page. Gnosticism has its own category there.

  2. this is not an experiment , this is just a fucking accident , i assume you know about the satanists who kill little kids and animals , kids that often born from a raped mother right ? look , all this accident that you carelessly call “experiment” is caused by a total ignorance and selfishness , for years and years here is nothing but suffering , risks of suffering and just a little happiness , so to call this an experiment is just an insult , this is just a mistake , and the main problem can be summed in two things , moral relativism and the ritarded “the universe can’t tell good from bad so it is just a point of view and blablabla” , because of those two bullshit now is all about abusers and everything that is done to defend ourselves form the abuses , and no i don’t care if someone who feel so above me think that we should all suck it up , this have to end , and yes , good and bad are a thing , right and wrong are a thing , want a proof of that ? take one of those bad guys who feed so much good people with the relativistic bullshit and hurt it , at some point you will see how the fervent relativism will suddenly turn in to a fervent moral objectivism

    1. I’ve always thought very little of objective logical thinking. Its quite possibly the most flawed philosophy of all time. Logic assumes that variables have set values which is of course ridiculous.

  3. 7:30 take a look on odysee and the red platform regarding all this kind of things , because rich2150x and akvile sava have a lot of interesting things to say about all this, but in short not , that problem could occur only if the incarnated is so convinced of the religious bullshit to manifest them itself

  4. 9:01 or knowing all this we can all focus on make sure that no bad guy could in any way cause any kind of trouble , and at the same time focus on the hearth to always be calm and safe from any front

  5. 17:19 i can assure you and everyone that the solution exist , it just take to stop begin spoiled or just in fucking ignorance or denial about it, the solution is that we all kill them , regroup , and kill the bad guys , that will solve the problem forever , if you take a close look you will notice that all the most unlikely solution are always took in to consideration except this , and guess what ? when a good guy finally snap and do that , some other good guys are part of those who go against that , clearly the “spell” also include to make sure that good people reject the mere idea of kill the bad guys , despite the evidence , you know , that we got incarnated here because of ignorance , selfishness and moral relativism that are the bottom cause of the existence of the bad guys

  6. They target old enemies and extraordinary individuals with great powers which if they learn how to use against them will fuckin erase them…..

  7. Hi! The articles “Gnosis Part 1, 4, & 5” are all unavailable (“page not found” when you click it. Is there any way this can be fixed or let me know where I can find these articles?

      1. Hi Kam! Yes, some articles and videos are no longer available. When I disconnected from my partner, my partner at the time wanted everything she had contributed with removed from the blog. So, when you find material not available, this is the reason.

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